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  1. Hahaha.. fortunately I'm not as hardcore as the rest of you guys. That and the lack of space.
  2. Just this piece and I'm done with this line.
  3. I still have a coupon with them I'm tempted to use to order something and file paypal claim if they fail to deliver just to get my money back.
  4. You won't be disappointed. I finally completed the movie last night and the the Snyder cut trashes Whedon cut. We really were robbed of a theatrical experience for this movie. It's not without its flaws of course but perhaps JL wouldn't fare so poorly in the box office if this had been the cut released back then.
  5. I saw someone's DX VF-1J already yellowed.
  6. Very nice review. I'm just waiting to collect mine from a lcs. I read somewhere the smoked clear chest can be removed as it's attached via screws. I'll try it on mine when I get it.
  7. I'm trying to keep an open mind on mecha g's design. From the looks of it Kiryu's design still tops it for me.
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