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  1. I think it is doing that for any long post. Perhaps "true" = view the full post. Thanks for switching the link takes to "last post viewed" thing. New software version can be a major pain. On the other hand, as I only use the white version (old man eyes, light on black leaves "sunspots"), I really appreciate that the new version has added a bunch of colours to highlight things.
  2. It's as complete as I've been able to make it (time, and motivation permitting ) Nevertheless, go read it. Sooner or later myself, or someone else, will fill in the parts that haven't been touched yet (which is pretty much all of the character sheets )
  3. Not a fault per se: (Activity > Unread Content) Is it possible to enlarge the (relatively) small circle to the left of the topic title that takes us to the first unread post? Perhaps changing to a rectangular shape (if possible) will improve things? (using the Default_IPV theme on Firefox on desktop Win10. Circles are same [small] size in the Carbon theme.) Also, the Edit Post function is... hidden under the hamburger icon. Is it possible to restore that to a more visible location? (E.g.: next to "Quote" at the bottom of the post).
  4. Of the 3 you mentioned, Macross Chronicle is the only one we can verify. That's not to say that the source material of the other information is incorrect1, but without knowing where they came from, they are as trustworthy as fan-made information. 1 at the time of their respective publication—when it comes to SDFM, DYRL, et al, Macross Chronicle is usually the most recently published material.
  5. I was referring mostly to the bacteria stuff. The effects of the Galactic Whales on Valkyries is kind of hard to miss—subtitled or not.
  6. Completed: Macross Chronicle Worldguide 13A: Various Planets: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/MCRworldguide/13aVariousPlanets.php I'm a little bit stunned by how much this single sheet covers. Because it covers so much, details are thin, but it does provide a bunch of facts that I've never seen anywhere else—too many to list in a short summary here! Perhaps the biggest revelation is that the Zolans are not marsupials (at least in the sense of using their abdominal pouch to raise their young). The reasons why Zola is unsuitable for human habitation are also... rather sur
  7. I decided to (finally) get around to scanning the 8th image of Elysium today: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Locations/OutsideBorders/Elysium.php#Elysium ... it's not much to look at, but I'm sure the MW members who don't have the Mook(s) in question will appreciate being able to view the full set of pre-production image boards for Macross Digital Mission VF-X—not to mention see how different the envisioned game and what was released are!
  8. Thanks for providing the statement, and I'm honoured that you think so. You got the translation right. It is odd that VFMF doesn't expand on what the earlier versions are (unless if they're copying from another source/writing based on Kawamori-san's requests). I wonder if any of the other books mention anything about the 1st and 2nd generation engines...? (nothing comes to my mind. However, I don't believe I've ever attempted to translate one of the thermonuclear turbine engine sections so far... ) On the other hand, we all know that those VFs carry the 3rd generation
  9. Nah, Rise of Skywalker is correct. Last Jedi tried to tell a coherent story (whether it succeeded or not is a debate for other venues). RoS was... well, saying that they succeeded in making a movie that not only walked back the changes made in TLJ (instead of building on them), and then cramming 3 film's worth of content into 1 movie is... putting it politely. Back on topic: while I don't mind Discovery, it's highly forgettable, and not something that I want to rewatch anytime soon. The best part of it was the characters, the worst part is the plot, which—among other things—didn't sl
  10. If you're referring to the section I think you are, I initially thought that too. On closer inspection, it's about the side-of-the-chest thrusters (how they're stowed in Fighter, how they form in Battroid, etc.) Nevertheless, the next page on the electromagnetic locks looks interesting, but the real good stuff is the breakdown of where they use energy conversion armour, and what materials (alloys, etc) are used in what parts of the fuselage (and that's not once, but twice! The Streak-revisited and another later in the book).
  11. The model of the ES-11D they used shouldn't have been pictured like that in the atmosphere! It has the Integrated Space Propeller and Propellant Tanks on the wing engines! Nevertheless, I like that the book goes into a bit more depth on the QF-3000. It's just too bad that they don't have any picts of it with its FAST Packs.
  12. What about the one in the QF-3000E? My impression is that it is an earlier model than the one found in the VF-1. (If I was being generous, I'd say the ones in the VF-1 are the "finessed" versions.) Thus making the VF-1~VF-17 the second generation. The other possibility is the "burst" engines that appeared in Macross the Ride—they're kind of a step between the earlier versions and the Stage II that appeared in the VF-24 and it's descendants.
  13. Thank you for looking into it. Maybe it was a panicky corporate officer after all? That, or one branch of the company went all guns-blazing to complete the project, and it was only after the fact that the senior staff found out about it after it was flagged by the German Peace Society. And as European sensitivities are rather complex, I can see it prompting the corporate response. So, ultimately, from what we can gather, licensing fees were the root cause of the sets cancellation, but not in the way I initially interpreted. It was merely the fact that Lego was paying money
  14. Looking real good. The time and effort you've spent on the interior makes me wondering if I should crack mine open and add a few highlights to the interior too... (I just panel lined/weathered my "Christmas ornament" ) However, when building mine, that long straight joint from to bottom between the pieces that you've labelled 0 and 5 (or 10 and 15) doesn't sit flush on mine. I just snap-fit mine together, and I *may* not have correctly assembled the interior. However, it's something to be aware of (you may need to use glue to get a flush surface). As it's only visible from the re
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