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  1. Holy thread resurrection, batman! Dude... that was 11 years ago.... and Mule hasn't been active since last may....
  3. Here's a picture update of where I am going into the new year: Pilot profiles Started work on the title screen... need to add the color gradients to the text and build the menu box, but it's getting there! As an interesting aside, given the point and click nature of the game, I may be able to adapt it for android as well!
  4. Ive got a few minutes at work, So I thought I'd post another update about the intended scope of this project. When I first set out to do this, I intended it to be an exact port of the PC98 game, with no changes or modifications to preserve the nostalgia factor. The further I begin to dig into all of the details, I've come to realize that I could tweak things a little to make for a better gaming experience. One of the things I've always disliked about the game is that instead of squadron names, most of the squadrons are simply color coded. This just isnt very exciting, so for the remake, I'll be taking squadrons shown in the VF-1 master file and the SDF-1 squadrons book and putting them in the game. This will not only help modernize the game, but give it a more "authentic" military feel. Along those lines, if you've ever played the game, you know that when it comes to the valkyries, there is very little or no variation in the color schemes. All the VF-1As are the same color, etc. Since I am including squadrons from the above - listed books, I will be including their paint schemes as well. This will help add some variety and spice things up a little. Another thing I would like to do is in regards to the music. If possible, All of the original music will be present, but I've thought about adding a few tunes for the battle scenes (the battle music is pretty monotonous), I'm reasonably certain I can render a few new tunes and just cycle through them randomly. From the outset, these modifications don't seem difficult... definitely time consuming, but I figure while I'm "under the hood", I may as well tune things up. If you've played the game and you have feedback about what you liked and what you didn't, I'd certainly be interested in hearing about it. Id like to thank Project Phoenix for his support, help in translations and basically serving as a sounding board for ideas. He will be integral to the success of this project I think! Lastly, Boinger was kind enough to get me the manual for the game. I haven't translated it yet, but it's sure to help in some way, and I'm very thankful for Boinger's support! In recap: -I've got 5 pilot profiles done, using a new technique to help streamline and speed up the process (not a big deal to illustrator veterans, but it is to me) -menu trees for the "inbetween" segments are nearly figured out, I'll be able to begin mapping the character interactions on paper soon. -I potentially have someone lined up to do the music. It will depend on how busy he is and how much he charges for his efforts Big to-dos: -play through the game in its entirety (unless someone wants to do this for me.. possibly multiple times on a chapter by chapter basis) -LEARN C++..... "Well now... gonna be a long trip." (Have a happy new year everyone!)
  5. Likewise, I've got a kit on the way and I'm interested in considering lighting it with LEDs, show us your secrets!
  6. Hilkaru's profile is done! The pixilation of some of these photos makes it hard to guess exactly how the detail is supposed to be, so some speculation is required. I try to get it as close as possible. On another upnote, I may have someone to remix the music. "Stone Mcknuckle" has a channel on youtube and has remixed a number of NES game music tracks (I'm particularly fond of his Mega Man work), I've approached him about remixing the game soundtrack for me and we're in the process of negotiation.
  7. To this day, I regret selling my 1/48 low vis VF-1A, and my 1/48 Hikaru S with strike armor. Being married with the potential to start having a family soon, it's hard to justify dropping $300+ to recover each of them. (I did finally get my MIB 1/55 bandai strike valkyrie though, so at least I still have that.
  8. Don't think it's in the same scale as the YS kit. (Is it?) given the nature of the layout of the ship, I agree that it would likely be very easy to modify into Storm attacker mode. (Edit: I guess it IS the same scale! )
  9. Well, I already have Unity 3d (recommended to me by several others) so my plan was to use that... if Unit or Unreal can replicate the game easier, I'll gladly consider their use!
  10. I went back and refined how I made my pilot portraits... not a great deal of progress (and likely won't be a lot until after the new year) but my methods will help me streamline the portraits... should make them go faster. I will be completely redoing Roy... I've learned a ton in just the 3 profiles I've done, so I want to go back and apply those to Roy.
  11. It's a bit of both. The graphics will be upgraded reproductions of the originals, but so far I'm planning a direct port of the game play. Some of the info within the game will be changed (some of the random pilot names for example), and the valkyrie squadron names will be updated to represent squadrons found in the "Squadrons of the SDF-1 Macross" book Of course, this is all assuming I can figure it out Of course, this is all assuming I can figure it out
  12. I'm working on a windows HD remake of the Macross: Skull Leader/Love Stories strategy game. I can't seem to find anyone who knows how to code that is interested, so I'm having to learn everything from the ground up myself. I'll probably start working on learning the basics of coding next month
  13. Still a nice alternative for those who don't want to shell out for the yellow submarine kit (or worse, the yamato)
  14. the variable fighter master file has an extensive view of the throttle quadrant settings, the grips themselves are nearly identical.
  15. Not sayin they don't exist, I've just never seen 'em... Gerwalk was always part of the appeal to me
  16. For the most part I actually enjoyed Macross 7... but I had a few issues: 1. Canned combat footage (I really felt that by the time M7 came around, the animation community should've been beyond this) 2. Basara was a complete douche (right for the character or not, if I had known the guy in real life, I would've punched him in the throat) and WAY too John Lennon-ish 3. "anima spiritia". 'nuff said. 4. Totsugeki Love Heart, and Planet Dance... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overused 5. Your average UN Spacy pilot couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a handful of corn, or dodge even the slowest of projectiles. Congratulations Battle Seven, your airwing is the Special Olympics of the entire UN Fleet. and while we're on the subject.... 6. For a New Macross-class battlefortress, Battle Seven went down like my ex-fiance' in a bar full of sailors after only a couple of shots against Gelpernitch. ... and while we're on THAT subject... 7. It's a MAN, baby! Yeah! (despite both looking and sounding like a woman.... probably the joke of the survey team before the protodevilin possessed him, and probably got beat up a lot as a kid) Some of my personal highlights: 1. Max is old, but can still cook a few fools 2. Macross IIs soundtrack getting used in Mac 7 3. Milia rocking the VF-1J, if only for a few episodes 4. Pretty much the entire Fire Bomber soundtrack, including the Dynamite stuff 5. Basara's belief that his song could move mountains... I actually found this touching somehow, despite how much I hated the character 6. Definitely a Rex guy... dem boobies... 7. Veffidas and her IDGAF attitude, always drumming away Still one of the two weakest entries in the series to me (next to Zero), but I'll watch the series every other year or so.
  17. People hate gerwalk mode? This is news to me. Gerwalk is badass.
  18. Nail polish... less chance of accidentally gluing it in place and you can always reapply later if it wears down again
  19. I know *nothing* about macs or mac programing, but if I can, or if someone who is mac savvy gets on board with this, I'd certainly like to see a port for everyone, Linux included
  20. Well, if you find more than one, shoot me a message!
  21. Now I REALLY wanna repair my storm attacker kit!
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