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  1. kkx

    Hi-Metal R

    @sqidd is your decision but I agree with @HardlyNever that for the price, I will switch to getting a VF-1S roy in 1/60 (Yamato or Arcadia). I can even get a copy of 1/48 Yamato Roy for that price (if you are patient). I do not stick to a particular scale so I am flexible.
  2. F16-CM and F14-A Would love to have a F-4 too, maybe a bit later after I receive these 3.
  3. I give up on holding out on this line. Thanks to all the powerful enabler here. Just ordered this a two older releases.
  4. @Elkan_013 The DX VF-1J I have is very good quality, nothing like the VF-25 DX line. I don't like the glossy finish of the VF-25 and have seen some breakage, but the DX VF-1 1/48 line is much better (well, we only have one version so far, but I guess the rest of the line will be the "same" quality).
  5. kkx

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I like the VF-25G armored better. It looks more balanced. Thanks to @bolt I have a nice copy of v1.
  6. The valk are suspended above the liquid SC40, so no dunking. I will try to dunk and suspend some screw and see if there is any risk of rusting. That will be bad so best to best it out first.
  7. A few years might be long enough for my effort to be worth while. It took me 10 mins to setup and 4 hours in the sun. I have found a big glass jar that can hold the a whole 1/48. Will try it out on a VF-1J hikaru that have some mild yellowing.
  8. I ordered a bottle of SC40 a while back. Decided to test it out. I have a set of 1/48 Yamato missile that is slightly yellowed. See photo below, it is noticeable but not something that I cannot live with. But it is a good candidate for a test. The top two missiles seems to be normal (they are from the same set) while the rest shows uniform yellowing (no shadow shape, so no idea how/why it turn yellow). Using @Hiryu's method as reference I put the liquid version of SC40 into a glass container and suspense the missile on top with a rack. They are all dry when I start as i am worry about the sticker peeling if they get wet. Place a piece of aluminum foil under to get reflection for the bottom of the missiles. Seal the container with cling film to let the vapor do its work.. Place it under the strong California summer sun for 4 hours. Start to see condensation on the cling film immediately, so vapor should be trapped and hopefully working on the yellowed surface. It get really hot, was a bit worry that the missile receive to much heat. But it seems to be ok. It does remove the slight yellow. So will try it out on other valk when I can find a big enough glass container. I can just place the whole valk in battroid mode, no need to wet anything, so it is much more convenient. Will monitor this and see it it last and if yellowing will come back with a vengence as @Atheonyirh said.
  9. Last cruise color for Black Lions F-14D!!!! The blue accent is super nice. Would love to have this next to any VF Max.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. The Popynica is also available for 6600 Yen from AJ. I guess shipping is the usual 1200, have not put it in my cart to check. But what I have in my cart is the 1/48. 31385 shipped. Trying to resist pulling the trigger on this. I does looks damn nice. The weathering and the guy metal color looks so attractive.
  11. I looked up the one you have. A few options available for about 9000Yen. Tempting. Then I look at the Good Smile version and damn it looks super nice. Visiting this site is really bad for my wallet.
  12. I look at my copy on my desk and then at your photo...... sigh... I wish I have half the skill you have and resolve to get off my lazy butt and do some weathering. Well done as usual!
  13. @Sanity is Optional The red one? Am I right? Yoko Kanon's music is so good. I have a kit, but have no time to build it yet. Yours looks great.
  14. VF-31A and YF-30..... I keep asking myself, how much am I willing to pay for a pair of these. Wanted them so much. An reissue will be great but I don't think it will come true. So checking second hand stores for a good price is my only choice I guess.
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