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  1. Jenius "On my phone but I'm pretty sure I put the measurement in a pic on anymoon." Got it. Thanks Jenius. 3.8cm, 38mm, 1.5 inches. Wow that's small and they'd have to be even smaller as they'd be without armor. Let's see what I can do as those joint would be tiny. Much appreciated bro.
  2. Hi, Can somebody tell me how tall the mini figures are when standing straight up? If possible, in mm. I'm thinking about making a few civilians. Thanks.
  3. Hi Folks, I have the following Valkyrie available for the list price below. New/Unopened Bandai DX Macross Delta VF-31A Kairos SOLD Located in Garden Grove, California. On MW's Straight Shooters' List. My ebay ID: adankree Please PM me or email me directly at soupaphone@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks, Felix
  4. UPDATE: Price Lowered for the MISB VF-1A Kairos ($570 Cash Local Pick-up OR $615 Paypal (Goods) OR $595 Paypal (Friends) Shipped in the Continental US)
  5. Does anyone know if this will be a Japan only release unlike the the SOC Lion Voltron?
  6. No worries man. I'm kind of getting out of the game and these are my last three Valkyries. I'd love to sell them as a bundle to a local collector as I hate shipping expensive toys out-seriously nerve- racking. LOL
  7. Actually I do have a MISB VF-31A Karios if you want to shoot me offer. I wasn't planning on selling it until I sold the VF-1J and VF-19 since I'm kind of attached to it. Better yet, make me an offer on all three. Thanks -Felix
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