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  1. Gatsu

    YF19 bandai kit?

    Hello. Seing what Bandai did with the Delta transforming kits do you think guys there is any possibility Bandai could release a 1/72 model kit version of the beatiful YF 19 dx?
  2. Gatsu

    Old Arii Zentraedi ships

    Probably a collision with an asteroid...
  3. Gatsu

    Building a VF-0 with reactive armoured

    hi Andrea. I have the same kit but i don t know when i m going to build it. Have you ever thounbk about modifing it so that you can show it without armour as well?
  4. Gatsu

    Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production

    Two totally different kits
  5. Gatsu

    Old Arii Zentraedi ships

    Yes that would be great... Bandai is highly neglecting SDF Macross model kits line since... let s say... 20 years??
  6. Gatsu

    Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production

    Thank you, nice wip. I ll try to paint the whole model.
  7. Gatsu

    Old Arii Zentraedi ships

    Old Arii small Zentraedi kits
  8. Gatsu

    Wave 1/72 Phalanx

    Thanks. It was a big effort for me. i m quite satisfied except the pigments i used on feeth didn t ended looking as i expected... the feeth should be soiled with earth
  9. Gatsu

    Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production

    i have also a vf-27 to do... it looks gorgeous and scary.. one of the biggest issue i see with Frontier kits is the fighter patterns wich are made by decals that can be ripped off with friction... as i see the sv-262 i imagine all those golden decals chipped by transformation
  10. Gatsu

    Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production

    yes, it is. I know Frontier and Delta are better kits... this makes me more angry toward Bandai dudes because for me it s the proof they had the means to do a better job but they didn't, maybe the project ended out to be longer than what they thought and they forced it to be released prematurely because they had the 35th anniversary deadline... i have 2 Frontier kits to bouild but i m kind of intimidated by them: The super vf-25g and armored vf-25s... also i d like to build them so that i can change the armor parts with the normal parts and build them in both ways.... what do you think?
  11. Gatsu

    Wave 1/72 Phalanx

    Wave 1/72 Phalanx with chipping and weatherig done with Ammo colours. This model kit is a bit loose but i like it.
  12. Bandai 1/72 vf-1a Mass Production. This model kit is a total disaster, pieces don t fit well togheter, design errors are countless, you touch it and a piece fall off. But i think it looks good. I won't never give my trust to Bandai in the future, they do not deserve the trust to do a preorder after they released such a crap. They could have done a gorgeous job but i suppose they had to hurry up to release it for the 35 anniversary and didn t continue perfectioning it enough before launching it in the market. Hope you like it. Done following the Wm Cheng tutorials and personal advices.
  13. Gatsu

    Hasegawa 1:4000 SDF-1 (DYRL)

    It would be nice if once in a while hasegawa would release a kit with correct proportions... this looks much better then the cruiser mode wich have almost totally wrong proportions. Instead the Yamato was perfect: look here As you can see in the hasegawa the central main body part is too long (it has almost a section too much) but it is correct in the storm attacker version. In the Yamato is right obviously. Also legs are not correct in the hasegawa expecially the thighs. If i noticed this defects before buying it i would n t have built and painted it... But hasegawa is not a cheap alternative to the Arcadia.
  14. Gatsu

    Shapeways 3d printed pilots

    As always just Dyrl pilots, no anime pilots...
  15. Gatsu

    Hasegawa Macross Zero re-releases

    What happened to the reissue?