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  1. sketchley

    Macross Translations, and more

    Goods 06: Macross Related Games 2: http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/MCRgoods/MCRgoods.php#06G Newly translated. While there's nothing on in-universe stats or setting, the stuff on the "Axe Frontier" series is interesting. At the very least, this sheet gives us a good indication of what all future Macross games will be like.
  2. sketchley

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Mr. Kawamori and Mr. Hidetaka are scheduled to make an appearance at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum on Sept. 1: http://www.city.takarazuka.hyogo.jp/tezuka/4000020/4000209.html It's another opportunity, but the venue is too small for such a big announcement.
  3. Supporting soft power in the land of Mario? :wink:
  4. sketchley

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Due to this conversation, I rewatched the 2009 movie last night, and... well, it doesn't hold up very well now that we're getting a stream of Star Wars movies to fill the craving for sci-fi movies. :wink: While the characterization and chemistry between the principle cast (that I mentioned earlier) holds up, it struck me that the action scenes (in particular) are a confusing visual mess. I'm not referring to the lens flare (that just compounded the problem). On top of Mommar's point (thanks!) about the cameras being too close, there's the split second cuts, and excessive camera shaking. Ugh. It makes me thankful that the Star Wars filmmakers haven't adopted that (and JJ Abrams himself scaled those things back significantly in SW7). What about Into Darkness and Beyond? Do viewers have to suffer through the same bad combination of split second cuts, extreme camera shaking, and blinding lens flare? Or is the 2009 film the worst for that?
  5. sketchley

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Ugh! Don't remind me of the seriously BAD physics in JJ Abrams' movies! In this instance, I completely ignore the plot, because the introduction of the characters*, and the chemistry between the actors, is a ride onto itself. That said... I haven't gotten around to seeing that movie's 2 sequels... * that's the young TOS crew, not anyone else. :wink: You know... that would've made for a very interesting movie. It would, however, have completely derailed the origin story of Kirk et al, and probably would've ended up being a major distraction in the movie—à la the pod race in SWI.
  6. sketchley

    Macross Master File

    This is just a guess: it could be ease of manufacturing. Welding plates into a square(ish) shape is infinitely easier then molding/forming complex curved shapes. I can provide price quotes. That said... as soon as I got into thinking about wire transfers and how much the receiving Japanese banks take off... it became a big 'argh' (in my best Charlie Brown impression). Just for arguments sake... I'm approaching it from the Japanese copyright perspective. In very short and generalized terms, translations would be treated the same as dojinshi (which are, themselves, a grey area). What I've heard is that they are 'tolerated' to 'encourage' as long as they remain small scale. I take it you don't have kids?
  7. Well, I'm all for it, if it is done tastefully and with discretion, like what they did in "Gladiator" when one of the main actors passed away 3 weeks before filming ended.
  8. Ah... that actually sounds usable. I was worried that it would be the filmed -but not included in the film- parts of her talking with the new Republic. That said, I think I actually prefer the idea of writing the character out during the opening scroll (E.g.: died due to injuries from being exposed to the vacuum of space) then including her in the film. I guess you could say what I'm most worried about is them doing something like what happened with Tarkin in "Rogue One": replacing a perfectly capable look-alike actor with CG; and the ensuing 'uncanny valley' effect forcing the viewer out of the film (admittedly the effect is less pronounced on a TV screen).
  9. sketchley

    Macross Master File

    Darn it! I was going to say "hey, if you paid for translations, I'd be able to pump 'em out much faster and help your project." Right now, as a hobby, not to mention in addition to a side job at a translation company... well, we all know the snail's pace I'm currently producing them at.
  10. sketchley


    It says "未定" on their plaques (= not yet fixed, undecided, pending). The main plaque in the middle (the white one) says "監修中". This one's a bit harder to translate succinctly (= under [editorial] supervision). One Japanese site offers the helpful definition of 'supervise' as "to watch a person or activity to make certain that everything is done correctly, safely, etc"). So... shall we go with "undergoing revision"?
  11. If the dialogue was generic enough, they won't have to. Or... if the writing is good enough, then they can set it up in the story so the dialogue makes sense.
  12. sketchley

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I agree that Plus is more entertaining than 7 (let's just put that in terms of the pacing, and leave it at that for the mo' ). However, as far as objective fact goes: there's a Firebomber themed bar in Osaka. I occasionally go there. Pretty much all of the Japanese fans who go there know about Macross either from 7 or Frontier. They are often surprised to hear us Western regulars when we say we like SDFM or got into Macross because of SDFM. Plus, II and so on don't come up. I don't hear about Delta much, but that could just be like us Westerners talking about how we prefer SDFM (or Plus, or whatever) and don't mention the other shows. Take whatever one wants from that, but I interpret it as: shows like F, and Delta are where Big West et al are currently making their profit. I won't be surprised if the next series is similar in tone, etc. to those. Of course, the wild card is Mr. Kawamori. How much will he concede to the sponsors' demands? How much will he follow his inspiration and do his own thing? If memory serves, before Delta he mentioned in an interview that he wanted to get rid of one of the 3 pillars of Macross (but couldn't because of the sponsors). In a way, the lack of (Valkyrie) action in the later half of Delta begs the question: was that his way of meeting the sponsors demands while doing his own thing, and experimenting with getting rid of one of the 3 pillars of Macross? And now that that's out of the system, should we expect the opposite in the next series? (= a Valkyrie focus)
  13. sketchley

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    To be honest, I was interpreting "well received" in something along the lines of "there was enough interest in it to make a profit for the production company"... and Seto's post kinda twisted my interpretation all around. So, please don't stop being pedantic on my sake. Just note that my interpretation is different from the one Seto posted. I'll refrain from posting my opinion on Delta, but I will say this: I'm happy that it was good enough with the people who readily open their wallets for such things, that the sponsors have decided to give Big West et al the funds to make a new series so soon.
  14. sketchley

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Isn't "good" an opinion, and "well received" a factual statement? Anyhow... perhaps it's better to look at this from a different perspective: video games. (First person) shooters are popular in North America. In Japan, RPGs (or story based games) are popular in Japan. Both are good (or bad) depending on where one is coming from. Each culture has different preferences about what is "good". Returning to Macross: the producers understand what is currently popular in their target market (Japan), and have geared the show that they made for that. It's kind of irrelevant whether it is popular overseas or not*, as being successful in Japan means money to keep making new shows. And isn't that what we all want? * consider overseas success the icing on the cake. That's a suitable analogy for the % of profit that revenue stream makes.
  15. sketchley

    testing upgrade

    I'm using the stock (white) theme, and it appears to be working like before the upgrade. I've tried to replicate the error that Dangard Ace has indicated, and it's not presenting. I'd go so far as to say that the only change is that there is a big "subscribe to newsletter" option that has appeared on the far right, and there's no way to minimize or resolve it (short of signing up, which I don't want to do).