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  1. you know what the worst part of that Gif is? That it crops out the WALL OF DEAD EYED HORRORS in the background.
  2. what the heck was going on with that ending:
  3. MS-01S: dead body edition. I was hoping Transform Element would be the one to do this color scheme since he has the best matrix chamber of any MP. instead they did SG prime, which would have worked better on MS-01 since he's the only one that has windshields with sculpted cracks and holes.
  4. anime52k8

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I regret not picking this up even though I don't have a valk to put it on.
  5. anime52k8

    Hi-Metal R

    The monster is just a big old ball of murdery long range fire support and I just love him. definitely something everyone should have in their collection.
  6. That prime isn't out yet, it's 21cm tall and it's $450 because Flame toys are out of their god damn minds.
  7. I really like transforming gun robots, but this poor creature just looks so sad.
  8. Lame. doubly lame because it's not going to get the official Unicron any closer to getting made. And once the crowdfunding campaign is dead and forgotten Core star will eventually resurface.
  9. At least with Gundam there are decently developed designs by competent artists behind all the janky animation. You can know what the RX-78 was actually meant to look like because you can look at Okawara's illustrations and understand what he was going for.
  10. The thing that really gets me about MP44's cab is that they went through all the effort of turning the front of the cab inside out so it would hide all of the not cartoon accurate real world truck details in robot mode, but then didn't bother to paint any of them. honestly, I think MP-44's problem is that the cab is trying to be the cartoon truck, the G1 toy truck, and a real life truck all at once and it fails to do a good job of being any of them. I think it would have been more interesting to just commit 100% to a cartoon cab: no windshield wipers, no mirrors, big square single headlights with pronounced red bezels, big marker lights that mimick the shape of the bumper and no round fog lights.
  11. MP10 had square headlights. and MS01's windows are only like 20% taller than MP10's at most.
  12. it's because the the 31A lacks the magical girl power of the other models.
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