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  1. Bastards. On another note I finally received 1/2 my order for the SSP after much drama. Fraking bastards they all are, claiming they don't have it and then finally after much pressing can somehow come out with 1. Obviously they are keeping the SSPs to pass some to those who hound them. Fraking atrocious way to do business.
  2. Head on to the NY thread to read my experience. They will probably send out that 1 order but after you nudge them using live chat. Your other orders are shat out of luck.
  3. Yea I don't want to wait forever for the second piece. I'll just take one and for the second I've already found a source with a slight mark up.
  4. Just an update on my SSP situation. Seeing as how 2 members here recently received their SSP I dropped NY another ticket and use the live chat support to hasten the procedure. Long story short they said they are not able to fulfill my order of 2 x SSPs, however they will be able to send it out if it was 1 x SSP. So from not being able to fulfill due to no stock, they can now send 1 x SSP over. To cut my losses I requested them to cancel 1 piece from the order and send the remaining 1 over, which they amended my order quicker than I could eat a burger. According to csv they'll proceed wit
  5. From what I gather, it seems they had lesser pieces than order received so they sat on these and shipped out those who upgraded to the more expensive UPS first. It didn't matter who ordered first or who was in the Dec/April batch. It's who upgraded first whom got the SSPs. The rest of us who chose not to upgrade are then screwed.
  6. This is the kind of shady crap that NY do which is exactly why I won't accept their store credit for.
  7. I'm not sure about your bank but mine requested for invoice, screenshots of the tickets conversation, proof of delivery was supposed to be in Dec but pushed back to April, etc. Basically do everything you can to aid your case.
  8. I'm not going to accept store credits. I paid for SSPs and if I don't get these I want my money back. I've gone straight to my credit card bank to dispute that transaction with supporting documents and screenshots. PP can't help since it's over their 180 days limit which they should consider extending imo.
  9. If you say so. You already have a bias against NY so there isn't a point continuing this topic. Anyway it doesn't solve my issue so I'm ending it here with you. Cheers
  10. The status was changed to preparing to ship when I requested them to hold due to the covid situation. They wouldn't change the status to preparing to ship if they didn't have anything.
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