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  1. How is the hip joints reinforced with 2 more screws? Still not ratchet joint right?
  2. Since you are from Singapore you may try https://www.tfh.com.sg/product-details.php?p=22802
  3. Thank you. I'll inquire about it.
  4. Nippon Yasan? I never receive an email about that.
  5. FMP isn't as popular I guess or not as many people were into Metal Builds back then. Gunbarrel wasn't as difficult to buy as well.
  6. I got the same reply however I'm still considering whether to fork out the extra cash for the change in shipping. Given the golden week and their state of emergency it is possible everything will be processed after 06 May.
  7. Backed the classic spawn cause I wanted the mask head but I do prefer modern spawn's design.
  8. My EMS from HK has been stuck about 2 weeks now. Honestly speaking other than DHL/Fed Ex I probably wouldn't use any other postal service right now.
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