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  1. The colors/paint are nicer on the FE, and it feels more solid/less cheaply made than the RiD. that's about it really. Breakdown was only ever sold in japan because he was too expensive to sell at the US voyager price point. and speaking of prime toys that deserve an upgrade, I've always wanted a third party company to make a figure based of the first voyager toy of Prime Ultra Magnus. The toy itself had a lot of issues, but the character design and basic transformation was so cool and not just a blue Optimus prime with a new head and extra crap stuck on his shoulders.
  2. What the actual frakk dude? Jesus Christ.
  3. Smart watch by Kawamori-san. The Jets in this CF are so damn sexy.
  4. FE Bulkhead is a really good figure, even a bit better than FE prime. Voyager starscream is not very good, but the deluxe is excellent. The RiD vehicon is better than the FE version in every way but paint, I'd tell you to also look for the Arms micron jet vehicon because it's a really cool remold of the RiD version, but the current ebay prices are stupid. FE Arcee is a lot better than the RiD Arcee but she's probably the the weakest of the FEs excluding bumblebee. FE cliffjumper is an interesting figure but absolutely not worth stupid ebay prices. if you just want the mold consider the GDO version (although I still wouldn't pay the prices I'm seeing that going for). I'd say Bulkhead, prime and starscream are the only "must haves;" the others are cool but not worth overpaying for.
  5. That would have been pretty cool if not for the crap CGI.
  6. Whatever it is I don't think it's a 25G. An armored Messiah with a sniper gunpod is more likely Alto's 25F from the last episode of the series. BTW, I'd scoop up an armored VF-25F reissue/bundle in a heartbeat.
  7. That... actually looks pretty good. Kidslogic needs to slow their roll right now, my brain can't handle the cognitive dissidence of seeing evidence of effort and competence being associated with Robotech.
  8. Were there a bunch of posts purged from this thread or something? this thread is strange and doesn't make sense.
  9. I came into this thread to ask the same thing. I've been looking at the MAFEX Evangelion releases, and they all seem to be pretty bad quality wise. I was curious if it's just a problem with the EVA releases or if it's indicative of all of the whole line.
  10. I think I actually like the lightning striker the most. I want to know if you'll be able to make a perfect strike out of the Aile strike release and the stand-alone Sword and launcher packs.
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