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  1. I think is only a early preview of how would it look
  2. The resin print change the game this kit will be awesome!!!!!!
  3. only have this without lights let me know if you want it
  4. That kind of print not help so much even so looks impressive great job man!
  5. Is there any website, guide or tutorial to known the skin tone of the different bodies like Jiaou doll, Phicen and TBL?
  6. In fact the lance was made in parts as soon as I can will post some pics to clarify
  7. I can clone in resin directly of the original unfortunately need to make 10 sets at least so if the demand is covered will could happen The advantages: - Low cost (in comparison with the 3d print) - Many color options to match with the different valks (with the limitation of the material per se) The disadvantages - Much more fragile that regular plastic probably not bracket a lot of transformations (The resin that I use is the top best quality in the market and is not so weak like most usuals but in any case the test has to be make to base the endurance)
  8. Probably have a few spares please post a picture and I contact you
  9. Let me make the resin test (still working in the head) and once will be ready you can decide if want the complete kit or choose specific only the parts that you need
  10. Contacta a Chavakaiser el tiene uno aunque no se si lo venda
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