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  1. Hi-Metal R

    what a hell is this? At first I believed it was a mistake transformation but appears in each picture so I no sure now I only hope the people criticism this at the same level what do with evolution toys
  2. Bandai DX VF-31

    that tells me the sales probably is not the expected and I suppose add the missiles to improve the question is if come with a pair or bring more to share?
  3. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Another thing that really intrigue me of this VF 171 is that seems use the same Basara gunpod definitely I have to get this manga
  4. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    WOW! thanks for the link definitely I will try to print it

    someone can confirm the scale? if i remember right is supposed is 1/48
  6. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Thanks Seto Kaiba very impressive!
  7. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Made the arcadias Isamu in clear resin so believe look better at least in the helmet and also the yamatos superparts for modification I have already add a gunpod for the right arm similar to the vf 171 and thinking in covers for the leg thrusters or interchange for bigger ones and make the wing connectors like show in master file book
  8. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    anyone know where I can found more information about this valk?
  9. Arcadia VF-1 Gunpod missing :(

    publish in the "wanted" topic I'm pretty sure someone will respond
  10. Destroids

    man this is insane look so nice and badass at the same time you should retire of the destroids and start to make the valks that arcadia and bandai deny us
  11. M "The Ride" : VF-1X++ custom

    Honestly I'm interested in all art of the Hakuna valk because there are not many references especially in battroid mode
  12. M "The Ride" : VF-1X++ custom

    hey Xigfrid you should scan that book!........ and share it with us
  13. M "The Ride" : VF-1X++ custom

    looks so good! I love this valk!
  14. Yamato 1/60 VF-19S/F/P - All Variants

    this one is mine as you can see the pin is the problem
  15. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    honestly it surprises me the focus of the most speaking by myself I have had the m&ms 1/48 and in comparision with the dyrl and 1j versions the plastic is much more fragile and the stress marks seem to be inevitable and exactly the same happen with my two arcadia vf-1j 30th at black plastic .......... .......so independently if the transformation not follow exactly the step instructions not justify the bad quality in toys that cost us hundreds of dollars because I remember them several reports of broken hardpoints of the wings in arcadias vf 1 that not have heard in the yamatos my point is that I really doubt arcadia is using better plastics that the yamato used in fact I feel the opposite once again that is my point of view maybe I wrong and the arcadia overpriced is justify but not for me because I see the same toy yamato sold us only more expensive
  16. Arcadia 1/60 Super VF-1J Max & Millia Release

    it's funny see this kind of issues and Arcadia insists in justify overpriced products arguing the quality control
  17. Yamato 1/60 VF-19S/F/P - All Variants

    welcome to the club I also have the same issue the pin looks to be the problem very similar to the vf 1 v2 1/60 shoulder so even though yamato no longer exists still give us Headaches
  18. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    a missile pod will be always better than a drone charger
  19. WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    any of these options would be welcome!
  20. M "The Ride" : VF-1X++ custom

    hi Jasonc! correct me if i'm wrong but that's the frame out head version?
  21. Bandai DX VF-31

    honestly I tempting by the kairos paint scheme but starting what is supposed the military version really should come with more differentiators gimmicks and the lack of missiles in the container unit give me the feeling bandai is lazy also are missing the tailhook
  22. anyone know if is for the 1/72 or the 1/60 version?