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  1. The radome is also ready if someone are interested send me a PM
  2. with regard the paint job I have no idea yet This is the early model the final version have some adjustments in fact I already have a print test as soon as can I will post pics
  3. After some issues with the local post office finally get my spares thanks HLJ!!!!!!!! by the way I wonder if the waste legs can fit in the Yamato
  4. A Little update the resin head is ready still working in the radome
  5. I feel the same this Ivanov is too small
  6. Yes I located in Mexico City and yes the first contact here was "Robotech" but currently are a lot of fans of "Macross" alone
  7. still wondering where the hell must go the number 15 and 16 of the sticker sheet
  8. Some pics of the Macross display that was this past weekend
  9. with supers looks even better!!!!!!!!!
  10. looks perfect to me I cant wait to see it complete
  11. me too very pleasant surprise!!!!!!!! thanks HLJ
  12. Certainly the nosecone is better in the Yamato nevertheless this new version hide much better the legs plus the battroid looks a lot more balanced
  13. I dont know how official is........ but according to the master file like other macross valk can placed missiles on the wings
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