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  1. Won't be surprised if the 2 companies re-visit this topic in the near future. If Disney can rehire James Gunn for GOTG3 I'm sure they can compromise more to make spidey work.
  2. Tamashii Event MB 00 Raiser details https://tamashii.jp/special/tamashii_nation/item_07.php?
  3. Thank you. Hopefully it'll be re-issued for sale over Tamashii sites again.
  4. Tamashii Nations 2019 re-issue MB raiser and I like the color changes. ¥26,400
  5. Right. Didn't see the GGG thread when I searched. Let's close this thread then and I'll move the discussion over.
  6. Not sure where else to share this but this looks pretty awesome! I skipped on Sentinel's Gravion but GGGG has always been irresistible to me.
  7. Just when you thought Goku has reached his max potential they just add on to it by changing his hair color. This is getting lame.
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