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  1. Thank you @mcfly50 for responding to my WTB post and getting my Cyclone to me in record time. Great communication, easy to deal with and super friendly. Thank you!
  2. Out of the blue I decide to "pop" on MacrossWold!!! Happy 30th to Macross, something that has given me so much enjoyment and what really started my passion for collecting!!
  3. anybody else still having problems with the pegs? both of the "second gen" pegs Toynami sent me have failed. Instead of the cup splitting the cup broke off from the peg. this sux
  4. It's still there, I just didn't have the hopper on it for the first pic I posted.
  5. The Box Magazine hides a Palmers Stabilizer inside (great for CO2 and HPA). It's all custom made so inside the box with a steel braided hose connected to a remote air fitting on the bottom of the box. I then have an HPA tank on the back of my vest connected to the A5 by remote coil. Here's a couple of pics: If you want to check out the process check my gallery out: DeeLux Pbase gallery
  6. It's an A5 modded to high hell. There's a Big Game at Jungle Island this Sunday, they open up the whole field scenario style for the whole day. Not sure if you and your guys ever played there, but it's a really fun field.
  7. You can still get pretty real paintball markers too Of course that's with a little modding. BTW, Is this what your Barrel looks like (off the marker)? Slip-fit, retained by jam screw. I think you'd be out of luck finding a small barrel for that pump. I'd say definitely cut the least accurate of the two barrels you have, you'll loose the range and accuracy cutting it down anyways. But it'd be perfect for CQB. Where in Cali do you or have you played?
  8. Awsome collections guys! And I have to ask rdenham as well....
  9. They've been sold out at the shops in my area.... I really want to get my hands on this, great art and writing!
  10. tell me about it, thats why (othar than the Meg's and Opty) I just picked up Starscream and Rodimus. I'll pick up the others at retail. I just had to get that "quick high" without splurging and then skipping some meals
  11. The boxed Meg's and Opty were 24.99 and the other guys on the blister cards are going for 12.99. Fry's is selling them for a couple bucks extra (than normal stores), but I had to get my TF fix.....
  12. I picked up some of the Classics line at the Fry's in Burbank, they are worth every penny!
  13. The same guy hit up a paintball forum about a couple weeks ago. specialopspaintball.com
  14. My buddy just picked up the collectors edition (blue tin) at BB for only 2 bucks more (24.99) I had to get back to work so no preview...
  15. Just send an email with how many you need to customerservice@toynami.com
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