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  1. always did love Klan Klan
  2. Differing fom the poll results, I take things differently: 1) Macross DYRL 2) Macross F movies 3) Macross SDF (originial TV) 4) Macross Plus 5) Macross F TV 6) Macross II 7) Macross Zero 8} Macross Delta 9) Macross 7 IMHO
  3. Funny you should draw that parallel; Macross II and Star Trek The Next Generation debuted around the same time.
  4. A little off topic, but was anything ever said about whatever happened to Hikaru and Misa on their voyage in the Megaroad?
  5. I'm a bigger fan of the VF25 than the VF31 LOL
  6. Yes, but I'm nuts about macross and I'm kinda fond of catgirls too LOL
  7. Wow! That really looks fantastic! Sorry about you having to sell it. I feel for you, man
  8. Wow! It is really looking awesome!
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