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  1. dizman


    Looks pretty good, the only thing I don't like is how blocky the front skirt is but I guess it has to be that way for the anchor. Interesting it has the beam brand but doesn't include the beam shield, kinda was hoping they would include 2 for story reasons but oh well.
  2. dizman


    I've been avoiding the metal build pre-order madness as much as possible but it looks like I'll be up all night trying to get a X1 I wonder if BlueFin will get some to sell too?
  3. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    F-4E Phantom DLC, uh oh I don't like where this is going. I'm gonna guess the older fictional aircraft like XFA-27 and X-02 will be stuck behind DLC as well, I really shouldn't be surprised given how Bandai Namco are these days.
  4. dizman

    Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    Yup just the 03 on the shoulder and RNPC on the tail binder. I already have 02 so I'll probably skip it unless I see it for a big discount on Mandarake.
  5. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    Project Aces should really get the rights to do what they've always wanted, an official Area 88 game.
  6. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    It's exactly as it sounds, you are going too fast for the airframe and engine to keep up with all the air being rammed into it. Can lead to engine shutdown and other nasty things, you hear about it more with commercial airliners than jet fighters though.
  7. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    Yup you can play easy mode or advanced mode, I think that option has been around since Air Combat on the PS1 you just gotta change it in options. As for control scheme you use the left stick to control roll and pitch and either R1/L1 or R2/L2 for yaw depending on the game. The flight model is more on the arcadey side, you can stall but recovery is easy and I don't recall overspeed ever being an issue. For many of the games you can hook up a flight stick to use if you have it, I think I heard AC7 is getting a Thrustmaster hotas. Hah oops, a minute too late on my response
  8. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    Nice it's going to be an extra set of missions for Mobius 1 like 5 had, hope I can play it without VR. Also that Blockade remix, oooh so good. Hope we get a new version of Comona too.
  9. I had a feeling that was the case when the tone took a wild change along with the animation quality. I figured the shipwreck episodes would only last a few episodes so I stuck with it, I think it was about the fourth episode in I realized there was something seriously wrong and it wasn't going to get better for a while.
  10. I finished watching Nadia The Secret of Blue Water the other day and I'm still torn on it. The first half of the show is solid but man those shipwrecked episodes really drag the series down (it does get us that reused asset AMV episode which was fun). I stuck with it though cause I liked the characters and setting enough, the last five or so episodes really bring everything back together for a good finale. I doubt I'll ever give it a rewatch but it was an ok show.
  11. dizman

    Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru Build Divers

    It wasn't really retconned that they use the R-1, it's more of an expanded universe thing where the explanation of the tri stars career came after the series was over. My best guess would be that when Okawara was designing the MSV line he figured it would be cool if they had suped up Zakus since the tri stars are all about speed, that was probably somewhere around 1983.
  12. Hah yeah kinda figured it would need a stand but besides that the glossy finish is a great choice. Speaking of finish look at this paint job.... just look at that red they nailed it! I hope it comes with some funnel effect parts like that add on for the MG Sazabi.