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  1. Better pics from that recent show: https://ameblo.jp/digitamin/entry-12453374625.html
  2. Thanks much for posting this. I went ahead and grabbed one using paypal since I hadn't snagged one yet. We'll see what happens.
  3. Same here! Blue is notoriously difficult to photograph, and the lighting there looks kinda weird. I'm betting the twitter pic that spacemanoevres linked gives a better approximation of the real color:
  4. https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/742091/ http://toysdaily.com/discuz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=279440&extra=page%3D1&page=4
  5. So there was a second round of listings for this thing? I didn't even know. I thought things were already over when I got cartjacked all over the place on the first night. Anyone know why the order-stopped listing at HLJ keeps switching between being limited to 1 per person and 20 per person? Seems weird they would be messing with the listing at this point.
  6. Heh. Max's HUD is . . . very blue. Almost looks like the 1A head has some hidden light piping or something. If it's just photoshop, it's a lot more convincing than what they usually do. Edit: Ah. I guess it's probably 'cause the lens isn't entirely recessed like it is on the 1J.
  7. I'm always down for a wish-list. And with a Max TV-1A in a deluxe mold finally on the way, (how did we never get one in an official 1/55 release?) now seems like an especially good time. 1) DX VF-1D 2) DX tv version SDF-1 3) HMR Q-Rau (Millia tv version) 4) DX cannon fodder VF-1A ...That's really it. Anything else is just icing at this point.
  8. Da hell is wrong with skittles? You one ah them shaved-headed anti-skittite freaks er somethin? Skittles is almost as good as guardian legend; and dats some damn good stuff. Slap some disco on that an you got a hell of a party. But you wouldn't know. You're too busy driving around Illinois an listenin to ride of the Valkyries an thinkin bout how you're gonna weather your toothbrush to make it look more "realistic" an "battleworn" an poo.
  9. Come on Yamato. Tampoed markings. Phalanx. Spartan. YOU CAN DO EET!
  10. To be fair, even if the joints were strong enough, with arms/weapon/flightdeck that big you'd still want to support them if holding a pose like that for more than a few minutes. And even the "real" thing would only be able to stay like that in zero g.
  11. It would be great if they started tampo printing all the markings on these things. At least it's nice to know the Phalanx is still on the way.
  12. I'd rather have Phalanx and Spartan with all markings tampoed on. A regult would be cool as well. Has Yamato given up completely on releasing any more destroids?
  13. The VF-1 is silly small if you believe the official size. Only 1 Falcometer, or 50 feet, in length; the same length as an F-16. Of course, it was almost always drawn much larger in the original series. In reality a VF-1 or a Zentran would not be able to hold a person in one hand--or at least it would be a much different fit than always depicted in the shows. I'd like to see Yamato make a Regult and a Spartan. But I doubt they'll make either.
  14. Are requests okay? If so, I humbly request some pics of Bandai's reissue 1/55 Max 1J. Specifically a few pics/poses that show off gerwalk and battroid.
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