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  1. Kamui 777

    Macross General SCOOPUDA thread

    Thanks! I was very interested in this watch as "why not?" purchase, but I'm not a fan of quartz (more like replacing batteries). Seiko has the best bang for your buck and make really nice and cheap automatics. This would be an instanta purchase with excitement if this was automatic. Anyone know how to pre-order if you're based in the US? Doesn't look like can even do so off the Bandai site.
  2. Kamui 777

    Macross on BluRay

    yeah, not very proud of them, but these were bought about 10yrs ago and were actively discussed/recommended here (hence why I bought them). I'd love to transition to official blurays like I said, but the Eng subs are the challenge.
  3. Kamui 777

    Macross on BluRay

    Hello, longtime member who took a REAAALLLY long hiatus, but trying to get back in the game. Trying to upgrade my DVDs (a lot of bootlegs thanks to Harmony Gold and my lack of Japanese). Is there a guide here for English subbed, NTSC Macross blu rays? Main thing I'd be looking for is special features and prefer to have official. DVDs I have: 1. Animeigo SDF 2. Official FB2012 3. Manga Macross Plus OVA and Movies 4. Bootleg Macross 7 with all the OVAs 5. Bootleg Frontier 6. Bootleg Zero Thx
  4. It's pretty good. I personally loved Vehicle Voltron vs Lion. But my 2 out of the 3 discs are like warped and rattle slightly in my DVD player. Someone else on the Voltron forums has that problem, too. Plays fine, just hums real loud in my player. Has a pilot and some opinions of Lion vs Vehicle.
  5. So, I'm watching the new Vehicle Voltron DVD set, and it comes with a pilot ep of the VV. Apparently Voltron II was supposed to be this robot, with a Lion head for a chest, gold thighs and black fists and waist. He also has the red baron crosses on his knees and shoulders. Does anyone know what series and who this is? Thx
  6. Kamui 777

    King Animation Bootleg Macross Frontier DVDs

    Well, I enjoy having DVDs, and I'm not in front of a computer long enough to download files. I mean, aren't all English subs/dubs of Frontier right now pirated?
  7. Has anyone heard anything about the KA Macross Frontier bootleg DVDs https://www.animeniacs.com/item/DVD2753.html (I'm kinda weird bc I don't like downloading, but I enjoying physically having a DVD, don't ask why)
  8. Kamui 777


    The Cobra Starship song is annoyingly catchy...
  9. Kamui 777

    Cowboy Bebop: Remix Vs. Original Dvds

    Not an anal collector but I'd like to make sure I'm not missing out on any bonus content the originals had compared to the REMIXes. From what I understand Ep 0 was broken up across 2-3 DVDs in the original set.
  10. I just got the Cowboy Bebop Remix DVD set. Do I need to purchase the original for an extra content? The Remix set comes with Ep 0 which the original set broke up across the DVDs.....
  11. Kamui 777

    Street Fighter II: The Movie

    I finally got it from Deepdiscountdvd. So besides the shower scene, what else was cut from the former US release?
  12. Kamui 777

    Fifa World Cup 2006

    Since, Korea got knocked out, I no longer watch.
  13. Kamui 777

    Official Transformers Super Thread 3

    Only Powermasters had tranformation locks. Without a headmaster, you'd just have a headless robot. I have all of them.
  14. Kamui 777


    I loved this show as well. Season 1 was the best. They only released teh first 13 eps (the Angemon arc) on US DVD. Also the Digimon Movie (I thought this was crap). I wish they released all of season one. Oh the giant cactus is togemon.