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  1. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    If memory serves, that was in reference to the distance between the Frontier Fleet and Earth. The Frontier Fleet was in the vicinity of the center of the galaxy (again, if memory serves), making it a 10 year one-way trip. The Super Fold Booster reduces that to a tenth (thus: a 1 year one-way trip). Isn't Ragna located on the opposite side of the galaxy? If so, then it would be a 20 year one-way trip (normal Fold drive) or 2 year one-way trip (Super Fold Drive). It should also be stressed that Super Fold drives aren't common by any means, and due to the Fold Quartz requirements, are rather expensive to produce - perhaps impossible on a scale needed for the larger Emigrant Ships.
  2. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Thanks for the heads-up, guys. Yes, a couple of days ago, the main page (and ONLY the main page) was spawning a 403. Turns out that it was due to a broken link in the 'Tools' section to another site. Sadly, the current host isn't good at providing documentation on why. So, it took a couple dozen minutes to troubleshoot, and remove the offending link. >.< The only thing that comes to mind is something said in passing about the Macross Frontier setting by Mr Kawamori: "It's like the Age Of Exploration, with e-mail". If we take that to mean the sailing ships of yore are synonymous with the Emigrant Fleets, then the communication between them and back home is nigh instantaneous. Of course, as the context was about the general setting of Macross F, we have to take that with a grain of salt.
  3. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    In truth, there are actually two schools of thought on that. There are some who believe that the English romanization should be used as-is in all translated materials - even though a healthy portion of it comes from, IMHO, dubious sources, like model kit boxes, which may or may not have been approved by the creators of Macross. But that is a debate for a different venue. (1) There are others (like me) who believe that as we are translating Japanese into English (and not Japanese into the fictitious Zentrādi language), we should not use the pain-and-suffering inducing allegedly correct romanization that the creators themselves don't even use in their native language! And let's not even get into the romanization errors that creep in from the vowel reduction in the spoken Tokyo dialect, which is not present in most other Japanese dialects! (2) Due to the confusion, over the years I've attempted to create a glossary of alternate romanizations. I hope you (and others) use it to, at the very least, sort out the confusion stemming from the sheer variety of alternative romanizations in the translations produced over the years by a variety of people from both schools of thought: http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/Glossary.php (It's an eternal work in progress. There's bound to be some errors - and any assistance or additional terminology would be much appreciated!) ======================== (1) some of them make a bit more sense if one includes the pronunciation rules of other European languages that use Latin script. However, it's still an atrocious hodgepodge of French, German, and American English pronunciation rules! (2) here's a link with just a glimpse of what I'm referring to (I can't find something more exhaustive): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansai_dialect#Vowels
  4. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Short answer? Took a year in H/S, a couple of years in university, attended a Japanese university for a few months, and have been living in Japan for approx. 14+ years. If you are planning to take a stab on translating Macross, it helps to have a rudimentary background in the culture (for characters), and science or pseudo-science (for the mecha; if you can watch ST:TNG, DS9, etc. and get the gist of what they're saying when they speak in engineering jargon, you should have no problem with the Macross equivalent. ). Have you tried the Duolingo App? They've recently started rolling out language courses in Japanese and Korean (not sure if its all users, or just us in Japan). If you can, you may find it extremely helpful in re-balancing your vocabulary (it's currently geared for tourists coming for the Tokyo olympics. So, lots of everyday conversation. The stuff that doesn't tend to crop up much in mecha translations! ).
  5. Macross Books

    On the fence about buying this one - mostly because I already have the majority of the line art in other books. For those that need more convincing, check out Amazon JP for some picts of the book's interior: https://www.amazon.co.jp/マクロス-ヴァリアブルファイター-デザイナーズノート-GA-Graphic/dp/4797393696 Most of the other sites I checked out had the same, or similar content. However, this one is intriguing: http://www.amiami.jp/top/detail/detail?gcode=MED-BOOK-010579 If I'm not mistaken, that looks like line art for the VF-11 drone that appeared in Macross Plus! (lower right)
  6. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Heh... tell me about it. (^_^;) I'm in the same boat. I'm currently bogged down in transferring the remaining content from the MRG (before it disappears into the either), despite my strong interest in pumping out translations of stuff that hasn't been translated yet. On the one hand, it's nice to go back and revise the translations, but on the other hand, as I'm striving for perfection, it takes a lot more time than I have available... >.<;;;
  7. Macross 7 Discussion

    That definitely highlights one of the greatest aspects of the overall Macross series: the diversity and tonal shifts between each individual series or production.
  8. Macross 7 Discussion

    Great summary. I think that's one of the biggest reasons why I like M7 - it is an evolution of SDFM/DYRL. That said, I do see where some of the complaints about it come from (evolution not being more of the same), and I personally think the production team could have handled a few things better. Nevertheless, M7 has an undeniably great, original setting!
  9. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Erm... one of the Kawamori-san interviews I translated paints a different picture. In short, its a convenient way to lump 'elite' warriors together. Realistically speaking, it is one way to have the heroes of a show being everywhere and doing everything... (not that I like it either. The whole RL concept of PMC leaves a bad taste in my mouth).
  10. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    @ the OP of the question: SMS isn't the first one to do this. Galaxy Fleet did it with the YF-27. So, in some ways its SMS merely copying what their rivals have already done. I'll repeat what I said earlier: in space. Discussions on fuel capacity are meaningless when talking about thermonuclear reaction engines in an atmosphere. So, please consider my comments on wing loads and stresses in that context. I've already addressed the conformal tanks on the Sv-51/52 earlier. ... and only the FAST Packs on the back the engine nacelles on the VF-1 have been indicated as coolant stores. The other ones are fuel.
  11. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    I'd like to agree with you completely, but... for the life of me, I can't recall seeing manoeuvring verniers on the Sv-51. So, even assuming that the Sv-51 could be retrofitted for space use by swapping engines, there still needs to be extensive modification to add vernier thrusters and their fuel tanks on the airframe - which eats into the available space for fuel for the thermonuclear engines. The other thing that dawned on me is that although there is a lot of space on the wings to strap on fuel tanks, the extra weight there both degrades the rotational flight performance and increases the amount of fuel spent recovering from rotational manoeuvres (apologies if I'm using the wrong words here). Whereas, because the VF-1's additional fuel stores are clustered around its central mass, the effects of the additional weight are less significant (another angle to appreciate here is the stresses on the airframe - specifically wings and wing roots - is greater on the Sv-51. So, its cost-performance is also reduced).
  12. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    I may be mixing it up with the thermonuclear engine equipped version of the Octos, but I remember reading somewhere about the Unified Forces using some of the Anti Unification Alliance Variable Craft during the first interstellar war. If memory serves, I don't believe it was a case of making 'new' war machines, but a case of maximizing on 'war booty'. With the Octos, there was a rather significant number of them, too. To be honest, there aren't that many facts to go on. So, even though the Sv-51 is remarkably larger than the VF-1, we don't know where the internal fuel tanks are, nor how large they are. The only facts we really have is that the Sv-51 *needed* 2x to 4x additional drop-tanks to perform a short combat sortie - and that's even with being launched and recovered close to a battle field! The official setting info implies that a non-FAST Pack equipped VF-1 has similar operational restrictions, in space. On the other hand, cutaway drawings for the engine nacelle FAST Packs for the VF-1 show that they are mostly fuel tanks and so forth. So, while I agree that the Sv-51 would have larger internal fuel tanks, I disagree that that alone is more than that carried by a FAST Pack equipped Valkyrie. Yeah... those media tend to ignore the official setting description of the VF-1 FAST Packs. It's not until we get to Macross 7 that we start to see aerospace Super Parts (for those that don't: FAST Packs that can be used in both space and atmosphere). But if you put enough thrust on it, even a brick can fly!
  13. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    It depends where the vehicle is being used. In short, the Sv-52 would have the same endurance problems as the VF-1 does... in space. (I thought that the regime was obvious, as I went on about FAST Packs. And as the (original) VF-1 FAST Packs can only be used in space... )
  14. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    If memory serves, the first time I came across the Sv-52 was in Macross Chronicle, and the only 'statistical' data that accompanied it was that the conventional turbine engines were replaced with thermonuclear ones. Going back to the original question: as the Sv-51 suffers from a limited fuel load, the Sv-52 would too. Therefore, the VF-1 is still better because it has the capability to be extensively developed with FAST Packs and Super Parts for increased endurance (range + time on the battlefield). While the Sv-51 does have something akin to Super Parts, there are significantly more, and larger ones for the VF-1 (I'm not disagreeing that new packs could be developed for the Sv-52, the problem is that due to the transformation mechanism, there isn't as many places to mount them on the airframe!).
  15. I think it really depends on the era the film was made in, and the production team behind it. For example, I remember seeing a making-of of Back To The Future 2 (1989), and they said that because the original (1985) was made in the era where they didn't save anything, they had to rebuild all of the sets and props. Of course, the bigger sets are generally broken up or sold as-is to another production (Dark City -> Matrix, Blade 2 -> Stargate Atlantis, etc.). With regards to the production team, Stanley Kubric destroyed (or had destroyed) all alternative cuts, shots, whatever of his (older?) movies. So... my money is on 'the mouse' saving those sets (or what parts of them they can), as they are plugging those films out at a rate of one per year. Speaking of that... does anyone know if they have a multi-year lease on one (or more) stages at Pinewood (or wherever)? If so, then that's pretty good proof that they are preserving sets.