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  1. When I notice that the pilot name is still Hikaru, I have suggested to @xoxokin that he should reach out to @Anasazi37, but he should take up your kind offer.
  2. Thanks. I have not even pick the plane up. Now I found the covers. Phew. That empty authenticity card area is confusing. All good now. This is a beautiful bird. I'll say it again, I really wish the 0D PF is in similar style, and this is in 1/60. It will be a super combo.
  3. My non MZ F-14 arrived today from Flying Mule. Took them a while to get the stock. It looks really nice. But sadly the landing gears covers seems to be missing. I will need to get in touch with them, or @Blackaces can help me out (that would be nice). The empty box area on the top left should be for the landing gears covers right?
  4. Guilty as charged. I need a golf cart for my Macross collection warehouse. It will turn into a Macross toy museum one day.
  5. You can get a decal with Roy's name from @Anasazi37 to replay the hikaru label.
  6. Many people claim that such attitude will make you live longer! Good advise. I have a yellowed YF-30. Trying to solve the problem by making it not a problem. Not sure yet how successful I am. Trying hard to control the urge to paint it white.
  7. Totally agreed, not to mention the time effort required to test this out to make sure that it does work and does no harm. The risk of ruining our toy is also a factor. Unless out really like to tinker and DIY for fun.
  8. The reflection on the glass make this photo looks really cool. Kind of remind me of a scene or a poster I have seen (but can't remember from where). Thanks for the mod idea.
  9. I have order from seller on Ebay with super good feedback. But they started to offer 50% discount on their items. They never fulfill the orders. The account is likely hacked. EBay or Paypal always come through with refund for these cases. But I am need to be weary with big discount.
  10. FJ said that the seller never cooperate in anyway. Quote: The seller for this auction never sent us the item, nor were they willing to offer a refund. As such, we have born the cost and refunded your order in full. So I am surprise and glad that I get my money back. I am still new to this PO business but over a few attempts at DX PO, I have learn to be more relax and hold off rushing into PO from seller on auction site. Thing get a bit more complicated with PO. For normal auction, if the item don't show within a few weeks, I can take action. FJ h
  11. Make it transformable and you get my vote and PO.
  12. I have multiple proxy orders in place with FJ and a few items in the warehouse pending shipment consolidation. So I am not in a position to burn the bridge. FJ basically say that they cannot do anything since I didn't pay for the plan with insurance (I was using basic forwarding plan).
  13. The listing look legit, the seller do have some positive feedback (I can't find the link anymore). Nothing really stand out. I fully expect the seller to deliver when release date come, but two weeks after release, I started to get worry, but there in nothing I can do. After a two months, I started contacting FJ to get help. And they ping the user but never get any reply. I tried that two or three times with similar result (or no-result). Due to the long wait time from paying for PO to delivery of item, you need to really find seller on Yahoo and Ebay that can be trusted, b
  14. I have limited knowledge about this sort of result and what it takes to setup production run to get it "right" for the customer. The only reference I have is the F-14D from CW, that result looks much better (maybe they are going after totally different feel/look, I don't really know) and it does not cost so much more compared to their standard non weathered version of F-14. The line are crips and the shading is nice looking. I really value your opinion on how these two compare. I would have learn something.
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