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  1. Do also check out the slightly cheaper flightpose like stand from Calibre wings: https://www.flyingmule.com/products/CL-CA72DB10 The base is black instead of clear, it also include longer and shorter stick in one package to allow banking post.
  2. They just replied and have agreed to apply the 20% discount.
  3. Thanks @sqidd for the PO info. Will email them. Too bad I missed the 20% discount.
  4. Where can I PO this? Not in flying mule or Calibre Wings own web site. Tried BBTS tool
  5. Rewatching this amazing review: @jenius relate the DX to the yamato 1/48 and cover a lot of fun details. Anyone that have not watch that please do. Warning: watching his video is what cause me to spend so much money on these toys.
  6. I have no first hand experience, but have read here that store credit at NY cannot be use on shipping too. Other member who know for sure, can confirm. So take store credit as refund is a no no at NY for me. But so far, I have no problem with NY. They always deliver and response to my ticket. They have also refund when the situation is reasonable. They also have good prices for some of the item I want. So I am going continue to use NY cautiously in future.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I like their attitude of taking no deposit. I am not sure if they will honor their price when the street price is much higher than that when they get some stock to sell. Sounds risky, but like you said they demand on deposit, so no harm trying.
  8. I think you must have selected (by accident) scale to fit when you print.
  9. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    I seems to remember that at the shipping instruction page at FJ, when you are ask to choose the shipping method, the "invalid" options are greyed out. And I have the impression that for each greyed out option, there is a note about what limitation (size, weight etc) the is cause the option be to greyed out. That might give you more info about why surface (should cost about 4000 yen) is not available.
  10. Good luck with getting one at around $200. It will not be easy. Hope you will find one on release day. Just note that if you hold out too long on that day, you might miss the boat and will be face with over $275 for one in a few days. Roy is popular, so it all depends on how much extra stock the shop get on release day.
  11. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    True. From my experience, I have found that they do choose the shipping box and organize the items in them to reduce shipping cost. These packaging worker is doing this all day long and they do seems to have a good sense on how to do it "right". The only thing that I have not seen them do is to "customize" a shipping box entirely (ie cut down x y ans z to fix). They work with the limited box sizes they have (with adjustable height). I can totally understand that, I have tried to customize shipping box for my buyer when I am selling. It take a lot of effort. They also need to be responsible on making sure the packaging is secure enough to provide protection during shipping.
  12. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    FJ need to fix the item box into a shipping box. They have limited choices of shipping box sizes, so to fix your item in, they might need to use a box with much larger than necessary dimension (61cm instead of 34, because they do not have a box with 34x42x34). From experience with FJ, they use boxes that have a fixed x and y size, with "adjustable height". Ie the shipping box can be reduce in height by folding down the box along pre-scored (from box factory) line along the box. My strategy is to keep the item in storage and order more items before the storage deadline so that I can combine shipping to use up the extra space in the shipping box.
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