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  1. I just paid $8 for PO of this. I hope MC will deliver at some point.
  2. I paid $2 to get in the queue, hopefully I stand a chance to get this if the review turn out good (I have seen a pre production review that looks really good, so very likely I will want this).
  3. I just noticed that the DX SSP leave a much bigger/wider gap behind the neck. Both the Yamato 1/60 and 1/48 seems to be hugging the back of the valk while the DX "raised" the SSP.
  4. I just paid for PO yesterday. Very late to the party. It will be a long wait. Hopefully they will address some of the issues and complains found in the current batch.
  5. Sweet, can't wait to see your photo. I will check out the Gundam thread. Thanks. I saw some very small photo on taoboa review/comments on item on sale. They looks ok. But some YT comments said many are dissapointed by the bare plastic red and loose joints. I would not mind too much (about the joints) since it will be mostly static posted not play with. But some said that the hand can't hold the weight of the weapons.
  6. I am seeing some people starting to receive and showing off their JG Hobby 1/100 MB Metal Build Sazabi. Anyone PO one? https://www.showzstore.com/pre-order-jianggao-model-jg-mg-1-100-mb-msn-04-msn04-sazabi-mobile-suit-gundam-metal-build-ver-ka_p1552.html
  7. Or "Choose your missiles!" It is nice that one missile set can deck out 3 Valks.
  8. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    @sh9000 The VF-1A GBP is awesome!!!
  9. Sorry to hear that. I hope it will start moving soon. Maybe before the new year.
  10. Asking for USD$170 (before shipping and PayPal fee, ship from North Cal). In good condition (photo will be added later tonight), have not been transformed or displayed by me. From Mandrake.
  11. I have two extra SPP set from FJ that I am thinking of selling. Please PM if interested. Edit: these two sets are paid for. I have 3 more on order from the April batch that will be for sale too.
  12. $600 to $700 !!! wow, I was imagining (wrongly) that the markup was about $450 when NY are still delivering PO at under $200. So they could have make $400 to $500 extra if they cancel that cheap PO.
  13. bummer. Since you already have secure 3 with less mark up, you can try asking nicely for NY to cancel the PO. No harm asking I feel, worst case is, they say no and then you are still in the same situation. The 31E PO that I have cancelled at NY was also marked up 5000 yen higher than the asking price at the time of my cancellation request. Edit: forget to add that, the 31E PO was also my first even order on NY at that time, so I basically have no history with them and they still kindly cancelled and refund my order in full.
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