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  1. Hell yeah. I knew that if I waited this would happen. Time to finally get one of these bad boys.
  2. Wow, all these people canceling preorders. And you guys are surprised when online stores start making you pay upfront for preorders?
  3. New neck is awesome, will definitely pick up that set. Looks wicked but the legs look about as mobile as the 1/48 GBP.
  4. If it's any consolation... your panel lining looks pretty slick. Very subtle, not too pronounced. What's your technique?
  5. That looks great. Although at this point I think I'll just save the cash and put it towards the 1/60 VF-1J.
  6. Why on earth would anyone ever want them to remain exclusive? Is it just so you can feel rewarded for going through a third party source to get an item that is clearly highly sought after and should have been mass produced in the first place? Doesn't the fact that Bandai reopened preorders for the Super packs just prove that more people want them?
  7. Maybe so, but I don't really care. I'm sure they pissed off a lot of fans by making them web exclusives in the first place.
  8. Should have done a FP bundle instead of just straight up re-release.
  9. Even if it did, I still think a flat coat would do these toys wonders. But it would require almost complete disassembly to get the flat coat completely even on all pieces. Sounds like a fun project actually...
  10. Has anyone tried giving these things a flat clear coat? This would protect the paint and give it a nice Yamatoesque plastic finish.
  11. I see. That's what I get for having not revisted the series since stopping at episode 15. I have the first season on the computer, just haven't gotten around to watching it yet.
  12. Err, I don't, lol. But I saw those ones already, that's why I said anymore.
  13. So what site do you guys go to for all the latest model kit news, images and magazine scans? I used to check Gunota but they shut down and I have no idea where else to go.
  14. That's probably because it didn't. Though it still does look pretty cool with the Fast Packs.
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