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  1. is there an HLJ/Amazon.co.jp page yet?
  2. Happening tonight or tomorrow night?
  3. They got back to me within about 48 hours.
  4. Oh Yeah, it shipped! The next couple of days are going to suck because of all the anticipation... I'm not even going to be able to work!
  5. Any news on the 0D yet? NY hasn't pushed the release date back again, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Since I'm going to be waiting another umpteen months for Shin's VF-0D, Figured I would splurge a little on A Frontier Valk. This is my first one, I like it much more that I do my only Delta Valk.
  7. I'm interested in both of these pieces....

    * Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1A Mass Production (DYRL Movie) = U$S 220

    * Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1A Hikaru with Super & Strike Parts (DYRL Movie) = U$S 290

    would $425+ Shipping + PP fees be  a viable option for you?

    If you wouldn't mind, I would like to see detailed pics of the valks before purchasing.

  8. A pass, DD already takes up to much room. Where is the PF Ostrich???
  9. Buyee price on Missle Set = $110 shipped Buyee price on SSP Set = $150 shipped ( I should have combined shipping on the Buyee options but didn't). NY Price (Gouging PO) =$305 Hikaru is an anomaly that I wanted to complete, I won't care to much for the other releases.... yet!
  10. I'll be there for work in two weeks. Should I take some time to look or not bother?
  11. Time to have some fun with $550 worth of Valkyrie and Valkyrie accessories. Outside the stress of just getting a single fully loaded valk, I don't see how you guys ordering multiples hold it together. :/
  12. Yeah, kinda scary!
  13. I don't agree, Within the niche market these retailers and we choose to play we should demand common courtesy, respect, and prompt/accurate communication. In a situation where there product/service cannot be delivered upon as defined within their initial agreement. If products can't be delivered in a timely fashion, then that is where communication should take over. Communication is the reason I will not be providing a 10 month advance on an egregious amount of money for Nissan-Yappon ever again. They need to get there sh@t together.
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