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  1. Anyone collects recent Medicom's RAH Kamen Riders like Build? I was considering getting Zi-O and worry how the pleather undersuit will hold up.
  2. I hope so. It looks awesome with that stand! It'll also motivate those who have the blue to double dip on this.
  3. Some people don't paint their kits for a myriad of reasons.
  4. Yeah. I don't think her marital status should detract from her vocal talents. Of course there are some hardcore fans who may feel differently, which is why some celebs do all they can to keep their relationship a secret.
  5. Oh yes I was away and didn't check the forums much. Mine is pretty much the same as yours. Has a tempo printing error as well. A real pity as this Freedom looks good aesthetically. Hopefully Bandai's 2.0 will look just as good.
  6. I would love to get the RAH Eva but I worry how long that rubbery material of the suit can hold up.
  7. Have you received the wu ming Freedom you ordered? The left arm on mine fell apart.
  8. Threezero's next release after Patlabor https://www.threezerohk.com/zh-hant/product/robo-dou-evangelion-test-type-01/?fbclid=IwAR2AH0qsZ0huhyV2w8xXKROJiCHZnPJ6apAFxxO82nFH-oCPTmAlkphxTzk
  9. Bandai - MG 1/100 - Kyrios Gundam Release Date: May 2020 Price: 5,500
  10. I'm not surprised no one ever stays dead in movies.
  11. I see the first 4 as stand alones. Rogue nation and Fallout are kinda linked since they touch on the same villain organization. I quite enjoyed the last 3.
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