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  1. Bandai 1/55 Strike x2 Yamato 1/48 Low Vis version 1 Yamato 1/48 Super/Strike Stealth
  2. I watched the 12 eps that was on XBL. At least the trailers make more sense to me. The novel has way more info and it is a great read. I would say read the novel or watch the animated novel on XBL/Itunes.
  3. Macross: VF-22 with Fastpacks. Mospeada: Legos linked with Tread. Gundam: Gundam Seed Destiny: Strike Freedom linked with Meteor.
  4. Now that I have mine, I would say I am impressed. Best MPC to date.
  5. I picked up mine last night too. I pulled an all nighter. It been awhile since I was up for over 24 hours. I beat it on normal and hope to do it on insane soon.
  6. The update has not come out yet. It looks like it will come in November.
  7. I agree the guy who design the fastpack booster attaching and the double missile holder should have been fired. Out of 10 sets only two fastpack booster sets went on smoothly without stress marks.
  8. The are nice and cheep and a good way to build up an army of them. I like the Toynami versions too. Here is a pic of the Banpresto and Toynami verisons.
  9. There not the best quality. They are a buy for me. I have 11 of them. So far I have only one set of double wing missiles to break on me.
  10. I need to check all of mine for defective parts. I have not opened all of them yet. So far 5 of them are ok. I have my Movie sets now.
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