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    Bandai DX VF-31

    Hey all, looooong time lurker here, just thought I should throw my tiny bit of news in the pile for anyone still waiting on Nippon-Yasan to fill -31A orders. My N-Y order, #488874, a single VF-31A ordered at 00:28 on 10/07, finally moved from "Pre-order - Payment OK" to "Preparation in Progress" a few hours ago. So, uh, keep hope alive, I guess? Now if only I could justify paying more money for a new outfit for my jet man doll than I would pay for a set of clothes that I could wear myself...
  2. Breaking a four-year lurk to reply since I have direct experience: I can play VF-X2 on my modded PS2. If your PS2 can play Japanese PS2 games, it shouldn't have a problem with PS1 games unless the mod chip you get is incredibly sub-par.
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