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  1. Seems possible the return of the open window but also maybe is only a unglued corner of the test
  2. valhary

    MΔ - VF-9

    I testing the fin v4 and improves a lot this bird thanks again Xigfrid
  3. according to me has to be something like this
  4. The VF-11D with double seat like Chronocidal says requires the redesign of all nose section but the radar is mounted in the one of a single seat so works with the "B" and "C" variants Still working in the antennas but think I'll finish even before the boosters
  5. Do not insert fully the missile on purpose you know why;)
  6. Xigfrid work is amazing and looks much better than bandai missile
  7. valhary

    MΔ - VF-9

    No big progress to report but I test the stickers in a white version to make look better
  8. The other upgrade kit in which I've been working is this
  9. A little update the top booster is ready but the nether needs adjustments in the range separation
  10. valhary

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Was wondering if this armor appears in the movie and I think not So this release is because it will be in a new movie / anime or the sales of the armor of the 31s are not so good, so Bandai are trying to save the molds.
  11. I received mine is beautiful not have any complaints or problems with the fastpack near to perfection
  12. According to https://www.taghobby.com/archives/373920 is a new set that will be include the supers Also I'm curious if is a simple mistake or really or or really change of the YF to VF
  13. I already updated the sticker sheet for short tail fins vf1x.pdf
  14. Thanks guys! The 19 with blue parts is the Arcadia we are testing a conversion kit for the ravens version The VF-9 cutlass is the resin version design by Xigfrid (link below) And the Thunder hammer is the resin version release a long time ago also we working in a upgrade to make a better version
  15. Do not think it's weird? at this time I remember usually there already some reviews of Japan fans I have been searching and not found none
  16. I found this pics (not are mine) but you can see the great look of Kurisama head
  17. Even the old yamato 1/48 has a better head sculpted particularly the width bothers me reminds me the hydrocephalus model kit 1/72
  18. Maybe are the angles of the pictures or the lack of neck but something in that head does not convince me I still thinking the 1/60 v2 is better
  19. After many years of overpriced I glad could get this bird in premium version now just wait for the VT
  20. NY notified preparation in progress
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