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  1. R. I. P. John Mahoney

    I'm in the middle of watching Frasier, so this is especially... heartbreaking. He was and is an inspiration.
  2. That practice of making things new for the sake of making new things is... well, different from the rule of cool (you could say it's the antithesis...). I agree with Dynaman - the offset cockpit also gives a different (better?) perspective when docking to load cargo through the maw. As far as the Falcon being a cargo ship goes - I've only really considered the Falcon to be like a sports car (hot rod might be better?). So, if a cigar boat can be used to transport contraband (erm... cargo), so too can the Falcon.
  3. Erm... I think you misread his post. The offset cockpit is the 'rule of cool'. That other design (the so-called 'mash-up') looks uncool, so it was rejected by the original artist.
  4. SDF-1 PaperCraft

    You can't transform it once built. During the building process, you choose which version you want to display it in. I've kind of 'cheated', as I scanned the pages after cutting them out, and printed them on 135 kg manga paper, so I can make both versions. :wink:
  5. SDF-1 PaperCraft

    I'm still in the process of building this. I think I stopped from the frustration of packing tissues into all the large spaces, and gluing the large parts (funny how it's not the small ones, eh).
  6. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Correction: VF-X2 He's Timothy Daldanton (romanized as "Timoshie Daldanton" in one of the books). He's the leader of the Black Rainbow terrorist group, and pilots the Pheios Valkyrie (just peaking into view behind him in the picture). More info: http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/MCRglossary/Glossary15a.php#reverse
  7. Not just TLJ, but all SW movies... E.g.: when I asked my adult students about SW at the English school I teach at in Japan about a decade ago, they only remember "the cute little boy" in SW1. On the same token, when I asked about Macross, they invariably said "Minmei/Mari Ijima"!
  8. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    In short, yes. Mind you, there are some improvements in the VF-22 (e.g. improved stealthiness by carrying the gun pods internally in dorsally mounted weapon pallets). So, it's not exactly a downgraded version.
  9. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    As Seto said... there's A LOT! Glossary that I use in translations (far, far from complete, but contains disambiguation - as different translators have used different words for the same thing over the years): http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/Glossary.php TOC for the aforementioned Macross Chronicle glossary (some explanations translated, all terms in English; NO disambiguation): http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/MCRglossary/MCRglossary.php Enjoy your 'lite' reading!
  10. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    The only thing that I'd like to add to Seto's reply to your question is: In universe, GERWALK is considered to be akin to an attack helicopter. So, if you consider Valkyries to be like the Macross version of civilian helicopters, it helps get over the "why are high powered jet fighters being sold to..." disbelief. Anyhow, in the spirit of civilian used Valkyries, I came up with a variant myself - a logging VF: https://studiootaking.deviantart.com/art/VT-1CS-Silviculture-Valkyrie-603579148
  11. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Both questions can be answered by looking at real world fighter aircraft. The advantage of completely internalized weapons is an increase in stealthiness (as can be seen with the F-22 et al), and the true aerodynamic performance of the fuselage - all the doodads strapped to the bottom of the aircraft and its wings increases drag (F-18 pilots, among others, are on record for preferring the fighter in a 'clean' (unequipped) form, as it performs much better). Forward swept wings are not only aerodynamic, but they give the aircraft much more manoeuvrable than rear-swept wings. However, without some serious computer processing in the avionics for fine tuning the control surfaces, the aircraft cannot fly as effectively - as the wings are inherently unstable. But the same holds true for pretty much every aircraft after the F-16... (see X-29, Su-47). ManhattanProject972 beat me to the punch explaining why they are so rare in the real world.
  12. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    I've collated what little official setting info there is on it here: http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/ARMD/ARMDalt.php#front While it doesn't exactly say one way or the other, the gist of the passage I understood when translating is that it's based on the ARMD class. Now is that creatively based on it (implying that we can consider it a prototype), or merely being used for illustrative purposes? I'm tempted to go with the prototype angle, because the mass production of equipment is the one thing that the original SDF Macross has consistently portrayed. As for the ARMD-00 Constitution... it's entirely possible that it is a rebuild of that space platform - as the L5 station survived the war. And based on the precedent of the SDF-2 becoming the Megaroad-01 (among other things), it's consistent that it was given a conversion into a full-blown ARMD while it was being repaired. In that situation, it's still a prototype of sorts, but not the first of its class (unless if it turned into the DYRL version. In that case, it just gets really confusing! )
  13. You have a much better memory than I do of that movie! Nevertheless, "Soldier" cemented itself as my low bar - when it comes to what's depicted in a movie trailer, and what isn't in the film. While the trailer for "Rogue One" had differing shots, the epic battle on a tropical island that the trailer promised was still in the film.
  14. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Thanks. Off to do that right now (it's still winter holiday for most of us in Japan).