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  1. Starscream is looking good in those drawings. No raised head Intake ramps have a nice curvature to them (looks like they are collapsible to make them straight for fighter mode) Forearms are not stubby and fat Tapered biceps Chest intakes align with the rest of the body Lower legs are angular with only the back calf part being rounded Finally some proper feet that don't look like weird high heels No more split wings The only thing I don't like is how the leading wing edges go below the pelvis with that squarish back plate. Can't wait to see what type of articulation Takara has implemented in this guy.
  2. So far the right cues on the aesthetics seem to be there - no raised collar, tapered bicep and chest intakes line up with the lower torso parts. TagHobby
  3. That animated Batman looks fantastic, and I really need to pick up the current Wolverine before he goes out of stock.
  4. Curious, would anyone be interested in getting VF-1EX variants from Delta if Bandai made them? As far as I remember there are no physical differences, just a VF-1J with different colour scheme.
  5. 10 years ago, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a union forces court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the sol sector underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...
  6. I have already celebrated one year anniversary...
  7. What really shines to me is Sentinel's more angular treatment of those leading wing tips around the fuselage. The rounded ones from previous toys just never looked right to me and don't quite fit in with the blocky nature of the Legioss.
  8. Holy mother of crabs... You are absolutely right, it really needs a good push. Thanks @SuperHobo! I was envisioning something like those hip ball-joints you get in MG GunPla that have the short downward rod that plugs into the leg and provides an elegant swivel. Otherwise I am with you, the setup we got is good and robust, just missing that option to tilt the leg inwards.
  9. Speaking of eyes, anybody find them to be a bit too dull? Wish they were more yellow like the reflectors on the legs and shoulders. It's strange, because the box art actually emphasizes a glow on the eyes. Some other things that I have noticed since handling it: The tab/slot system for the gun doesn't work for me, it seems misaligned or the slot on the gun is to shallow. Would have been nice for the nose-cone to lock into the back for robot mode A thigh/knee swivel or a more versatile ball-joint system in the hips would have been nice for more dynamic and expressive articulation That being said, this Legioss is full of quality and pretty robust then its small appearance might indicate.
  10. From what can be seen that Starscream looks promising to me, his wings finally flow into the mid section of his body. I hope Takara continues to strive for that excellence or "best of breed" execution like with their latest releases and never goes back to cheap-priced simplistic and compromised robots.
  11. There is a proper Japanese trailer, which I originally posted and then swapped out for better understanding. I think it is nice of Bandai to provide it in English too. You are not alone, endgame green is my preferred choice too.
  12. Proportions and articulation have definitely improved, now I am inclined to think the model is completely new. Here is the conundrum though, you get the better model kit but with non-coloured clear parts, meaning your RX-0 will look dead if the LEDs are not constantly running.
  13. Unicorn Gundam is going to be the first entry for MGEX. Seems like they are adding LEDs to the kit. It is not clear to me if this is completely new or some retool of the existing model. At least there is mention of the proportions being fixed.
  14. Mine had the same issue, but it is not necessary to remove the glued thigh panel or pry the to halves open. It is a bit hard to describe, but like @Guyffon suggested just take out the visible screw. Then rotate the nub downwards until it tucks inside the leg opening and won't go any further. Now make sure the thigh is folded outwards (fighter config.) and with some light force try to push/twist/rotate the nub further into the cavity. You can sort of feel and hear when you succeed. After that use the leg to further rotate the nub until it faces backwards and then put the screw back on. There will be no scrapes or damage and the original factory assembly of the thigh stays intact without having to be tampered with. I hope my description makes sense and helps everyone with the issue.
  15. Interesting, Hush gets a plastic coat vs. Gambit with his cloth one. Wonder why Mafex differentiates here?
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