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  1. Currently, it's a non-story on places like Yahoo News and the Yomiuri Newspaper. Right now, the biggest story is whether or not schools in the Tokyo area will remain closed until May, or reopen in April (about a week from now) as currently slated. The situation in Tokyo is... well, the outbreak is still containable, but it has a very strong possibility of an explosive increase in cases—there's been an increase of another 78 cases in the past 24 hours*. Total 521. About half of that is from the past 4–7 days. * https://www.yomiuri.co.jp/topics/20200129-OYT8T50025/
  2. The craziest shot that they removed was C3P0 removing a "danger! Wampa" warning sign from one of the doors during the Imperial invasion! I think you can see that shot in one of the trailers for the initial release.
  3. I can't speak for the situation outside of Japan, but the website appears to put the main reason on the severe reduction of international flights—which is most likely the main reason why some of us non-Japan based MW members are experiencing delays in getting their packages. I'd also hazard a guess that Japan Posts' storage depots for outbound mail are at, or near capacity. And due to the complexity of keeping staff at all postal outlets up-to-date on which countries are currently accepting/not accepting mail and estimating how long it will take to be delivered, it's just simpler to pause all international deliveries.
  4. Yes! That sums up why it feels so odd to me. I like the idea of a "pinging" satellite. However... the whole satellite thing is odd. This makes much more sense to me. For starters, it's where first contact (not necessarily with living beings) happened with the fall of the SDF. In addition, any buoys moored there to mark the spot would be more or less fixed (though, it might be better to place a plaque on the seafloor, like the plaques for the Titanic).
  5. The problem is that satellites are in orbit. So, unlike a buoy, they'd be constantly moving. Nevermind that satellites are inherently fragile, and any old passing micrometeorite has a good chance of knocking it out of its orbit, or destroying it outright. It wouldn't feel so wrong to me if it were a commemorative plaque on the ruined hull. However, the Macross Cannon made sure there wasn't any of that left. (^_-) I'm basing it on "Commemorative plaque" being the first usable definition my dictionary pops up (the alternative is "stone monument", which doesn't work in the context at all). The more wordy alternative I considered is "satellite with commemorative plaque", but that's not what the Japanese states. "Satellite Monument" doesn't work because it's changing the noun (in Japanese) into an adjective (in English), and can be misread as "a monument for satellites". Based on Weblio*, "Memorial Satellite" is another possibility. However, that changes the emphasis from "commemorating first contact" to "memorializing the victims of first contact". * https://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=記念碑
  6. As I've recently mentioned in MW, I'm currently poking around in and translating parts of (the dojinshi group) Taiyou-teikoku's "Ships of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Zentrādi Ships". While most of the stuff is logical or thought provoking extrapolations (E.g. turning the Kirutora Keruēru into the predecessor to MF's Environment Ships), the following highlighted part in the caption for the Picket Ship has me scratching my head: Does a commemorative satellite strike anyone else as odd? (The Japanese original is: 記念碑の人工衛星)
  7. No worries. I couldn't be bothered to look up the correct spelling is all. ... and the pronunciation of Jan is definitely closer to the original Japanese than Jang is (in my brand of English, Jan [no g] has the regular short vowel sound, but Jang changes it into a long vowel sound.) Intriguing. All are possibilities. The only problem, however, with the VF-14 Spiritia Dreaming type is that it was written somewhere (Macross Chronicle?) that it was a local or unit specific modification of the VF-14 Vampire by the Blue Rhino (is that the right name? can't be bothered to look it up) squad that we saw in that M7+ episode. I'm not saying that the hypothesis is wrong—Kawamori-san is known to change his opinions, and publications aren't infallible.
  8. Re: the mystery jet behind Jang at New Edwards: Hmmm... thanks to the hi-res screen grab on Mr March's site, it looks like a modified (or enhanced) VF-4. It's missing a bunch of control surfaces (canards, lower tails, etc), and doesn't have the semi-conformal missiles or beam cannons, but the engine nacelles/arms/shoulder blocks match up, and the inward cant of the vertical stabilizers is spot on. The kicker is the paired upper and lower auxiliary intakes in the inner portion of the wing (between the nose and engine nacelles): we've only seen that on the VF-4. Does this settle it one way or another? No. Just my personal opinion has shifted from "oh, that's the VF-14" to "oh, that's a stealth enhanced VF-4".
  9. I should refine what I stated. I don't mean "bad" as in wicked or evil. I mean it more in the sense of inept (or lack of skill, or awareness, or ability to read the force, or whatever). Of course, as we're talking about Jedi, that ineptness is harder to spot as the bar is set much, much higher than a normal person, as the Jedi are, for all intents and purposes, super heroes. Part of the assertion comes from who trained him, and who he forced others to train (you could also throw in things like how he was defeated, etc., too). Nevertheless, skilled or inept... there's really only one thing that that everyone agrees upon: Liam Neeson is a great actor!
  10. Totally agree. If memory serves, the line she says was, "there was no father". I've always understood that as there was no father figure in his life. The way that the line is delivered is also vague: it could be due to shame from unmentionable things, or that she had a husband, but he died/left/was taken away before or shortly after Anakin's birth.
  11. Wait a sec... don't they fire dummy (no warhead) missiles at those target practice drones, and reuse them many times? And don't they only destroy the target practice drones when a dummy missile hits a critical area that knocks the drone out of control?
  12. That reason for the ability is semi-explained by two things: 1) modularity inherent in the ship 2) the self-repair ability of Zentradi ships (and by extension, Supervision Forces & Protoculture ships) 1) crops up again and again in later series—especially in regards to the Macross ships (for example, the Macross Quarter is described as being 5 separate ships) 2) doors that automatically slam shut are repeatedly shown in SDFM. How did the designers know that the ship would be shot exactly there? It's more likely that there are hydraulics and other actuators that move them to the damaged areas. I must stress that the above is tenuous and not described in detail anywhere, but it is a logical extrapolation from what we are shown in the TV series. Officially, no. Unofficially... there's the dojinshi series "銀河の戦艦” put out by 太陽帝国 (aka FANKY). They've produced 4 books so far. Refer to 023 to 026 here: http://www.cwo.zaq.ne.jp/bface700/hakobutu_n_0.html Here's a brief glimpse of the interior: http://www.cwo.zaq.ne.jp/bface700/14win/gs01.html I've been poking around at translating their content (the stuff in brown text in the following. As well as the "to do list" at their very bottoms): http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/ZentraadiShips/ZentPicket.php http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/ZentraadiShips/StandardBattleship.php http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/ZentraadiShips/MediumGunboat.php http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/ZentraadiShips/LandingShip.php (in blue text at time of writing - indicated with *dojinshi) There are no maps of the city inside any of the Macross ships. You'll have to refer to Palladium Book's "Macross II Deckplans Vol. 3" for those (as those books were written by Dream Pod 9, they're quality [especially the research!] is at a higher level than the norm for Palladium. ).
  13. As my point isn't being conveyed correctly, here's the horse's mouth: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/OTgreatMechanics/GMg2016sprng.php http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/OTgreatMechanics/GMg2016smmr.php
  14. I'm not disagreeing with that. However, he makes these shows for the casual observer, not the die-hard fans. Thus his need to justify the existence of giant transforming planes while establishing the setting of each new series. There's also the possibility that he's so busy with other projects, that he forgets what was established in previous series (E.g.: "Which show did I put that idea into?"), and he's also doing the justification for himself.
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