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  1. we need pics of that!! when are we going to see pics of this model?

    It was a surprise news at Tokyo Hobby Show.

    They didn't have any materials to show us besides the panel at that time.

    You can see from the panel;

    -Release date will be 2013 Summer

    -"More details will be announced on model magazines subsequently."

    Let's wait for their update.

  2. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but what the heck.

    Is this is a Hasegawa kit or a fan-made custom based on the Hasegawa kit? I remember seeing it in the boards before.

    Source: http://mecha-guy.blogspot.com

    Putting illegal scan matter aside, the poster should at least write the original source for his conscience.


    This is a page of an article from Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2012 November issue.

    Details are as Reïvaj and Jefuemon mentioned.

    I think Sato-san wrote that he used YF-21 decals for scratch-built Sound Booster/FAST pack.

    (my copy just arrived last week...)

  3. I read your Blog, and have a question. Won't you participate in Wonder Festival Summer 2012? It will soon come. Only in Winter?

    Ah, Unfortunately I'm living in Phillipines now for my job assignment and can not attend to any events in Japan until 2014.

    It really really sucks. I hope you guys enjoy WF and other Macross 30th Anniv. events for me.

    I believe Save and some other MW menbers will be at WF, why don't you Mac-ota gaijin butai guys join up there?

    I only have 2 VFs and 1 Mobile Suit here... I have cement and abrasive papers but no paints.


    SVF-440"Dullahans" #417 Battloid

    by VF-1 RIDERS member, KOMATU-san.

    build with Hasegawa 1/72 YF-19, Gokigenseimitsu Battloid conversion kit and VF-1 RIDERS "Dullahans" decal set.

    this is not for sale...


    Sorry that I still can not upload the pictures & texts about my VF-11s.

    I'm not forgetting about it. Please wait...


    Thank you! There is no "canon" in Macross and you can enjoy your own "Macross World".

    That is one point I love from Macross.

  4. From 9:58, VF-1 Riders. I shot this movie by chance at Shizuoka Hobby Show.

    My yellow VF-11 at 11:15 !!

    Thanks antibiotictab,

    glad to know someone noted our small VF-11 meeting.

  5. @Jefuemon



    My favorite is Mr.color, too!

    In Japan Tamiya and Mr.color are most selling brands.

    (Newer manufacturer "Gaia Notes" follows them, I think. Another brand "Finishers' color" is very high quality

    but they are expensive and most of them are for car models)

    Testor's Model Master, Humbrol are available at Rainbow 10

    (I bought 2 of VF-11 "Nothung" there!),

    Valejo and Citadel Colour should be also available at those big hobby shops in Tokyo.

    But unfortunately I have never tried those brands.

    I prefer Mr.color best because there are many colors for aircraft,

    and painted surface is durable compared to Tamiya.

    The finishing of Tamiya acrylic XF (matt color) is very nice though.

    Tamiya enamel also can be sprayed and the finishing is quite nice, too.

    However I use Tamiya enamel only for washing.


    Hahaha... we pronounce it just ta-mi-ya without any accent

    but it would be no problem if it is Tammy-ya or Tamy-a.

    We pronounce Mr.Smith just like Mistaah Sumisu :)

    Oh, it is the thread for Jefuemon's VF-1!

    Sorry for being off-topic.

  6. It looks like the theme for their 2013 Shizuoka Hobby Show exhibit will be Angel Birds. Ground and in-flight displays, should be quite a sight!

    *Edited to add: From Cancer's blog, this is where ppl are signing up: http://ridersbbs.bbs.fc2.com/

    Thank you for following-up!

    What they are talking is that;

    the total number of "Angel Birds" are 6,

    so if the number of people who want to join this project is more than 6,

    they may separate to the groups of ground display and in-flight display.

    (now we have 7 people in this project)

    If there's someone who can bring completed 1/48 VF-1 Angel Bird to Shizuoka,

    please sign up!

  7. White was the white suggested by the instructions, Mr. Color 316, White FS17875, dulled down from gloss a little bit using Mr. Flat Base, Smooth. The black and green were the supplied decals.

    Thank you for the information!

    Have you been a Mr. Color user back in the USA or you started to use them

    after you came to Japan? I'm curious about which brand is popular among modelers in the US.

    Anyway small touch of Flat Base is making very nice effect to the model in this scale.

    I just noticed a big mistake I made a few days ago, though. Was checking this kit in reference to the one I'm making now, and I now see that I put the left "foot" on upside down!! :o


  8. @Jefuemon,

    I introduced some blogs of VF-1 RIDERS members in my new entry to my blog.

    The guy of "Field Grey Modeling" is the one who made decal set for "project Dullahans".

    He is really a good modeler and his blog is worth to see.

  9. Surprised to see our club's name on the forum list.


    Thank you for referring to my blog. :)

    I'm only one of members of VF-1 RIDERS.

    There's no way I can build so many Valks like that on my own.

    BTW I updated a new article to my blog. Hope you like it.


    razgriz' comment is fairly accurate :)

    >How many members in VF-1 RIDERS?

    Not fixed.

    As you can see from the number of Valks displayed,

    Everytime we have around 20 of members.

    >where we locate

    We are only active on the Internet,

    Once in a year we meet at Shizuoka Hobby show / Annual Modelers Club Joint Exhibition.

    >How to join

    Anyone who can visit Shizuoka Hobby show / Annual Modelers Club Joint Exhibition

    which is held every May. Only you have to do is to bring your Valk with you.

    It is very nice if you can come from Sapporo next time.

    If you would like to see, I will post details to join.

    For your information, the guy who maintaining facebook page is not me,

    but our "squadron leader" (founder of the club).


  10. I could not find novel 2 at the book stores around here and ordered at amazon.

    I hope I can read it during year-end and new year holidays.

    By the way, my VF-11 appeared in Tenjin-sensei's VF-11D box art!!


    2011 was not so a good year for us but it was a peak of my life as a Macross fan :)

    Oh, and

    Here's the contest info: http://hobby.dengeki..._con/index.html

    it made another appearance!?

    I have to say thank you to a guy from Dengeki Hobby Magazine for using my 11 so many times.

  11. Add me to the boring list...

    Me too.

    But Mr. Color #316 FS17875 is the white painted on F-14 Tomcat in 70's, which makes sense very much.

    Also, the white instructed as "Val-white" in the instructions of ancient Imai/Arii kits is the same white as Mr. #316.

    So I personally believe that it is the "correct" white for VF-1.

    Gloss or Flat... I will go Semi-gloss for 1/72.

  12. Who is this blogger by the way so I can update his link with a name and what they are selling.

    He is not selling anything, just a Macross enthusiast / model fan. But the list he made for this Wonder Festival was really useful. The guy's name is "WALK". He visited my booth and we said hello to each other. (Unfortunately is was the very last minute of the event and we could not talk so a long time).

    To friends here;

    For your information, Gokigen-seimitsu will sell their YF-19 Battloid Conversion Set again, maybe at WF 2011 Winter. Also Tayland's VF-171 will be re-issued in slightly different form (maybe RVF-171 or 171EX? I don't know). Maybe you can ask to Save about "preorder"... (sorry Save, for using your name here)

    Those group is working hard to get approval from BIGWEST, and following the contract between them strictly. Please do not make / buy recast kits. Otherwise, in the worst case, BIGWEST may stop licensing to the amateurs at WF, or those group may lost their motivation and stop making Macross kits.

  13. Save, so you've already got information you need.

    Tayland guy told me to tell you that he can produce only few Madox this time. Please be noted.

    The VF-171 displayed at "VF-1 RIDERS 2009" was just a mock-up. He brushed-up shapes and details as you can see in the latest info.

    And... thank you for introducing my kit.

    Here's the info in English :)

    統合軍むすめ Girls of U.N.SPACY Vol.1

    Tactical Officer (2009) 1st Lieutenant Emma Granger, SDF-1 /

    Mechanic (2047) Euri Yui, VCV-551 Valhalla III (2 in 1 kit)

    Price: 2,000 yen

    I've just finished painting of Emma-tan.


  14. Thanks for the kind words guys. I honestly didnt mean to rant for so long, but it seems that no one reviews concerts online anymore. Normally all I can find is a half-legible fanboi blog filled with lulz.

    That 15th Anniversary review at (the now defunct EX.ORG) blew me away when I read it a decade ago. Noone does stuff like that anymore so I try to make a point of posting impressions that are as detailed as possible.

    Now if only I could start remembering set lists ^^;

    Great review Tochiro!

    I'm glad that I can find VF-19 I drew there =D


    As for the set list, I also wrote a small review of Day 1.


    It is in JP though... Hope it will help you.

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