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  1. ugh, that looks really good and it has the lance, but I've already got a regular version paid for on order.
  2. I'm like 99% sure it's Night mode Shogoki, but I want it to be a totally out of nowhere Mark.06 because that would be amazing. I'm still waiting on the regular version I ordered but seeing the lance of longinus has me very interested.
  3. The Sikorsky-boeing looks like a long lost concept design from the 1970's. kind of cool but not as sexy as the Bell.
  4. Asking again because it got buried by freedom 2.0 stuff: Did anyone preorder an EVA 01 on amazon last month? If you did could you check what the estimated ship date is supposed to be?
  5. I was born in the 90's and I use yeet.
  6. For anyone who preordered through amazon, what is the estimated ship date?
  7. Just gonna slide on in here before the lockdown.
  8. Well some of them can't figure out how to operate the caps lock key. I feel like that might be an indicator of intelligence, or lack there of.
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