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  1. $600 to $700 !!! wow, I was imagining (wrongly) that the markup was about $450 when NY are still delivering PO at under $200. So they could have make $400 to $500 extra if they cancel that cheap PO.
  2. bummer. Since you already have secure 3 with less mark up, you can try asking nicely for NY to cancel the PO. No harm asking I feel, worst case is, they say no and then you are still in the same situation. The 31E PO that I have cancelled at NY was also marked up 5000 yen higher than the asking price at the time of my cancellation request. Edit: forget to add that, the 31E PO was also my first even order on NY at that time, so I basically have no history with them and they still kindly cancelled and refund my order in full.
  3. Not sure what NY will or will not do this time round. But the 31A was inflated much more than the DX 1S. I am not sure how much it actually was right after release, but eventually it when to beyond $400 and NY still fulfilling their orders at that point. Like many have said, it somehow does not make sense. Because a lot of other seller have cancelled the cheaper PO and try to sell what stock they have at a much higher margin. But NY seems to really feel that the reputation that they will honer a PO contract even if it mean that they are loosing out on possible better margin is worth it for them. If that is true and the real reason behind the fiasco, I have a lot of respect for them. But again, the 31A case does not necessary means that we can expect NY to operate in similar manner for the 31S.
  4. +1 on this. I have cancelled a PO on 31E with NY, and they did so without problem when I ask them nicely. For the 1S, they will be even more willing to cancel if you ask I imagine. Since it is so "hot"/hard to get that they will have less problem selling it to someone else. Unless your mark up price is really high.
  5. You can always keep both. JK aside, you can always cancel even after it enter your PW (with a time limit). It is nice to have extra and worry about if you can cancel vs missed the PO.
  6. Got one on HLJ too and I feel the same way about HLJ (how they have fallen.....), but I did get both email. Still, I will not count this as secure just yet. Could be a glitch, since I am not sure why they have so much extra stock (Scalper cancelling?)
  7. I have 36 transaction on FJ that I skipped the protection plan. Then I am hit by a seller that fail to deliver on the DX Max for 22K yen. So if I paid the protection every time, it will cost me 400 x 36 yen = 14400 yen So now I am out by just under 7600 yen. I think not paying for the plan can be good. Maybe in future I will more careful on selecting the seller and on high risk item (high price PO item), will consider paying the 400 yen for protection. In general, I will avoid PO on yahoo japan or ebay. I have never get any PO item delivered on both site. End up getting Max on AJ for a good price after release. So I will be patient and wait for release day if I missed the PO on normal retailer.
  8. The mark up suck, all agree. Hope you will will receive the item. But if the seller fail to deliver, then FJ will help since you have the protection plan.
  9. +1, I paid the price for this lesson, so hopefully others here will not fall for the same trap.
  10. Did you pay for the protection plan? My PO of Max with the same method fail to deliver. Not all seller on YahooJP are legit. So be careful.
  11. But your Valk is so sweet. So your photo looks so nice. Maybe that is the reason for getting even better results with a "better" camera. If you don't mind used, there are a lot of good value lightly used DSLR (or mirrorless such as the Sony A6000) that you can find for below $300 with a simple lens. I can also recommend some very nice old manual focus lens that can be easily adapted to the A6000 via a cheap adaptor ($15). A lot of people argue that spending some cash on lighting will be much more important than the camera.
  12. Sorry to hear that. I hope others will be more careful due to our experience.
  13. Sorry for causing some OT discussion, but maybe other who want to PO future VF-1 DX can benefit from this discussion I hope. This is more straight forward if it is a company that I buy from directly. Since the "sinner" is the seller (ok, maybe he is in hospital for a month, so will wait before I stick him/her with any names, but at this point, I assume he/she is at "fault"), it is not fair to let FromJapan suffer the cost. I do blame myself for not choosing a "better" seller and pay for insurance/protection. But I am also upset and have some questions. Maybe I am spoiled by Ebay and PayPal and expect something similar from Yahoo Japan. I am not sure how much money FromJapan get from just their "Basic Forwarding Plan". But I somehow expect that when things goes wrong, even the basic plan do deserve some support to get help from Yahoo Japan. I know their policy is stated clearly from the onset that the "Basic Plan" will get nothing or no help. It still does not make me feel too happy about their service. And Yahoo Japan might or might not offer buyer protection as good as Ebay. So, will beware in future. @SMS_Skull_Leader I am still deciding what to do. I paid in June, so will have a bit of time before my CC company refuse to help. But my experience with them is not good. This particular CC company is not as good as other (such as Amex). Apart from future convenient of service provided by FromJapan, I also feel that I need to feel "right" causing FromJapan to suffer. Total paid is USD$205, not something I cannot afford to loose, but just feel bad about it even though me being naive is the main reason for this. Given how their service is setup (forcing payment of 700 yen vs 200 yen to have protection) I am reconsidering if they are the best service. As I said before, not sure if basic plan deserve to be treated like this.
  14. Lesson learned the hard way.
  15. It might be possible that the fee paid to HG is only for item shipped to US. There are re-seller of KC product on ebay, and their sales might not be registered as US sales by KC or HG.
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