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  1. I do really like justice and hi-Nu, and dynames III as a regular release is cool; but when are we gonna get more evangelion metal builds?
  2. So thanks to some online gaming friends I'm finally watching current anime again. right now we're group watching So I'm a Spider, So What?; Wonder Egg Priority; and The Quintessential Quintuplets. Having a great time with all 3. :edit: oh yeah, we also watched the Konosuba movie which was really great.
  3. well this was out of nowhere: https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?scode=TOY-RBT-5785&rank=
  4. I don't want to say what the rebuild films actually are until the final film comes out. it's only been a decade but I'm coming around to the time loop theory.
  5. I find the idea of a light armor GM very amusing. Is it Just made out of cardboard?
  6. super long shot here but... blood Angels vanguard infiltrator please.
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