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  1. Hi, Just wondering how the Yamato 1/60 VF-19 (Kai, Blazer, etc..) compare, toy wise (Built, Playability, Engineering), to the latest DX YF-19 from 1/60 Bandai. I dont have any DX 1/60, just the old YF-19 (which sux), and the VF-19 (which are great), so wanting to know how they compare, if it is really worth me looking at one down the line. Also , if the Bandai VF-1 the best macross toy ever made? I already have some 1/48 in Yamato, so not sure i need this.
  2. I love my riobot iron giant I got last week. One of my favorite purchases actually. There is a fantasy jewel upsized ko of it for those wanting bigger and cheap, but I need the small size and higher quality paint of riobot.
  3. It likely will likely be like most the other Netflix Cartoons (except Castlevania), ie be a bit more goofy the 1st season, just like She Ra (and the rest), and then a darker more mature theme by mid to end of Season 2, or by season 3, with some goofy here and there. Bring it on Netflix, i love many of your original cartoons!!!
  4. Yea, find it weird that Openheimer is playing, but not skeletor. It's like having Peter Cullen in TF, but he is playing only some random secondary autobot. I wonder if it is his age, and them wanting to do many seasons. Anyways, will watch it for sure, as i do most Netflix produced cartoons, they are usually very VERY good. She Ra, Kipo, Voltron, Dragon Prince are the ones that come to mind hat have been amazing for me, and I am probably forgetting some. Edit: Forgot Castlevania!!!
  5. One of the reason i am actually considering the Riobot Zeta is the small size. Same with wanting the Fuke Bike armor. The size works great for me. I also just got Riobot's Iron Giant and he is a true gem that can be displayed anywhere or brought anywhere really. If the Blue Sentinel is good quality, even just for the batroid mode, i will save up for the Red Zeta one. My first Alpha was the green one when i was a child, and later on got the Toynami green one, but i am really like the red and details on the Sentinel Zeta one, and thinking i will go red this time. Wont be able to afford a second one with the super high price these go for... so gonna save it for Red Bike and Jet.
  6. Can you guys recommend me a few asian etailers that you would recommend for best price to get the Riobot Bike and Jet. I will only likely get the Red Zeta and Fuke (red Bike) eventually when they go up for preorder or after release in 2020 or 2021.
  7. @Screech is a recommended buyer, and my first time selling to Mexico, and it went very smoothly,. He is very nice and polite and respectful, responds very quickly and with detail, and pays quickly as well.
  8. I had regretted selling my VF-1J Stealth w/ boosters like 10 years ago. I should have kept that one, and sold my regular ones (which i have now). The black ones dont yellow. My 2x 25th Anniversary black/gold Valks look the same as day one, even when stored in storage.
  9. What is Postal Insurance? Can you pls elaborate on this (where one would get it from) and HOW it protects the Seller after the merchandise has been delivered to the Customer by the postal service?
  10. Thank you @Corrinaldfor being such a fantastic customer, one couldn’t ask for better, honestly, thank you.
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