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  1. No problem! There's a whole bunch to be said about modern piracy, but the most succinct and interesting would be: they made a movie about it with Tom Hanks, and the US armed forces are deploying anti-pirate sonic weapons (alas, they're not as cool as Basara Nekki or the flamethrower guitarist in Fury Road.) I'm completely OK with this (not to mention that it meshes well with your other critical points). Thanks for providing the critique of season 3 in general. I waded through seasons 1 and 2 last year, and from what you've said in combination with what I remember (th
  2. I have no problem with your critique except the part about the Orion piracy problem: In the real world, the piracy that occurs is quite different now (Somali pirates, Straight of Malacca Pirates, etc.) compared to what it was like 10 centuries ago (something along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean). However, it still takes place. So, I'd give it a pass (with the caveat that I haven't seen the series so I'm unaware of its portrayal in the 32nd century).
  3. It's a long story to put in manga form, and Mikimoto-san has historically shown that he looses interest in such projects, and switches to other ones. In the past, he has eventually (that's on a scale of years) come back to finish the projects. However, Macross the First doesn't have a stable publisher. It started in one manga book (Macross Ace), then switched to another (Newtype Ace) when the 1st one stopped publishing, and then switched to an online publisher (Nicco?) when the 2nd book stopped. Then for reasons I'm not familiar with, it switched to a 2nd online publisher, and restarte
  4. sketchley

    Lego SDF-1

    Nice! ... and it's great that you have most of the pieces in the right colours! Can you post a link to that 3D Lego model?
  5. The only problem is that they did a machine translation. So, instead of something like 原画 (genga) becoming "key frame", we got the nonsensical "original picture"!
  6. I'd go with Macross the First. It's close enough to the SDFM story that you can understand what's going on without even being able to read it. For a language learner, it also has the benefit of furigana—hiragana above the kanji—so it'll be a much easier read. The manga adaptations of Macross Plus and Macross F are also recommended for the above reasons. Unlike Macross the First, they were completed. However, Macross the First (despite being unfinished), is still the better choice—especially the first few volumes. Macross 7 Trash is pretty good, but as it takes p
  7. It's a bit more than a souped up Su-27, for starters it has two internal weapon bays between the engine nacelles. I also read somewhere that the US military suspects that it has targeting radar arrays on the sides of the cockpit aimed perpendicularly (spotted on the experimental models)—meaning it is a pretty lethal plane hunter that doesn't even have to turn to look at you in the eye. Or something to that effect.
  8. Agreed! I like how they not only came up with a new alternate head turret, but also revised the transformation (the parts that become the chest/upper legs). The way the gun pod is "held" in fighter—not to mention loading a missile on top of it—is intriguing. I'm wondering how available (or rare) this doujinshi is.
  9. You've literally just gone and done more research than the Disco production team did! To be honest, I think the Disco writers are approaching the series wrong. They appear to be writing it one episode at a time (like Trek has traditionally been done), but should be approaching it like J.K. Rowling (or any other great author) does: write the ending FIRST, then sketch out the plot backwards to the beginning.
  10. "Bloodlust"? Anyhow, it's not like TNG et al were so different. Worf (or another Klingon) once or twice mentions "eating the heart of an enemy". That said, the difference is that in DS9 et al, those lines came across as possibly metaphorical (E.g. not literally doing it). However, DIS goes out of the way to not only describe it in detail, but gives us some props to look at too...
  11. They all look good—like they've been prepared for different environments (forest, desert, etc). However, if forced to pick one, I'd go with 3 with no further modification. Incidentally, 4 is the weakest, because it feels rather flat without panel lining or weathering added to it.
  12. I think that ship only shows up in the final episode. According to Entertainment Bible No. 51 (Macross II themed), it's called the "Standard Battleship", and is an amalgamation of human and Zentradi technologies (the other human ships basically don't incorporate Zentradi tech to an as noteworthy extent).
  13. Speaking as an artist, it's not that unique. I have art (brought over with me on the plane) from something like 30+ years ago in Jr. High School for completely different story ideas, that I vaguely know how and where to fit into the manga* that I have been drawing in my free time, but won't be getting around to revising/polishing/updating until they're needed in the story. Nevertheless, with all the earthquakes, tsunami, and typhoons that regularly hit Japan, it IS pretty miraculous that Kawamori-san's art has survived. How big of it is an issue? Masamune Shirow mentions in one of his
  14. I think you mean "finished" lineart. Stuff at rougher stages exists, but it seems that Kawamori-san is skipping the finalized lineart stage, and doing the final refining and finishing directly to the CG model mesh and it's skin. The exception appears to be the throwaway mecha that don't warrant the labour costs to make into CG. E.g.: the Sv-154 Svard
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