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  1. its from Soul Eater. Her name is Tsubaki and that sequence is in episode 11 at around 0:14:20
  2. I used to think like this too...until I saw the evangelion movies in 1080p....the details and the sharpness was just amazing! After that, I have been re-doing my collection in HD. Got a question for anyone with the US version of Clannad blu ray, are they using the same source as the Japanese release? I doubt it since the Japanese have 5 discs and the US version only has 3...anyone can confirm this? the price difference is just a little too much to get the Japanese release (US$ 771.62) compared to the US version ($50.99 on Amazon) it also doesn't help with the Japanese "After Story" also co
  3. http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/video-games-17/fall-of-cybertron-brawl-swindle-and-bruticus-figures-revealed-in-game-informer-magazine-174297/
  4. BBTS has the tumbler on pre-order http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=HOT10146&mode=retail Estimated to Arrive 2nd Quarter 2012 Our Price: $439.99
  5. Hi Bigkid24, I tried to PM, but I think your box is full. I'm interested in the Encore Devastator and the fans project insecticons. Thanks
  6. is there a way to tell which VF1 has the new updated hip connection? I was only aware that the VF1S low viz (1/60 scale) had this.
  7. Did any one see this? http://i.imgur.com/5F6ot.jpg
  8. Puella Magi Madoka Magica was awesome, I put it up there with my top 10 anime of all time (includes, Gunbuster, Berserk, Claymore, Full Metal Alchemist, etc…) I have a question
  9. Here’s my conspiracy theory: The hack may be related to Portal 2 crossplatforming. The hack happen within the time frame or the window of Portal 2’s release date, maybe it’s just a coincident. In the past, Microsoft said they would never do cross platforming due to security issues. I know Steam is pretty secured, however I don’t think PSN was ever that secured. PSN was a closed network, so Sony didn’t have to worry too much of getting hack daily unlike Steam. The day they open their gates to the PC and Mac world…...bam! it happens. My other reasoning is with PSN, you can only do so much w
  10. Check out the cool WFC posters/wallpaper.......very G1-ish :-) http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-images/wallpapers/War-For-Cybertron/Official-Battle-Royale/ http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/video-games-17/transformers-posters---war-for-cybertron-170746/
  11. I sure hope so! I'm tired of 10 hours game now-a-days, I need a bonus movie to come with it...it will give me more bang for my buck with this recession and stuff :-P
  12. Highschool of the Dead 1st Episode was cool. If you're into Zombies and fan service (T&A), this series is for you ;-)
  13. are any of you guys going to botcon? i was wondering how many macrossworld members would be there
  14. ok, so i accepted the old force users are better than the new force users (special effects and all). So why don't they have a badass Jedi fight with no light saber? i mean that female Jedi pratically beated that sith with no light saber. I mean if i was as powerful as her, i would be walking around and blocking lightsabers and blast shots with my bare hands and destroying people with my Super Ryu fireballs!!! i would be the most badass jedi ever!! The Jedi with no lightsaber! Maybe the new generation of force user created the light saber to compensate their skill with the force, no?
  15. that is the best answer ever!!! you sir, win 100 internet points :-)
  16. ok, i get it, these past force users were way more superior than the ones we see in the movies....if that's the case, Luke and Yoda shouldn't be called Jedi "masters" :-p
  17. I would be weary of joining online before the release date. you may encounter people that have been on the game for a while and probably get your butt kick ;;
  18. i just saw the latest trailer...its cool and all, but when could you block a lightsaber with your hand? and did she just threw a fireball like Ryu from Street fighter at the end of the trailer? If they could have been throwing fireballs all this time, wouldn't Yoda have done it in the movies?
  19. you can boost with holding the left trigger while in vehicle form. don't forget that you also have speical abilities on the left and right bumpers. (leveling up will unlock more abilities)
  20. i heard the story in the new Transformer game was at least decent :-) the TFW2005 forums have videos and pictures of the twins vehicles during the movie shoot....i have a feeling they will be back ;;
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