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  1. D_Unit

    Bandai VF-19 Advance....!!!

    Didn't really plan on getting it. Was in the loo and these posts popped up on the tablet so I clicked the link and preordered without thinking. Crap, what if Bandai comes out with reapaints later... I got the v2 Yammie of it already and didn't really wanna spend anymore money. Oh well, this fig is so freakin' awesome guess it's better than "flushing" my money away on TFs.
  2. My Macross collection had already overflowed into my Detolfs, but I wanted to get the very last add-on part for a figure in this display to call it complete (not gonna open this case up again unless I move homes... and I don't play with my toys after displaying them). I hope your Flagg will bring you just as much joy as mine does for me.
  3. D_Unit

    My Sh*t

    Pics of Macross collection.
  4. D_Unit

    Master Made SD-style SDF-1 "Makuros"

    Just got mine from RobotKingdom,Sooooo dang cute! They put 4 packs of TF: DOTM cards and a DOTM hollogram card with it... made the shipping box bulge from the top.
  5. D_Unit

    Bandai DX YF-30 Chronos

    Just got in an order. Think I'm gonna keep this order for a couple of reasons; all the cheap priced/shipping/duty (they'll state lower prices for shipping slip) shops are sold out for sure. Anime-Export will be cheap but I don't wanna pay now... HLJ will be cheaper but I don't wanna get dinged on duty because they always state the correct price on shipping... and whenever I get dinged here in Canada, 9 outta 10 times it's something from that store. Of course, if the pirce from NY was any higher then I woulda had to pause and think about it.
  6. D_Unit

    DX Chogokin RVF-25 Renewal Version

    mine came in today... too awesome!
  7. D_Unit

    Arcadia gives some hope!!!

    yup, people do what they do and entities do what they do. differences are what makes the world interesting. ain't nothin' wrong with with havin' you're own opinons but minding other peps' is annoying. it's not like we're talking about commiting crimes against humanity here. anyhow, this VF-1 has grown on me... maybe i'll get one... when? how? don't know.
  8. D_Unit

    !The Panic thread! *buying frenzy*

    got some 1/48 gbp armors for my old valks for cheap from mandarake. now i've got couple of extra fast/strike packs in need of valks... think i'm done for now though.
  9. D_Unit

    Arcadia gives some hope!!!

    i wanna support them so they can be sucessful and make more valks but i've never bought an "out of charactor" figure/toy before (not even a transformer like pepsi prime when he was on clearnce for $30). i hope others can pick up the slack and this figure sells out so they can start making traditional ones. oh yeah... price is a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit outta my comfort zone. if that had been a weathered vf-1 with fast packs..... well.
  10. D_Unit

    Tax duties for importing toys into the USA

    i think $120+ (USD) is about the threashold for Canada Post to charge me so far. only got dinged for stuff from AmiAmi and HLJ (sometimes i get a pass... don't know why); the charge was about 20%. a long-long time ago, anything over $20 from BBTS & stuff shipped via FedEx will get me dinged. so i NEVER buy stuff from BBTS or use any shipping other than SAL/EMS. i'll buy from AmiAmi & HLJ for low cost items or if their prices even out or when other places are out of stock. expensive items like the SDF-1 & VF-4 were from places like NY & HKC (they mark the items as any price you like for shipping).
  11. D_Unit

    Question about Yamato 1/60 ver 1 GBP and VF-1A Hikaru

    i had one of those from way-way back. parts from the armor would make the legs fall off the vf-1 i had them on and a lot of the other parts were loose also. the v1 valks & armor where literally getting clearaced out in a local night market for $50 + $30 (about a decade ago). i was tempted to just use crazy glue... but it looks ok if you just leave it alone once you have everything together (just don't touch it again because mine kept falling apart). i almost forgot i had it after gettin' my 1/48's & v2's.
  12. D_Unit

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    dangit, now i'm worried about having to pay $30+ in duty once i get it delivered from HLJ. just got dinged for an AmiAmi item (was so excited about using up my points that i didn't remember about their shipping policy). i always write down on the ordering message for the retailer to note a small price for the item during shipping... so far NY, Anime-Export, Angloz & HKCollectibles are all cool with that. oh well, what ever.
  13. D_Unit

    DX Chogokin VF-171 Cannon Fodder

    mine came in via SAL from NY just as i'm got home for lunch... looks ok so far. what's not ok was when i also got a non-macross item delivered from AmiAmi with $25 duty. haven't ordered anything from them in so long that i forgot they're like HLJ and always put down the correct price. good 'old NY came through though, they noted the VF-171CF as $20 USD.
  14. D_Unit

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    think so. i got a confirmation.
  15. D_Unit

    DX Chogokin Super VF-27

    ok, done... no words... no words.