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  1. sketchley

    No Love for Southern Cross?

    Aren't they based in China? Ergo, other pressing obligations would be Chinese New Year? (the busiest travel period of the year)
  2. sketchley

    Mega Road #7 Project

    Are you referring to this? That is the Spanish language section of the forums you know...
  3. sketchley

    Wave 1/72 VF-4 lightning

    That appears to be the "Howard GU-11C(P)" introduced in the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-4 Lightning III book (apparently developed for the VF-4G, to give it extra "stopping power" )
  4. That actually happened to me once: late show on a Monday night. So-so movie. I remember the usher coming through in the middle to check on things in the theater, and saying "I bet you feel like a king"! On topic: personally, I think the 'leaked' movie title is just a red herring. Like 'Blue Harvest' was for RotJ.
  5. sketchley

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Le Hornet. They went with the English name as-is. (Also, with the feminine form, wouldn't it be La Hornette? ) (Je suis Canadien. Je regrette de ne pouvoir parler qu'un peu.)
  6. sketchley

    Robocop is back

    Apparently Verhoeven stopped reading the book after a couple of chapters. So there's that... Nevertheless, good point Tekering! Starship Troopers (movie) is the spiritual successor to Robocop! Complete with bizzare-o CMs! :lol:
  7. sketchley


    Lower left? I believe it says something along the lines of "due to the (landing gear) wheel sticking out in the interior, it doesn't open." 内側は車輪がでるため、ひらかない。
  8. sketchley

    Ghostbusters movie 3?

    As they're aiming for a 2020 release, I hope they've already finished most of the script! I'm tempted to guess that this teaser (of a teaser) is a test run for the special effects and mood of the cinematography (and as for music, sound effects, and props, it's not like those ceased to exist after GB2! )
  9. Wasn't Delta a follow on to Frontier? Nevertheless, the big question is what kind of music will they use. Will it be back to rock? More idol/J-pop? Knowing that will help inform on the setting, and ultimately, what direction the series takes.
  10. Since my name was dropped... What he's been saying about the characters and the adaptation process is on the money. The only thing OT I can add is when Seto brought up one of the female protagonist's main life goals as being a good housewife, it got me thinking that a) one really should be looking at the originals in Japanese, not what was presented in Robotech (as Seto and the others have been pointing out), and b) looking at Japanese culture itself (but not with cultural blinders on. More like in the 'put yourself in their shoes' vein). Going back to the 'good housewife' point, it brought to mind thoughts of: how much is that show a child of the '80's? How much were the writers reflecting reality or the idealized female character for their target demographic (not necessarily male)? Expanding on my b): I teach youths, and a surprising number of female students have responded that their dream job (or future plans or whatever) is to be a housewife. As that's right now (the 2010's), it begs the question of not so much gender roles in the culture, but how the role of people (both men's and women's) are dictated in society. So, perhaps instead of psychoanalyzing the mess that is Robotech (I have fond memories of the show, mind you. But it's been left in my childhood for a reason), I humbly suggest something more current like: why the Me Two movement hasn't really caught on in Japan like it has in other parts of the world, and why that movement has had more traction in South Korea? (A country which is much, much similar culturally and linguistically to Japan, than the English speaking countries that the majority of us originate in.)
  11. sketchley

    How Tough Is Your VF?

    And another piece for those in need of a Macross-style mecha fix to tie them over until we start to get details on the next Macross series: https://www.deviantart.com/studiootaking/art/Gen-1-MC05-LWRIII-2T-Verifer-2-774970285
  12. sketchley

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    There are also the political aspects to take into consideration. Without a centre tank, it's a lot easier for domestic politics, as well as international relations, as they can say the lack of a tank means it's a dedicated defensive fighter. Though, my impression is that it is literally becoming a missile truck for the more forward deployed F-35.
  13. sketchley

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    As all my classic space sets were given away way back when, these two new sets are now at the top of my "must have" list. Thankfully, they're both in the affordable price range this time around!
  14. Yup. This will probably sum it up best: The sun's not only moving horizontal, but also vertically in it's orbit.