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  1. I'm a bigger fan of the VF25 than the VF31 LOL
  2. Yes, but I'm nuts about macross and I'm kinda fond of catgirls too LOL
  3. Wow! That really looks fantastic! Sorry about you having to sell it. I feel for you, man
  4. Wow! It is really looking awesome!
  5. Was the kit properly molded? Looking over a review on eBay, and it said that there were incompletely molded parts. I have been REALLY interested in this kit since it's announcement. I am liking what I'm seeing here and am hoping that may have been an isolated defect.
  6. I'm sorry, but I can't really testify as to their durability. I have built 3 of the VF25 1/72, but I viewed them as models, not figures. Therefore, after I built and posed them, I have left them on the shelf on display and have not transformed them again.
  7. Got the coolest birthday present from my son: the Macross F 30th Anniversary Bluray Box Set! It is absolutely awesome! The movies are so much better with actual translation subtitles, not to mention the bluray is gorgeous! The artbooks are to die for! I'm a happy man! LOL
  8. Excellent first pick! He certainly has that smirk...
  9. After trying Mr Color lacquers, I gave up enamels. One coat, no brush lines, super-fast dry.
  10. Yes! I still have that kit, built it a couple decades ago, actually. LOL!
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