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  1. lebhead

    Macross Mecha Manual

    Heya! Haven't been around for a while (obviously!) but I'm trying to catch up on Frontier. Your site was a huge help with the mecha. Now I just need to finish watching. Only on episode 2.
  2. lebhead

    Macross Mecha Manual

    Thanks, March. Now I'm all caught up on this new-fangled Frontier stuff!
  3. lebhead

    Macross TV or DYRL?

    TV series. Can't beat nostalgia! DYRL just had to cover too much ground in too short of a span. Maybe if it were a 5 part OVA. Of course DYRL looked so damn cool though.
  4. I use a Mac (w/Safari) as my primary "home" system. At work I am confied to the world of CTRL-ALT-DEL. However, with the new Intel-Macs, I may just run Windows @ work as either a dual-boot or through virtualization in the future.
  5. lebhead

    Valkyries @ Work?

    I keep my 1/48 Focker on my desk at work! Also have a Toynami Alpha and some TF BTs. But, to balance out my geeky side, I have some football helmets and a Warriors basketball up too!
  6. lebhead

    Let's check out the new 1/48 DYRL hands

    definitely an improvement! does anybody know if those are supposed to be able to tuck into the 1/48's forearms, like the current wimpy hands do?
  7. lebhead

    Jotun Valkyrie

    the orgus-valk gets blown up good!
  8. lebhead

    What was the name of that book?

    i can't say enough about the Tenjin artbook. it's beautiful. if you like the Hasegawa boxes, you'll love the book. to me, it's up there with Kawamori's DW.
  9. lebhead

    SDF Macross Licensed by ADV

    if ADV does a dub of Macross, i'll Netflix it first and decide later. if they get the voice of Minmay (Mari), then i will buy instantly!
  10. lebhead

    More Shadow Force news

    sorry, but i have lost all interest in this thread (and all else in life for that matter) since discovering Agent One's blog. i now have a purpose. edit: thanks, wes. nice to be back.
  11. lebhead

    More Shadow Force news

    LOL! I guess I was wrong. There IS a correct translation after all! edit: A-1 has a blog??? this, i need to see!
  12. lebhead

    More Shadow Force news

    you guys do realize that you're arguing about something that cannot be determined, right? japanese romanization is not a perfect science - either english/non-japanese to japanese and vice versa.
  13. lebhead

    Upgrade complete

    Glad to see the ol forums back up. Thanks, Shawn.