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  1. There are lots of members living in Japan. But not so many in Tokyo. Ask away, I'm sure someone will answer your questions. Just one thing to keep in mind: Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Plan accordingly.
  2. I remember reading someone's opinion somewhere on it, and it was something along the lines that it wasn't the humans being used for power, but their brains being used for the complex equations used to control (cold) fusion or something like that. I always found that much more intriguing, especially if you take the film dialogue with a grain of salt (what the characters say isn't the filmmaker speaking describing the setting, but only describing what they know based on the limited knowledge that they have). Of course, the 2nd and 3rd movies threw that out the window. The biggest disappointment with #3 was that it didn't elaborate on the direction hinted at in the 2nd movie: the matrix is really inside another matrix (the machine world) inside another matrix (heretofore unseen). Hopefully the 4th movie will explore that.
  3. Nothing official comes to mind, however in our PBP RPG, it was active and quite large after SWI—even sponsoring some colonies. E.g.: Petite Cola Ad Colony #34 http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Locations/PCAC34.php. TLDR-the-link version: "This colony was formed by colonists who wanted to have more control over their colony. They created the colony within the law, and signed a 50 year contract with Petite Cola for funding. In exchange for the money to start the colony, the colonist agree to broadcast Petite Cola ads to all travellers passing by. "
  4. I recommend Photoshop (albeit, it may or may not be easy for you to *get*). Nevertheless, any program that has layers and lets you adjust the blend mode of the layers to multiply. You can put additional layers underneath the line art, lay down the colour there, and you'll get your mock up.
  5. That sounds a LOT like Macross (well, the better Macross. Make whatever you want of that.)
  6. Fully agreed. This quote of a quote pretty much sums up that attitude:
  7. Yeah, that map provided by by Blackconvey above—if official—indicates that Reflex Point is between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Superior (not coloured on the map). More specifically, between Lake of the Woods (you know, the Northwest Angle) and Lake Nipigon (1st time I've come across that name, too ), deep in the Canadian Shield, approximately 50 km from the border. Given that those smaller lakes are fairly accurately drawn on that map, I'm tempted to say that it was a fairly deliberate choice to locate it there. Perhaps one reason is that that area is full of waterways, making travel by motorcycle and other ground vehicles almost impossible?
  8. Here's the Macross Chronicle article on it: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/MCRgoods/08MacrossTheMusicalture.php It's buried in the Goods—Events section of the encyclopedia: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/MCRgoods/08MacrossTheMusicalture.php
  9. Excellent work! This is very similar to the way that they did it on the set. Personally, I think they added the crane arm to provide extra support for the back of the diorama. They also have a set of square blocks with right-angled pipes providing additional support on either end of the wall. There's some picts of my building of the set her (technically still a work in progress. Painting. ): http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/41609-1100-armored-factory/?tab=comments#comment-1149806 (scroll to the bottom of the post for the relevant picts) Sadly, I noticed that you still have to make oil drums...
  10. Wouldn't a regular sized quote have been sufficient? The large/bold/highlighted text is a bit overkill, and doesn't make us look very friendly, you know. . . . As for the definition... not every version of English is the same, guys. Vagabond Elf, do you have a link to a Canadian dictionary with that particular definition? If not, I'm curious what the context is for that particular definition. (Work/company? School?)
  11. 1976. To put that in perspective: the YF-16 had a fly-off against the YF-17 (just like Macross Plus*). The rejected YF-17 design was reworked into the F-18. * technically M+'s "Project Super Nova" is based on the YF-22/YF-23 fly-off, and the lesser known "Project Nova" was the flyoff between the VF-11 and VF-14 (arguable based on the YF-16/YF-17 fly-off).
  12. Just to clarify, for my US based MWers, the US legal costs are the world's most expensive. In other words, the US is probably going to be the last place that BW starts making legal moves to reacquire copyrights, etc., if it ever does.
  13. Short answers: yes, yes, unknown (it can use the VF-25's GU-17A. So that kind of counts as better armed) Long answer: please compare the stats (green is official setting) for: VF-1X: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/VF-1/VF-1X.php VF-1X++: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/VF-1/VF-1X++.php (You'll want to be focusing on comparing the parts with "Hakuna Special" in the VF-1X++ ver.)
  14. As the VF-1X++ appears only in MtR, it'd have to be the same as that one (albeit with different Super Parts, paint colours/markings, specs, etc.) Civilian or military: at that point in the timeline, the VF-1 is treated similarly to the P-51 Mustang is in the real world*. So, it's more than likely that it is a civilian owned Valkyrie. Was it a military one that has it's weapons removed? I think a fairer question is: when they sell Valkyries to civilians, do they remove the weapons at all? M7 implies otherwise. Anyhow, as it's described as a "VF-1X++", it would originally have had to be a military spec Valkyrie (otherwise it'd be a "VC-1C++" or something along those lines). * This is a "for ease of understanding" comparison. The in-universe reality is... different.
  15. I stand corrected on the "site" age point. However, my point on the "user" age is still relevant, no?
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