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  1. $300 doesn't go that far anymore. $300 doesn't even get you a prime with trailer anymore. And it's still a better deal than anything flame toys has offered. :edit: of course you could always wait for the oversized Chinese knock-off version.
  2. Needs more Adidas logos for real though I dig it, though not $230 dig it. hopefully they do a figuarts of it.
  3. just turn him up-side down without all the extra bits. I've been committed to not buying any more transformers toys for a while now, especially retail stuff; but this Shockwave is strangely compelling to me. I actually really like the super spaceship and four armed robot.
  4. This is the worst halo comic I've ever read and I don't like it.
  5. Is it weird that I kind of want this even though I've not actually built my Nu gundam? https://showzstore.com/pre-order-rage-nucleon-bc-t01-high-mobility-backpack-upgrade-kit-for-mg-rx-93-rx93-nu-gundam_p1499.html
  6. Two questions: 1) When Mari refers to "Mrs. small doll" is she talking about Asuka or Rei? 2) How and why does WILLE have 8 Iowa-class battleships?
  7. pics of HiRM God Gundam. He's quite the THICC boi. https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/06/hi-resolution-model-1100-god-gundam.html?fbclid=IwAR0cR4kcJ187Fa2W0yY7AheeJ19-lMzV90F9EQ-538bpYKW5qotGvIYEVR0
  8. I'm actually extremely disappointed and disinterested because it isn't just a show comparing vintage sports cars.
  9. At least $500. It's cool but not something I need. I'm most interested in the Justice MB. (which is probably the furthest thing away from coming out).
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