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  1. more pics! also if someone can translated would be appreciated
  2. I hope in a few hours we have the confirmation of the VT-1 and probably the SV-51 Nora version
  3. soon very soon!!!!!
  4. Great news I love it!!!!!!!! hope this release comes with new toys
  5. I use the 3d print to obtain the molds the items itself are made of resin that is much more affordable
  6. Correct me if I wrong but as remember the design crew justified the scale choice because said that the level of detail they looking for was impossible to obtain on a smaller size so the lack of internals details in the strike parts completely contradicts them
  7. People can try to justify Bandai all they want but for me simply this (left) cant be the evolution of that (right)
  8. Assumed Arcadia was going to announce the VT before the year end so I think will be until the next year I wonder if the SV mistake had something to do and delay the future releases
  9. Thanks man! before the inevitable DX release I think we can keep alive the old Yamato's
  10. The radome is also ready if someone are interested send me a PM
  11. with regard the paint job I have no idea yet This is the early model the final version have some adjustments in fact I already have a print test as soon as can I will post pics
  12. After some issues with the local post office finally get my spares thanks HLJ!!!!!!!! by the way I wonder if the waste legs can fit in the Yamato
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