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  1. I'd fly a Scramble Valkyrie. It's obscure, overarmed, and canonically nonexistent (I think). Very much my kinda VF!
  2. I'm happy to see that there are others here who, like me, still see value in Destroids!! And yeah, I scanned the art from the Macross II RPG books. It took me a long time to remove all of the extra surface patterning and shading, but I managed eventually. The guy who added them -- Newton Ewell -- is a nice guy and is extremely talented, as well as a big anime fan. I'm sure Kevin Simbieda told him to add all that extra stuff to the basic line art. That's the thing, though -- the base artwork is exactly the line art/model sheet imagery from japan. Like I said, I'm not actually all that fond
  3. Glad you guys are enjoying. I gotta admit, I don't think the Mac II destroids are very good designs... but, they're among the few new Destroid designs we've gotten, and I want there to be more. (I know Kawamori has explained that they're obsolete and no longer made, but I LIKE Destroids! Besides, I don't fully buy the idea of them becoming obsolte.) Anyway, the idea of a Defender with gatling guns -- that's sorta like the idea behind the Cheyenne, isn't it? I like that Destroid. But actually, a GU-11 equipped Defender IS a cool idea. Sounds like a fun Photoshop project. And a Spartan carryin
  4. Hello all, Been a while. Been busy. Back now. Here, have some scans and colorizations. w00t! - Grebo
  5. Okay, I've been doing some coloring. Attached are three versions of the Crusader: left, to right, the first is a close approximation of the color scheme for the original VF-3000 from the aborted "Advanced Valkyrie" project, as shown in Entertainment Bible #6; the other two are close approximations of Millia's & Max's color schemes (I believe) from Macross M3. There's another color scheme for the VF-3000 in EB#6 as well, but it's really really ugly and lame, so I didn't bother with it. Annnnyway, here y'all go. More later! Greebs
  6. Don't go laughin' at people, man. You're too boring to get away with it.
  7. Whoops -- quick correction. I scanned that image from the Perfect Memory, not the gold book. Silly me!
  8. Yes, I do use Photoshop. However, I know it's not within everyone's reach... it's a damn expensive program. Worth it, though.
  9. *cough*Aquarion*hack*Japanese Battletech*wheeze*Gunhed*koffkoff*
  10. Wow, Kelsain, I'm liking your efforts here. There's a lot to consider. Both the arm and wing-root placements have their merits. Hmm! Must consider more. Much potential. Thanks for the pix!
  11. Awesome. Aw-suh-hum. Looks like MAHQ's Macross section will soon start to really RAWK! Good job, MM.
  12. I have lineart of the gunpod, its storage in the leg, and how it is deployed -- for the Fz-109, of course. But the Elgerzonrene (and thus the VA-14) has much fatter lower legs than the VF-14. Grebo
  13. Macross & Megaroad, in scale with each other. From the gold book.
  14. I'm fine with constructive criticism. I'm not OK with condescension. Which, whether you meant it or not, is how you came off, Sketch. I shouldn't be surprised, though, given the general atmosphere of these boards.
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