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  1. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Preordered mine
  2. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    F u c k ...
  3. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Well, whatever they do... NO MORE SCISSOR MANEOUVER DOGFIGHTING GRUNTING AND SUDDEN DISENGAGING They're planes that turn into robots... how about some hand to hand combat mix with crazy aerobatics and itano circus action... geeez The macross universe has enough valks to cover any type of battle situation, I'd love some OVA about a covert unit with specially modded existing valks that deals with specs ops or the missions noone wants to do. They've already stablished NUNS is corrupt, so this unit would deal, fix and stop the mess of corrupt NUNS actions.
  4. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S/A Reactive Armor

    Mmm... I'm getting this, but I need more VF-0's and I will not pay scalper price
  5. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    Happy to hear this is getting reissued I have a second hand Yammie that came with no stand to support. I will get this reissue, Hope it gets priced similar to what they did with the VF-4G Why are most people complaining? In the polls aftet the M&M this was the most desires reissue
  6. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Please God don't let them continue their worst Macross story (Delta) Something completely new as far away from Delta as possible
  7. Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    Holy f..... I'm sold!!! It needs a freaking tripod!!Wow!!
  8. Arcadia 1/60 VF-0S/A Reactive Armor

    That black plastic kit is perfect for a stealth RA But i don't have any extra 0S
  9. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    Preordered from HLJ About damn time Arcadia
  10. Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    Damn, those Tomcats sre sexy!!
  11. Whats next for Arcadia?

    The RA was only seen once in Zero with Roy using it. The kit is probably due to the RA being one of the most requested things to do after the VF-4 since the Yamato days.
  12. Whats next for Arcadia?

    Avoiding the Cheyenne, Arcadia has finished the Zero lineup, just missing the obligatory Nora and CF releases and on to the next Macross lineup, they must finish the Plus lineup with reissue YF-21 and VF-11 but at Arcadias snail pace I'll be 50 before it.
  13. Arcadia 1/60 Lancer II

    Happy to see this but its overpriced, non transforming and small. There was a very very highly sculped kit made by a member here in 1/60 and 1/72, Arcadia must offer a very good gimmick or 2-3 Lancers together to justify that price.
  14. Arcadia 1/60 SV-51 Ivanov

    Just announced Thanks to Gwyn Campbell for the scoop
  15. Whats next for Arcadia?

    Hell yeah!! Please let the release be this year