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  1. Got mine!! This Valk is the best ever made... hands down. I would love some weathered version tho
  2. that is 100000% FAKE I remember those bootlegs. It is a Copy of the 1990 type VF 1S Supervalkyrie released by Bandai. No die cast parts, brittle plastic and lousy paint job.
  3. Glad you liked! I have no time to paint my models anymore...
  4. Yep They are Detolfs. I simply made new bases and tops and made one bigger shelf out of two Detolfs. So those 3 cabinets are 6 Detolfs put together. The display space is much better and you can accommodate a lot more things this way. It is an easy hack.
  5. Ok, I will do it tomorrow... but here is cold and grey...
  6. here some BAD quality pics of my Yammies. Light was bad so the ics made no justice to all the weathering on this two guys
  7. I took 6 Detolfs and made 3 larger cabinets. It was REALLY easy, only needed to change the wood bases and buy new glass shleps. It made the display space a LOT better to accommodate the models. I will shoot a few pics and post them later... If I remember.
  8. I preordered mine to an eBay guy called Goodshipped... Nothing yet...
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