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  1. If I would have known there was a Macross 2 surprise guest I would have traded you for sure!!!

    =D If only we had known about that in advance...

    Did they show Macross 2 animation before Kasahara-san's performance?

    Yes, they did show some scenes from Opening animation and some clips from anime,

    with the song "Koi no Banana Moon."

    Quamzin part was a little different the second night he said something about the Tokyo Auto Show.

    I've been told that it was "Now get out before they start preparation for Tokyo Motor Show!

    If we could not clear up this place in time, we have to pay some penalty!!"

    I want to go, are tickets on sale yet?

    Oh dude!




    >「ちけっとぽーと」での販売は11月27日 (金)東京公演のみ

    >[お問合せ]ちけっとぽーと TEL:03-5403-3330

    The tickets seems to have been on sale on Aug. 29 already.

    (Sorry I don't know the details, as my friend got one for me)

    They say a shop called ちけっとぽーと(Chiketto Pooto, or Ticket Port?)

    will sell some on Nov. 27. Maybe you can try this.

  2. もういちど Love you!!!!!!! Man I would have rather gone to the first night, still Voices and Wanna be an Angel was pretty amazing.

    RIP Kazuhiko Katoh

    I envy you guys who went to the 2nd night. I'm a big "Plus" fan!!

    Maybe we should have exchanged our tickets, Save-san -

    though I was also happy to be able to see Kasahara-san sing.


    I'm also a Kasahara Hiroko fan. Yay!

    BTW do you guys remember the announcements before/after the concert?


    "Listen up fellow Zentran, all the seats here are miclone-size.

    you must make sure to micronize yourselves before entering the gate."


    "Now the consert is over!! Quit doing culture with Meltlandi and Go back to your home straightly!

    My favorite moment in that night was when Fukuyama-san said

    "It is really impressive to sing the "Wow Wow" part with so many people like this"

    after singing "Angel Voice."

    The "Wow Wow" part of "Angel Voice" is my all-time favorite, and

    it is really a happy experience to share the joy of singing with your favorite singer.

    The flowers we "a group of Macross 7 fan friends" sent for Fukuyama-san and Chie-san;


    Well then, Save-san or any other friends here will go to "The Revival of Fire Bomber 2009 IN TOKYO" concert

    on Nov. 27?

  3. Thank you guys for your kind comments to my previous post.

    I will make another post if I did other customize.

    physioguy's repaint is really nice, It must be a hard work to do that.


    Your collection is really great! I wish I had such a nice shelves...


  4. Repainting my first Revoltech, VF-1S to Apollo Squadron CAG. Personal color stripes may look blue like Max in the pictures but it is actually just purple.


    I want Miria with knife, too. I think my next Revy will be Ayanami.

  5. My friend who visited Tokyo Hobby Show yesterday gave me an advertizement of SDF-1 "movie-color."

    This time I prepared bigger scan.


    It read that the release date is late Jan, 2008.

    I will also go to Tokyo and visit the Show on Sunday.

    If possible I will visit Kaiyodo and buy Revoltech VF-1S, too...

  6. Hey graham: Again, is the black a matte or gloss, d u know?

    The prototype we saw at the consert was matte black.

    As same as the normal YF-19, plastic has been colored in the main color.

    So because of the mold surface, the color become matte.

    (sorry for my poor explanation, I hope that is good enough)

    Anyway let's wait Graham-san's final answer.

  7. Guys please note that the Yamato black models shown on the leaflet are just prototypes - actually, the models displayed were slightly different ; almost same, but had the "25th Anniversary" logo in gold here and there.

    No infomation if they are limited production model or regular model. But I think they will practicaly be.

    Wave "Movie Edition" SDF-1 will be regular item.

    >Macross Frontier

    There are a rumor that Bandai reserved whole lisense for all toy-things (toys, plastic model kits, figures and so on), which is very disappointing.

  8. Yeah, great report, SaveRobotech-san!

    Here is the list of songs.

    *Part 1: Mari Iijima

    1. 0-G Love

    2. Cinderella

    3. Runner (piano) "Dedicate to Haneken-san (composer late Kentaro Hane)"

    4. Do You Remember Love "If there are someone know this song, let's sing along" <Everybody knew it, of cource!!

    *Intermission: Mr. Kawamori - Mr. Hayami talk

    -Introduce Megumi Nakajima, who sung "Voices"

    -2 minutes footage of new series "Macross Frontier (tentative title)"

    *Part 2: Fie Bomber (Yoshiki Fukuyama and his band)



    3. TRY AGAIN

    (Nobutoshi Kanna, Basara Voice actor appears)

    4. REMEMBER 16(Acoustic Version) (Fukuyama & Kanna)

    (Fukuyama & Kanna go back to back stage)

    5. PILLOW DREAM (Chie Kajiura)

    6. KIMI NI TODOKE→ (Kajiura)

    (Fukuyama appears again, Basara and Mylene "we barely met each other 13

    years ago" finally duet in real!)



    9. PLANET DANCE (with some phrases from "DAKEDO BABY")

    10. "INTRODUCTION" - Kanna shouts "Listen to my song!" - TOTSUGEKI LOVE HEART



    12. ANGEL VOICE (Fukuyama, Iijima - finally "MINMAY meets FIRE BOMBER!", Kanna and


  9. I'm back from Macross 25th anniversary live concert held in Tokyo.

    For the concert itself, please check the thread in "Conventions and Local gatherings" section.

    There we found some information / displays of 25th anniversary toys.

    Yamato: Specia color 1/48 VF-1S and 1/60 YF-19, and brand-new Minmay doll

    both VFs have gold stripes and logos on satin-black overall-color.

    they displayed both items there, but did not alow us to take pictures.

    Instead they gave us a leaflet. (Minmay doll are only mentioned on it)


    Wave: They sold SDF-1 toy and two VF-0 model kits there.

    New color version of SDF-1 toy was announced - they allowed me to

    take a photo of announcement.


    "Here comes new version; Movie Color Edition!"

    "We choose mettalic color for previous model to realize

    its gorgeous, high-quality feeling, but to answer customers'

    request, we happiy announce new version that reproduce colorings seen in DYRL."

    I think colors of previous model is obviously mistake, and this version will be

    practically a corrected version.

    I can not well discribe my complexed feeling with this news in English.

    Or maybe I can simpy say "F**k" or "S**t."

    Hasegawa: They made advance sale of 25th anniv. coor VF-1 and YF-19,

    which guys in "model" section already know.

    I bought exclusive concert T-shirts for me.

    I will show you in the concert thread.

  10. >Dante-san,

    Thanks, I will start a new thread.

    Here are the leaflet of the concert.



    Mari Iijima - "Even today, many people from all over the word say to me that Macross was the first contact with Anime for them. It is so a great thing. Congraturations 25th anniversary of Macross!"

    Yoshiki Fukuyama - "No matter how many years past, I'l say "Listen to my song!" "

    Chie Kajiura - "I'm happy to join this concert - let's enjoy together! ...So, what song I should sing...?"





  11. I'm back from the Live concert - It was great!

    I will write some more later.

    >New Series

    It is "Macross Frontier" (tentative title)

    New girl (Megumi Nakajima, 18 year-old, choosed from 5000 competitors)

    sang "Voices" in front of us. I thought it was not so bad.

    We were able to see 2-minutes pilot film also.

    >Yamato 25th anniv toys

    It was 1/48 VF-1S and !/60 YF-19,

    both have gold stripes on black overall-color. (Like Lotus JPS F-1 car)

    I got a leaflet. Could someone please suggest me a thread to which I should upload a scan.

    >Wave SDF-1

    New model is "Movie-color version," as I thought.

    Then, what the hell is the previous blue one!!??

  12. I will go there, too.

    >Yamato 1/60 VF-1

    It just mean 25th Anniv. Color model. Not a new model.

    >Wave SDF-1

    According to the official announcement, it is only "new-color version."

    I expect more "gray" colors - I mean, previous model is too blue-ish.

    I'm sorry to say that, but I think they will not allow us to take pictures there.

    So please do not expect so much about it.

  13. Hello,

    For those who concerning the color of these models;

    VF-1 will be molded in blue, but it is just ordinary blue plastic.

    You have to paint it in metallic blue by yourself.

    (It is the same color Hasegawa called out for their 1/24 Subaru Impreza WRC)

    Gold line will be reproduced by "foil decals" made by Caltgraf (spell?)

    YF-19 will also be molded in dark blue.

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