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  1. I haven't had much time or energy to work today... I've been down with the flu. But I did manage to get some of the soundtrack ripped (enough to get me to the first mission) though the method I had to use to get it was a little unorthodox, I got what I needed.
  2. I think you have it reversed... on the TV version, the Bridge was offset to the side until the ship transformed into storm attacker mode... in DYRL, the bridge remained centered regardless of the mode.
  3. Spending some time working out how I wanna code all of the story and dialogue... I think I'll be using the Fungus plug in for Unity to do this, they seem to be pretty straightforward, and it should interface well with other plugins when I get to working on the combat/strategy sections.
  4. The background is almost completely done! I just need to do the lens-flare effect from the spotlights and this one will be all set. I had to "invent" some detail behind the lens flare just because I don't know how well the new effect will cover it, and I didn't want to just leave a blank space. I at least tried to make surfaces meet each other. Not a perfect pixel-for-pixel translation, but I think it's damn close, and pretty good considering... probably 35-40 hours of work went into creating this. Someone more knowledgable in illustrator probably could've knocked it out much quicker, but I've been learning as I go. I also included the original beneath it for comparison Story Background.bmp
  5. I'm in the process of remaking the old PC98 game "Skull Leader" that I plan to have available for Mac when it's finished.
  6. So here's a more high-res example of my progress so far..... it isn't super hard, per-say... just very time consuming.
  7. *most* printers on the market today will handle 80% of decal printing reasonably well... Laserjet printers can make them a little more crisp if they're really small. A couple of things to bear in mind: 1. 98% of readily available printers in the world don't print white. They rely on the paper to provide any white areas. 2. There are printers by a company called ALPS that DO print white ink (they require special ink cartridges) but these printers are hard to find, painfully expensive, and may not even be commercially available any more, I don't know. Testors decal films come in white and transparent, so if you're careful about your decal layout,you can work around the whole "no white" thing. The Testors stuff is readily available and works pretty well... I'd recommend starting with that.
  8. I've got a Tamiya kit with a Wolfpack conversion set to turn it into a F-14B (well, the conversion is for a D, but I'm pulling the engines from the set to make a 'Rogers B Model) The trumpeter kit isn't *terrible* (I think the intake issue is overblown... certainly not as noticeable as the nose on academys 1/48 tomcat
  9. Omg this is slow going! Any of you who have recreated an image in illustrator understand the struggle... you try to think in terms of layers and build the image from back to front... but it isn't always easy. One of the downsides to such a pixilated image is that some of the background shapes are difficult to discern. In some cases it's just random shapes for texture... other details are more obvious. In either case, I'm doing my best to make an interpretation and recreate the image as closely as I can. The outside part is finished on the left, and now I've begun on the right side. this one may take a week or more to finish given the amount of time I have to work on it each day.
  10. Thanks, Bub... really do hope the effort justifies the end result! I owe it to macross fans to give it my best.
  11. If you've played the game, you remember that the main game background is a screenshot of the bridge section of the Macross. This is a perennial image because it's there for pretty much the entire game when you aren't in combat (other images layer on top of it at need ) This is a big, awesome image... but it's also packed with a lot of detail that takes time to recreate... this one will take me a while!
  12. Well, I set a goal for myself to have a functioning title screen (with music) by the time I went to bed tonight... and I'm proud to say I met that deadline. It isn't totally refined (none of the buttons lead anywhere yet, and you have to go to the task manager to get out of it, and I want to fade the title screen in), but from never having coded anything more than a little HTML during my early college days to this, I'd say I've done alright! Unity is proving to be a *little* steep on the learning curve, but I'm confident once I get the hang of it, I'll be swinging for the fences. There are a million tutorials out there, so I should be able to find everything that I need. Another upshot is that I can code in just about any language and Unity will read it... and furthermore, the program can set any project up for just about any platform I want... I code the game once and I can export it for windows, mac, android, or whatever I like, it does all the footwork!
  13. I'm not convinced for sure... but I don't know the answer either. Ah well, I doubt I'll put it on anyway.
  14. So I decided to take a little time off from the art to try coding the title screen .... holy $#*%, I'm stupid. Why do I get the feeling this shouldn't be this hard?
  15. Once I finish Vrlitwhai I'll have enough to get started with, I finished Shammie earlier tonight Vrlitwhai 7018 is coming along... I've got some details to finish and I may wind up tweaking the colors some (Zentraedi are all sickly greys and greens... hard to get right and make look good ) I'll probably start on the storyboards tomorrow.
  16. One is clearly out of scale with the other either way.
  17. 1999.co.jp has the box art... which I'm actually less than impressed with. Ah well, it won't stop me from getting the kit. It's retailing for much cheaper than I expected!
  18. The sky angels book may have only been a a doujin, but it was a brilliant one.
  19. Yeah money has always been the bane of the macross collector... when you have so many releases coming back to back, it makes it hard to determine what you want to spend on.
  20. Just a small update for now... I've started working on the character dialogue pictures for the story section and I've only got 3 left before I start drawing the storyboard pictures (I'm working on Claudia now, I still need to do Shammie and Vrlitwhai) Edit: I guess I also need to do Focker and Hikaru in his blue flight suit as well.
  21. From the outset, I'm tempted to believe half the complaints are a result of rushed building while others are people expecting too much from a model. That said, I'm doing my homework first, and I'm pretty sure I will at least replace the hands.
  22. I'm aware of the issues of the kit but I'm still super excited to build it! Gonna buy the strike armor and a stand for it when I get a chance!
  23. I've made some sporadic progress over the past few days. I've also set a more specific goal, and future progress past this point will be geared towards reaching that milestone. First, I've finished a fair few of the pilot profiles... these are probably all I'll do until a little later. I've determined that for the "cannon fodder" pilots, I may add some helmet color variation just to help break things up (as it stands, you could have 2 or 3 identical pilots in a squadron) the title screen is also nearly done! I still have one or two finishing touches to put on it, but otherwise it's finished! I have the menu box complete as well (where you see the "New Game", "Load Game", etc) but I'm not sure if I need to combine them or keep them separate yet. also because I wanted to see what all was involved, I started rendering one of the Battroid profile shots... and it's taking longer than I thought it would. Original is on the right, my update on the left (pay no attention to the head) Lastly, I've got a large part of the prologue story translated. Once I've got all the prologue translated, I'll adjust and clean up the syntax for a proper english translation. I even have the linguistic translation of Vrlitwhai in zentraedi. This brings me to the goal I have set for myself. By this summer, I want to have a functional title screen and the entire prologue section done (up to where the player assumes control of Hikaru) I cannot imagine the coding will be too difficult to figure out to make this happen... most of that time will be spent rendering the backgrounds and pictures used in the story. That's where we are at as of now! I hope everyone had a good holiday!
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