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  1. I actually really enjoyed this one, the action was a lot of fun and Mackenzie Davis was really a stand out. It's too bad the movie didn't do well, this is the first Terminator film where I've actually wanted to see where they go in a future film.
  2. Or just learn to accept that more markings is better.
  3. That trailer has me convinced Overwatch would be much more interesting as an xcom style RTS
  4. I was really hoping for something more insulting like flatfoot or Frisbee.
  5. technically speaking, the Wing Zero is GFFMC featuring METAL BUILD so it's still on topic to talk about it here.
  6. nope, just standard turbines with ducting on either end.
  7. I'm hoping they don't do the detachable limbs gimmick because it causes nothing but problems.
  8. Better sell those DX's now before the DX VF-1 renewal v2.1.4 comes out and renders those obsolete. Gotta stay ahead of the curve.
  9. I feel like the 21 could stand to be 5~10% larger. I just think the YF-21 should be taller than the YF 19.
  10. a VF-11 will probebly come with both the super pack boosters and the SFBs so they can pad the box out and justify charging the same price as the YF-19.
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