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  1. There are so great! A long time ago were slow to send but recently are improved a lot almost as fast as Amiami or NY and with the Arcadia SV-51 issue took care of all including the shipping of the spares
  2. Hi everyone! Just back to the Postal Office to check personally the shipping status and the why some have not been delivered and finally I got access to the monitor....... ......I already contacted by PM and I confirm the most of the packages are already in the country destination and the delay it is because your local postal service (United States, Chile and Singapur) Please communicate directly whit them to solve it
  3. If Daft Punk play the music I'm in:)
  4. My favorite version until this release was the PG but once compare with this new start to notice a bad body proportion
  5. Definitely love the new non glossy look
  6. Hi everyone! Supposedly tomorrow finish the quarantine here in Mexico so hope the shipments stuck finally been released and delivered quickly but also remember this depends If the destiny already has open the customs offices and if there are flights available Also to clarify about the reports of some missing parts: This specific part it has to split in 2 so if you put it together can see is there in opposite case please let me know to send spares
  7. valhary

    MΔ - VF-9

    WOW! looks great
  8. I love this bird!!!!!!!!! my second favorite design of macross the ride just below the VF-19 Active is really a shame macross the ride valks are underrated by the most
  9. I still stuck with the head but I hope can start with the lance test very soon
  10. Once again to all our buyers I remember you the delays in the shippings is because the COVID-19 situation worldwide in the specific case of the directed to USA the packages were already delivered in the USPS facility and if are stuck it's because of them with regard the other countries if the most of packages still in Mexico is mainly for 2 reasons the lack of international flights or due the country of destination are closing the borders or rejecting the international shippings please check the situation with your local post service This is an atypical situation outside of our control we can only left wait and be patience I attach the link of the Mexican postal office so you can see the dates in which the kits were sent if are any doubt https://www.correosdemexico.gob.mx/SSLServicios/SeguimientoEnvio/Seguimiento.aspx Also to the people that already received it please confirm
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