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  1. HLJ order got cancelled. Hope you guys who got 2 or 3 or 4 each sleep well at night.
  2. C'mon guys i thought you were on top of this. http://blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/51917763.html
  3. Is Mospeada back yet?
  4. Is that this book? What are your thoughts on it?
  5. I hear they are going to include some blu-tack in the box
  6. http://www.toysdaily...188844-1-1.html
  7. Anavel

    VF-0 Replacement Parts

    The parts being sold include the upper and lower arm as a set. I assume the upper arm is what you are talking about.
  8. Anavel

    VF-0 Replacement Parts

    Depending on the severity of the break it may be okay. The parts are recreated in 3D CAD and then printed. Not the typical recasting process.
  9. I have this same problem. The joint where the thigh meets the intake. These joints also extend for some reason.
  10. Anavel

    VF-0 Replacement Parts

    The only glue that I came across is on the forearm. A small spot near the wrist and another spot at the end of the elbow. Gently prying the pieces apart by hand was enough to separate them. YMMV
  11. Only took them 10 years. Nice....
  12. Anavel

    VF-0 Replacement Parts

    Shapeways has no plans to bring back gray as a color option. Black is quite dark, closer to the fill color for the circle bar. The parts have not been tested with the "polished" material option. They should work but no guarantees. Expect some loss in detail in exchange for a smoother surface finish. I would not expect the finish to make much of a difference with painting.
  13. Anavel

    VF-0 Replacement Parts

    I was going to do a video but no time today. Also shapeways also seems to be having some trouble uploading parts at the moment. I have contacted them and will hopefully hear back tomorrow. The plan is to offer a complete set of parts for the left arm as one bundle and the same for the right. The upper or lower replacement parts can be used with the stock Yamato parts if desired. The accuracy Shapeways is claiming seems to be a bit conservative. This has made some aspects of the design more difficult. -On 4 sets I have ordered the shoulder varies from tight to very tight, it can be adjusted by the tightness of the two screws that hold the shoulder together. If for some reason the shoulder is loose you should be able to re-use the rubber pad from the yamato arms to add tension to the joint. -The elbow swivel seems sufficient and can hold the weight of the gunpod. I would have liked to make it a bit tighter but could not do so and guarantee the parts to fit. This was the main revision that I had to make after receiving the first set of parts. The rubber part from the Yamato arms should be be reused.
  14. Anavel

    VF-0 Replacement Parts

    An update tomorrow. 5/9 Order Start.
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