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  1. This cost quite a big more than Bandai's full set. Any advantage that make this worthwhile? I can't really tell. I like the marking better. Bandai's is too busy and some of the text have bigger than ideal font size.
  2. My vote is for the regular. With @Lolicon's subtle paneling it looks great. The PF version have line that are too dark/sharp for my taste. The few missing marking (not so many of them it seems) can be remedy quite easily when @Anasazi37 release his decal sheet for this.
  3. I sincerely hope so. Keeping my finger crossed.
  4. Seems like the beige is painted on. I see quite a few paint chipping. This could be a problem.
  5. The proportion is the best and the details on these kits are really nice. But the seams.... give me nightmare. I think Bandai kits (the newer ones) are much better about seams.
  6. I am almost done fixing the seams, some of it will not be 100%, I have to call it a day. I am still undecided about the chest seam. Found a bottle of valejo watere based putty. Might try to fill up the seam if I feel confident enough to not destroy the fine details around that area.
  7. Minmay guard!! I am half way building mine. I am having trouble with some of the seams.
  8. I come to the forum for getting in touch of what is happening in the space of Macross toy collection. I sometimes also need to search for old information that i have missed. It might not be easy to achieve both goals with on single system/setup.
  9. When will Bandai release an Angle bird version so we can display the fan racer properly with six of them.
  10. I don't own any Yeti stand yet. It does looks cool. I hope he will be back in business soon. If you have the right tools to cut them, maybe getting some 1cm acrylic sheet and make a DIY version to tie you over until Yeti come back online.
  11. Nice gerwalk post! I guess we are comrade in crime (supporting KO).
  12. Did yours come with the transparent armor cover? I love mine.
  13. @Saburo I am "immune" to this attack. as I already have both the TV roy and TV super parts. Phew, every time I saw your post, I am worry about my wallet. Mine are still in the box, so thanks for the gorgeous photos. I really enjoy it.
  14. yoybuy.com have much better review on trusted pilot. I have not used any of these agent, but I am thinking about trying out yoybuy.com
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