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  1. For those that still need TV Fast Packs, Bandai is selling another round of them starting tomorrow 16:00h local time. https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/1121591/
  2. This feels like an amalgamation of the previous two MG Hi-Nu Gundams to me. Anyway looking forward to getting my grubs on MG Gundam MK-V
  3. Not really seeing this superiority everyone is claiming with Azalea, a decent try but by no means light years ahead of MP-51. She looks like she has been given stilts as lower leg replacements, feet are too simple almost like door stoppers, unsightly knee-bend due to the knee-caps not moving properly, the back of the legs are not very clean, hips seem strangely disconnected to the crotch, chest sits in the right place, but then it is ruined by not tapering properly into the abdomen area and having a rounded appearance instead of stronger canted edges, she is also missing a proper collar p
  4. Seems to have gone unnoticed, just realised that Bandai is doing Hi-Metal R for Dragonar!
  5. New Legioss Armo Soldier articulated kits being done by Wave, only 11 cm tall. Aramaki supposedly had a hand in this. https://www.taghobby.com/archives/494486
  6. Like me, I believe there are plenty of other fans out there that consider the robot mode the primary aspect in Transformers and not alt-mode accuracy. That might work for other franchises like Macross, but I think is wrongly applied to Transformers which is rooted in sentient robots with distinct personalities. Personally I think Maverick is a terrible looking robot and prime example of what happens when the priorities are set wrong. Ugly silhouette and proportions Undefined long tube-like legs High-heel looking feet Ill-defined waist, abdomen with belly syndrome
  7. Yatte yaruze! Sentinel's Dancouga is a great quality toy. Appearance, proportions, articulation, die-cast parts, heft and paint - it all goes together nicely. Weak point would probably be the smaller bots - Eagle Fighter, Black Cougar and Land Liger they are kind of "meh". But lets be honest nobody is buying this for the individual robots - it is all about the combined form. Currently can't decide if I like TV or OVA wing pack to go with Dancouga. I gave Black Wing on his back a try - not my favourite combination, but was surprised that it does not cause stability issues (
  8. Surprised Medicom went with Sensational Spider-Man as follow-up instead of the more popular black suit, but it looks great with that big sculpted spider symbol. It essentially repurposes the previous Spider-Man body style, but is not really reusing a lot of the same parts. Only the masked heads, neck, waist piece, upper thighs and the joints seem to be identical.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up! My PO has sunk to as low as 19.4K Yen now. Looking forward to getting this in my hand next year.
  10. If anybody is still looking to get the re-issue full pack set, it is available for per-order at Anime-Export right now. http://www.anime-export.com/product/49396
  11. I would prefer a proper ab-cruch and double-jointed knees, instead of faking the wings.
  12. New Starscream is looking better and better, even alt-mode is perfectly workable for me as I see Takara trying to go for consistency across all modes by following the cartoon jet design rather than trying to fit in a real world one. Sure if you are after a real world "as accurate" representation of a fighter jet, then this is not what it should be. But then again I wouldn't be looking for something like that in transforming toys based in a franchise of walking, talking robots with personality, that's just setting yourself up for continuous disappointment and frustration. If
  13. While it is probably inevitable that comparisons with MP-28 will be drawn, don't forget that it is a victim of its time for cheap MP target pricing and the old design philosophy. A MP Hot Rod with Takara's current design MO would have much better aesthetics and proportions, but then you will have people complaining about fake parts, price, complexity etc.. That being said I am actually a bit surprised that the fake chest has more or less been accepted for SS86 Hot Rod without too much heavy opposition to it. As for Hasui doing the design on the SS86 version - I am not inclined to thi
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