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  1. +1 In the same situation. After the refund from ebay, I am considering if I should buy this for USD$145.
  2. This is indeed a big bummer. I manage to buy a PF milia at a very good price during NY sales last year, but the max version will cost me something near to $300. So at the end, I give up and pay $90 for this KO. I can swap out the arm armor with a TV valk. Luckily, there are no much marking on the arm armor, so replacing this using a non PF TV valk will be less problematic than other parts. Seeing the different between my KO roy and my Yamato roy, the no step and other marking are worth having. Sticker is not optimum, if I want the PF looks, I will need to hunt down some 1/60 decal sheet and spend a ton of time applying it.
  3. I receive the 25% discount offer too. I had a bad experience at ebay when a seller discounted his item 45% and turn out that the account was hacked and the hacker just took payment and provide fake tracking number. Paypal eventually refunded me (after 3 weeks). So I was hesitant. But pulled the trigger on this as I been looking for a PF max. As of today, the tracking number given seem legit, it shows the package has left the originating city and moving through the system. The seller can still send me a brick, but at least the tracking number is legit. One more problem for this KO, the arm armor is not TV version.
  4. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    MY PO at NY was placed on Oct 4th. Still no news. Will just wait patiently.
  5. That is a close call. Luckily no non fixable damages. I need to learn from your lesson. My 3 metal build toys are not "very secured". Need to change that tonight. I have no cat, but two young children. Very risky to not factor in unforeseen accident.
  6. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    I paid about the same at NY, but there is no news about shipping. They do take their time.
  7. Mine had a broken bazooka handle. Given how they package this, it is pure luck that not more parts are borken. I have requested help from Show.z and they seems to be willing to try to request replacement from the producer. Given the situation over there, it will be a long long wait. But hopefully they will eventually send me a good bazooka. Meanwhile, my pined fix seems to looks ok.
  8. kkx

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This is where I get it from: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a21wu.241046-us.4691948847.7.41cab6cbkQVe6O&scm=1007.15423.84311.100200300000005&id=581216915966&pvid=16cda37b-2497-4954-a539-98add2d55c4e
  9. kkx

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Glad it works well.
  10. After I glued the thumb, the hands are much more manageable. Here are the crappy phone camera, poor lighting photo of the two latest arrival from Show.z:
  11. Nice, looking forward to see photos of the complete package from you.
  12. Found this one after digging deep: https://www.pavaykamall.com/poison-toys-172-scale-mechax103-hurricane-buster-gundam-figure-in-stock-p-474729.htm But it is likely a scam.
  13. This also seems really nice: https://showzstore.com/poison-toys-gat-x103-hurricane-buster-gundam-1-72_p0502.html
  14. I think I saw some new weapon (sword and launcher) pack for this. Would be nice to have a complete 1/72 perfect strike. Where did you get this? I search around a few days ago but can't find anything that does not cause over $300.
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