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  1. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    Aces at War is back up but not for pre order, it has a waiting list link so if you still want the artbook that's your best chance for now. Looks like they finally updated the page with what DLC it will come with and looks like it's the same F-4/ 3 aircraft skins/ AC5 or 6 that you get with a regular pre order.
  2. dizman

    Ace Combat 7

    I don't like the look of the missile containers mounted on the wing pylons, shame they couldn't be mounted ventrally.
  3. dizman


    Just got done messing with my second run Rey and he is a huge improvement over my first run Stick. The foot/leg armor didn't fall off once while transforming and only one of the shoulder armors popped off. The head is also on there nice and tight now, I tried to take the helmet head off to make transformation easier and the ball joint at the neck joint and chest popped off instead . Also no paint scratch on the belly yet, that was the first thing that happened to Stick when I took him out of the box so I was probably just being careful. If anyone doesn't have a Sentinel Mospeada yet try and get a second run version, I'm ready for Yellow and Houquet!
  4. dizman


    The TV series is up for pre order on the usual sites, it's a SD Blu Ray so that should help keep costs down. RightStuf link to get you started, they'll probably have the OVAs up for pre order next month. Been a few years since I've watched VOTOMS so I'm looking forward to a rewatch.
  5. Nope the only metal in the FAZZ is in the pin joints as I recall. So far mine has been pretty stable but I haven't played around with it too much, I've mostly left it in a hyper mega cannon holding pose on a stand. I keep thinking about buying a second one to display without armor because it is a pretty good figure but I know I'd probably break down and buy a third to have the set. Then I'd probably buy the armor girl FAZZ to get the missile effect parts and arm wings. It's probably for the best I don't buy a second one....
  6. Yeah the MRS S Gundam is pretty great, the Z-Plus C1 is great too but the arm joints are very tight so you might want to put a little grease on them before bending and turning them. Don't forget to pick up a FAZZ too
  7. dizman

    Battle Angel Alita

    Spoiler box about that clip just in case.
  8. dizman

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Buy MP-10 or any of it's variants, it is still a great toy. If you don't like MP-10's aesthetics then I'd say to just wait for the 3p Optimii to be released and watch some reviews. Course you could always go back to the G1 version, that's still a fun toy too!
  9. dizman

    Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru Build Divers

    So I guess it is outright confirmed that the Unicorn has time control powers now.... dunno how I feel about that. I suppose they are taking Amuro's "Maybe one day we will be able to control time" to it's literal conclusion.
  10. dizman

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Wow that's even more than I was expecting. The shame of it is people will still eat it up and when they go to transform it the paint will chip off just like every other recent Takara MP release. I wonder if Hasbro will even attempt a US release, maybe if they drop most of the extra accessories they could get it down to $300. On the bright side I do like the accessories, the battle damage parts were to be expected but the Starscream parts are a fun addition.
  11. dizman

    Neflix's live action Cowboy Bebop

    Oh boy this can only end badly, hopefully we get some good fights out of it but I'm not going to expect much on the story side. He's been working on getting this made for almost 10 years and Netflix seems to have a bunch of money to throw around so maybe Keanu got the crazy amount he was looking for.
  12. dizman

    Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    Yeah it's getting kinda bad. "Oh hey we found another Unicorn variant and we are going to have it fight another Sinanju variant! Oh and the remnants of the remnants of the remnants of Zeon built another Neo Zeong with their unlimited funds and resources because the first one was so effective so have fun with that." That said I do like the colors on the Neo Zeong but I'm a sucker for prototype gray with red markings.
  13. dizman

    Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru Build Divers

    A lot was announced for the the 40th anniversary. It looks like Hathaways Flash is 100% confirmed to be getting 3 movies and they are turning The Origin movies into a small series like they did with Unicorn. There are four crossovers events being worked on and a new build fighters/divers sequel is in the works. The G-Reco compilation movie will be released in 2019 (I thought it was already out and done ) and some more SD kits are getting released. I'm looking forward to how the crossovers are going to work, will they be animated or radio dramas? More at gundam.info
  14. That's kinda how I looked at Dougram before I watched it "Yeah I'll watch that next......well maybe I'll watch Area 88 again since it's short...." I could have watched a few other shows in the time it took me to finish up Dougram but I'd still say it was worth the watch even if it gets slow every now and then. I was watching it a few different places, YT has it but the subs are kinda messed up when multiple characters are talking. Some of the shifty anime streaming sites like 9anime and kissanime have it too. In retrospect I probably should have just found it somewhere to download.
  15. dizman

    Retro Gaming

    Fair enough and as long as it's easily available and you don't have to pay scalper prices like with the NES and SNES Mini then more power to ya. Yeah I'd assume it won't take too long for someone to crack the PS Mini.