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  1. Im getting 5 of this , lol!
  2. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    What's up with those head antennas , im about to cut them in half..lol!
  3. Da hell..! we have too many 1/55s 1/60s 1/48s c'mon Bandai give me the one showed on 2015 , make a VF-1J DX for god sakes! with hangar , movable parts , vehicles n personnel , something that can be the center of my collection!
  4. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    I like him! Good job Bandai! Bring me a green Queadluun-Rau next!
  5. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    Monster yey! Woo hoo!
  6. MACROSS25


  7. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    This Monster is Awesome!
  8. MACROSS25

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    Damn! that looks good! I LOVE YOU BANDAI !
  9. What a piece of crap! totally hate it!! im better off with the Bandai 1/100 kit but im keeping my preorder!
  10. Arcadia must better watch it ...somebody could come along doing KO's and charging way cheaper...just look what happened to Takara Tomy G1's..those Takasa tonys are very nice !
  11. Excellent transaction with Doodler7 , superb packaging n shipping , thanks man!
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