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  1. Yeah, I'm checking and have yet to see anything.
  2. Well theres my Tripwire
  3. What TRU are you shopping at? The only wave 5 I've seen around here are the Crimson Gaurdsmen.
  4. Whats the server IP? Do you guys use Vent or TS?
  5. Do you guys play BF2 at all?
  6. Still waiting..... Tripwire Ripcord BlowTorch AirBourne Alpine Mutt&Junkyard Where are you????
  7. I have'nt watched this since season 4. Is clark still in Highschool?
  8. What is the trick to put the fast packs and FP on? My 19 is a pile of plastic right now that resembles nothing close to an aircraft!
  9. That's what I want!
  10. My hikaru and TRU CF have yellowing on the thead and wheel well covers. I'm guessing it has to do with the material they were made from. None of my other 1/60's show any signs of yellowing.
  11. Unless one of you guys are kind of enough to buy me a set I'm gonna half to pass.
  12. You can try this address it's listed at the bottom after #1.
  13. Wow, Yamato ranked right above the Wal-Mart Devastator exclusive. I think that sums this list up pretty well!
  14. If this is ever to be produced, which I'm pretty skeptical it will be, it will not have anything to do with the Macross Saga! IMO it'll be a continuation of the story instead of a re-telling. More likely 'New Generation' or a take on what is left of Earth after the invid leave, ala Shadow Chronicles. Maybe Admiral hunter after 25 long years on the SDF-3 will finally make it back to Earth. As long as the CG doesn't look like a bad video game from the mid 90's and masterbation is not discussed, I'll probably see it.