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  1. Thanks... Short ver- 2202 is a let-down on all fronts, from the redesigns, asset conversion (over to Lightwave), 2D/3D integration, tech art, anim... to the story, which isn't making it worth riding out, dammit... YMMV. ;-) Getting a 1-2 episode/day re-watch of Durarara in now too. Still captures the attention. That and saw first third of Three Stories which I recommend (having a CRoll account and Netflix and Amz Prime is dangerous, I need to be getting stuff done too!!!)
  2. AngelBird4

    Book review sites, anime-focus to help purchase choices?

    With the crowd I run with, it's the opposite.
  3. Been a weird month-- Darling in the Franxx, Gurren Lagann, AICO Incarnation, BLAME, Godzilla 2, Kill la Kill, Expelled from Paradise, and though it's taking effort SBY 2202. (ugh, it is crap compared to 2199) and Knights of Sidonia S1.
  4. AngelBird4

    Book review sites, anime-focus to help purchase choices?

    Yeah and it's odd--- this doesn't seem like it would be an unreasonable endeavor, though the initial hit in costs to get the books and eval them-- hmmm if I start a crowd-funded... nah The Wife would probably kill me ;-) (but then again... she'd understand too...) Its probably time to pull the trigger on something like this though... one more damn thing to do. Thanks all so far!
  5. AngelBird4

    Which Macross Fleet would you be a part of?

    Bridge Bunny Training Armada (no I swear I saw that talked about in a book-- bunch of short hops, ha, between Earth and our moon, ha ha. I think... pretty sure. It's real. Or should be.) Barring that, Megaroad 01 because dammit I wanna know what happened. ;-)
  6. AngelBird4

    Book review sites, anime-focus to help purchase choices?

    Thanks yeah, I mean more in general... Macross-flavored offerings are pretty well covered here-ish ;-) (and I'm pretty well set there too ahem)
  7. Hi all Right, we all know the curse- find a show/ova/film/short to dig, want to look at its production art, styling, etc... and Hey! There are 500 books out there! Freaking fantastic!!! But you can't afford all 500 (or ummm... just shouldn't). And hell, the last time you did BUY ALL 500... you found out only two of them were worthwhile.... So I've been curious for a time if a site exists that has done some of the heavy lifting and broken down offerings... series/ova etc etc etc etc... to help make decisions easier? Of course I know about Parka Blogs, but most of the reviews are driven by submissions and the range is scarce as it's a site for broad interests, so a fair few gaps when I'm trying to make my decisions. No, I don't expect anyone out there to perfectly sync to my interests... or DO I... ??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! but an anime-focused spot? Thank you.
  8. AngelBird4

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    The damn party-poopers. ;-) Am I the only one who hopes that a re-visit a la Yamato 2199 could come around? A lot went right in that series.
  9. AngelBird4

    Macross The First

    Floored at the idea of a revisit, (pow zoom), yet have maintained my enthusiasm going from 'er wha- why?' to 'hey yeah damn beautiful!', and so my fingers are crossed as always... (maybe i should know better... ;-) )
  10. AngelBird4


    Dan, short version: thank you! Not sure what I was thinking in keeping that rear frame piece close to vertical. I'm following the :48 valkyrie mostly because I can grab the calipers and go to town as I need to, create some of my own drawings from it. I think 90%+ of my reference (which I have a lot of and I'm sure i'll cringe at some of my decisions when I look closely) is in storage right now; sucks but there it is. So I'm a bit too dependent on the kit and not on looking through the concept drawings and sorting out the design and intent v/what's easy for model engineering. Thanks again for this, may not have a chance to revisit til year's end, but great to get your input and get the energy for this back up.
  11. AngelBird4


    Dan-- Got a question for you about resolving the back third of the fuselage, from the upward slant of the canopy frame on back. I keep plugging away and creating new problems for myself, just been some time since I've subd modeled hard surfaces, but I can't quite go back to polys on this... Edit is a more recent image of the mesh's trouble areas, if you have any time to give a pointer that'd be great. The smoothing I was hoping for, resolving that angle never really happened. Don't even get me started on the front sensor pod, that's been its own set of fun. Also (and really most important), hoping the employment resolves itself right soon and that momentum and motivation return. This thread's been really inspiring, and plenty of just plain coolness. Now turning your thread back over to you (I'll get off my duff and start my own when I think it's worthy) Best, /D
  12. AngelBird4


    *taps on microphone* This thing on? Dan, wondering if you're crazy enough to post wireframes? I wonder how 'solid' some regions would look... hope there's occasional time for this.
  13. AngelBird4


    Still hoping to to see if the 1S has that particular illustration, so fingers crossed. May not get one for a bit. I have typically used any/everything to create my DYRL Strike, incl multiple packages (prefer to model in modo these days, but the day job centers around Maya, so I may rig in Maya as I'll probably be doing final surfacing and rendering there too). And now looking into Rhino, possibly going to learn on it by re-working the lower legs, as it and modo play nice. You've mentioned working hard surface in ZB, too. Frankly, I don't yet see the point; I like the plane control that you can get, and have sen a ton of work incl Iron Man, but I'll stay with ZB for organic for now, and only as I need to. Ever onward, best of luck going forward.
  14. AngelBird4


    Hey Dan, this has been fun to follow. Long road to haul, huh? Was curious what you're using for front/rear image planes, as I haven't seen anything that matches up with the :48 Vermillion 1J. Does the DYRL 1S have a front/rear split like the :72s' instr. sheets? And curious, saw you're using Maya, is this nurbs, poly, sub-d or whatever as needed? Best luck going forward.
  15. I know more than a few will be making it by, but also pointing out that, man, you can go back 25 years to BayCon '86 for a proper Anime programming track, and 20 years this year since we got AnimeCon '91 off the ground. Macross was a huge topic that weekend, so it's great that bits of its legacy and new works still come 'round. Hope to catch folks there. http://www.fanime.com/