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  1. I don't think there's any political economic system that can adequately describe it. The closest would be "war time economy" combined with "disaster economy". Concepts like money probably faded away for quite a few years while humanity got back up on its feet.
  2. It's one of those "they were there all along. Just off screen, outside of the camera shot . . ." The only exception to that rule was the all-Zentradi fleet in Macross 7. But, even then they only showed multiples of Buritai's flagship . . .
  3. Airmail is priced by size as much as it is by weight (not to mention the speed premium).
  4. Kawamori-san has repeatedly stated 100 ships. However, that's been to answer such things as your question and how many Zentradi ships joined the Unified Forces in total. Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that those were answers to questions that are decades apart. 100 appears to be the number that stuck in his head, while the context didn't stick around. It's also a convenient excuse for why we don't see more Zentradi ships active in Unified Forces fleets—a plausible in-universe excuse to explain the Studio Nue visual design methodology (an example of their visual design is the at-the-time unexpected replacement of the VF-19 by the VF-171 in MF).
  5. The Japanese Wikipedia article* has the following write-ups: Regarding the changes, my best guess is that they are a combination of improved repairability, increased reactor output and—at least with the Rigādo—more leg room for the pilot. * https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ゼントラーディ軍の兵器#リガード
  6. Note, it says: 受注受付終了しました。 (or: not taking orders [anymore])
  7. Short form: basically the same, but with some important differences in Moral Rights, Work For Hire, Term Length, Fair Use/Fair Dealing, and Governmental Works. Long form: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/copyright-protection-differences-97281/ (there are even longer, but then we start falling into the TLDR category).
  8. Well, I kinda understand why. It's like a big red bullseye on the radome...
  9. Did he bring all 5 million? I thought a branch fleet was left to guard the Factory Satellite that was depicted being taken a few episodes later. Nevertheless, you've made some good points. One thing to keep in mind is that the Zentradi use their soldiers as cannon fodder. So, having plenty of "reserve units" around is kind of important to their battle strategy.
  10. Standardized Super Pack mounting points actually reinforces my point: why would the VF-22 have such points? As far as Fold Boosters go, remember that in the VF-19/VF-22 era, they required a "special equipment hardpoint" exclusive to them. (We could go down the rabbit-hole of specially made adapters for the Super Packs, but why would those be lying around for Miria to steal, too?)
  11. If she stole them, how were they mounted on the airframe? Why didn't they fall off when transforming? Etc., etc., etc. The only logical conclusion is that they were designed to be mounted on a VF-22 before being mass produced.
  12. Probably not. However, going by the Master File . . . Nevertheless, keep in mind that Super Pack equipped VF-19 and VF-22 appeared in Macross 7. So, it's likely that development continued on the test packs in M+, it just developed into something different.
  13. Let's not forget what happened with the "Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works" artbook: some of the images in the final book were extremely low-rez placeholder images (if the minimum DPI for publication is 300, these were at the net's standard 72), as well as someone being a little too overzealous with Photoshop's magic wand tool and "cutting out" part of the SDF-1's thigh on the back cover. . . . and that book was delayed, too!
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