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  1. Got it! To be fair they release a lot of Batmans.
  2. You've seen it in person already Mommar? I thought the figure has yet to be released.
  3. What do you mean? I can still see the live chat pop up on the bottom right of my screen.
  4. Paypal cannot help you beyond 180 days. It's down to your credit card issuer or NY itself now.
  5. Watch it yourself and decide. Reviews seems pretty divided thus far. Some like it some don't. Personally I liked it although I prefer the first.
  6. eXis10z

    Macross figures

    Amiami still has it up for grabs at 25080JPY.
  7. Zenmarket came through for me.
  8. Can anyone enlighten how different is this to the valkyrie one?
  9. https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/1128135/?fbclid=IwAR01dIt4OphSz-MtRgGoGMYbJGCdx_6U72ZTiTcCnghuYUt4X5eJP1pI0OM
  10. I had something shipped via EMS and it's stuck as "dispatched from outward office of exchange" for 6 days now. Another item from HLJ that was shipped EMS a day later than NY reached me 4 days ago. Even EMS from NY is cursed with problems. Everything linked with them turns to crap.
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