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  1. Didn't that one already sell out too? I should have worded better, sorry.
  2. What is the next Bandai after this? Another VF-1?
  3. Anyone see any of the pictures like these with the cannons on the fore and the possible red markings? I caught these on my phone so they aren't perfect.
  4. Fair, but I mean, short of Anakin turning back from the dark side, he had everything planned out and foresaw to a T. To be honest, it wouldn't be surprising. And at the rate Disney is borrowing from Legends, it's really not outside the scope of possibilities. The scene right after that with Finn looking all "aww crap" kinda of seems to lend it to not being a vision. Short of my long standing theory that Rey would end up the bad guy, I am definitely on board with the last shot being a vision.
  5. The first panel from the new Event Horizon comic (got it from Free Comic Book day, don't shoot me) has the SDF-3 in it. Whether it is part of their overall canon or not, I have no idea but basically he SDF-3 is the SDF-1. Time travel. Forgive the post not being completely related to the thread.
  6. Kind of self fulfilling, isn't it? On one hand, the numbers don't exist as needed to pump out more product because people don't want to pay the premium prices and play games for the limited availability on nearly all the merchandise. While on the other hand, the items are being made in short orders because they don't know/care if the demand would be there because of how it is now. And you're right, there is a chance they like things as they are. It's insane.
  7. Me: Hey. wonder what's going on in the Star Wars thread! Also me: Reads half a page, sees all the same buzzwords, nope, never mind!
  8. As much as I love the Yf-19 and wanna snag another Bandai, I really wanna get one of these. Hoping for later releases and/or another model like the S. =)
  9. Where from?
  10. Anyone got an extra they wanna let go of? I sorta, kinda fell asleep last night. =\
  11. Thank you!
  12. I forget; HLJ doesn't charge til it ships, right? Same with the others?
  13. Chewie

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I will try that. Thanks!
  14. Chewie

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Super disappointing about Rakuten. I wanna order one but seems everyone is getting kickbacks. Boo.
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