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  1. I hope there is transparency and this all gets sorted out soon. Very few fandoms really get to be so close to such an iconic part of their franchise as Macross fans/Mari Ijima do. I'd hate to see that relationship ruined.
  2. Nice to see this one finished at last! (and I didn't need a proxy to watch)
  3. unless it was franken-valked (which is always a possibility), this is indeed a legit matsushiro. It's missing the ridged head lasers and the higher-up autobot symbol on the nose, but it's got the backpack, wing, canopy, and manufacturer's plate of a matsu.... interestingly enough, unless it was peeled off and cleaned up VERY well (the part has yellowed uniformly on top), this jetfire was also pre-rub symbol.... fun fact, evidently one of my jetfires is a "transition" variant... huh, I didn't know that was a thing (I just thought someone frankenvalked it)
  4. I've seen Matsushiros unboxed that had the fat head lasers, so there are legit ones out there. Pretty sure they just used up the remaining matsushiro stock and went to the other ones. Thanks again, guys!
  5. So... either my search-fu has failed me, or else I'm imagining things... Wasn't there a definitive list of all the different micro-variations of Matsushiro Jetfires and their progression from the originals in 84 to when Bandai took them over? Am I smoking crack? Maybe it was on the old Valkyrie-Exchange website? I've got a loose one enroute to me, and I'd like to be able to date it in the progression if I can.
  6. the original revell kit is not the same as the revell-monogram kit which ruled the mid-late 1980s (before Hasegawa put theirs out), but it was the basis for the kit. I wouldve picked a better kit for the basis for Shin Kudo's jet (an F-14B or D kit for a start.... since the Macross F-14A+ Kai was a mix of the two), but you certainly turned out a nice result. A models and refit B models had them locked shut and bonded over. New-build Bs (and for some reason, both refit and new-build Ds) had blanking panels put in place instead. Having said all of this, a surprising number of A models made it through Desert storm with their glove vanes still functioning (I've seen photos of VF-1 and VF-154 jets deployed to the gulf with their vanes out), though upon return from desert storm, a *lot* of jets were cycled through NADEP and had them deactivated then.
  7. I've been playing Battletech since the late 1980s. I still have every sourcebook I ever bought (including the old 3025 and 3050 tech readouts with the unseen designs), all of my old ral partha miniatures (I have a reinforced battalion). I did quit following when they jumped the shark and went with the whole jihad/Dark Ages thing though. My interest stopped at the downfall of Katherine Steiner. I thought Mechwarrior Online was a gigantic flop (I was SUPER pissed because the game was originally going to be marketed with an awesome single player campaign during the 3rd succession war), although I still dabble with it from time to time. When I heard Jordan was working up a new computer game based on the board game, I contributed to the kickstarter right away. I was very glad to see he's taking the series back to it's roots (the succession wars), and I'm sure it's going to be awesome.
  8. I'm over the forward-swept wing fad. It worked well enough for the YF/VF-19 I suppose, but I didn't really care for it in the VF-9 or the YF-29. Just my personal tastes though. Am I alone in saying I'd rather see some kind of SW1 side story (much in the same vein as Gundam's 08th MS Team)? Or a story that took place during the reconstruction?
  9. It's *always* an option! (and I agree... I'm the same way when I play Final Fantasy IV on my PSP, I opt to use the original soundtrack usually.) I've kinda stepped off for a few weeks just so I don't get burned out on it... but I'll be digging my heels back in as soon as I finish this next commission build model!
  10. It would fly perfectly fine. It just wouldn't be maneuverable (seriously, like... at all) and would bleed energy like it was going out of style in a turn, but it could get from the ground to orbit.
  11. Actually, I believe the HCM was optimized with the fighter mode in mind... as my only real gripes about it have ever been the small head and the fact that the backpack sits way too high. To this day, it's the only valkyrie kit/toy to depict the dual tailhooks used during carrier landings (although I don't know if those were ever "official"). And thank you... I've had my HCM for a long while now, and it's condition is a testament to the craft that went into making it... I haven't been brutal to it, but it HAS been posed and transformed a lot over the years. I still have the box and everything too.
  12. I used to have that kit... that detail is crazy!
  13. I employed a pretty low-tech method, lol. I ran the game in through the ANEX86 emulator and recorded a video of each track of music. I extracted the audio from the video and looped it, lol. I've compared a few of my own rips to his, and they sound almost identical (his are a little clearer), so at least the emulator is reproducing the sound faithfully. Ultimately I'd like to get someone to remix the music tracks... since I'm modernizing everything else about the game, running the original music seems a little anachronistic. Still, I'm using the originals as a placeholder until I find someone who can do some remixes. Small update: I actually have functionally recreated the game up to the point where the player takes control. It's just dialogue, so it really isn't a big deal yet, but it's a huge step for me. I've been using the Fungus plugin for Unity3D to do the story dialog, and there's been a small learning curve to tackle. It's a little rough around the edges, but it's a start! I've taken a small break from the game to keep from getting burned out and to work on other hobbies, but I'm going to dive back into it this week I think.
  14. any updates, man? I'm jonesing to see this one finished!
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