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  1. Los

    Lost and Found Toys now flightpose.com

    Hey guys! Sorry to hear all the problems people are having with the clear tips. I have sent numerous emails to our manufacturer referencing this thread and all they keep saying is that they are not finding the same issues as those being reported here. Clearly this is no longer an isolated incident. Since we are unable to know if the issue is a product defect or the reaction of the tip to certain paints, we are going to take action and advise against long-term display with the tips. This has been disappointing since we changed the black tips to clear to avoid the slight black markings. Please address concerns to me at carlos@flightpose.com.
  2. Los

    Lost and Found Toys now flightpose.com

    FYI still have not heard back from manufacturer, will try to get an official answer by next week.
  3. Los

    Lost and Found Toys now flightpose.com

    Our manufacturer is looking into it. They looked at the samples they have and did not see any problems but I did direct them to the comments in this thread. I should hear back from them next week. FYI if you guys ever need replacements parts contact me through the FlightPose site (send us a comment or email me directly at carlos@flightpose.com). We hardly do it but when asked we have always sent out replacement parts for defective bases or cracked cover plates at no charge.
  4. Los

    Lost and Found Toys now flightpose.com

    The details about the thread have just been brought to my attention. This is the first I have heard about the clear tips affecting the painted surface. I will contact the manufacturer to see if there is a remedy (someone suggested washing the tips in warm soapy water). If anyone has an issue please feel free to contact me at carlos@flightpose.com. Anyone who needs a cracked cover plate replaced let me know.
  5. Los

    Check out my new facebook group

    Check out our new facebook page, search for FlightPose
  6. Wish I could make it out there this year. FlightPose donated some stands for attendees. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Los

    Flexi-Stand Poses

    Fellas! I am in the process of creating a new online shop dedicated only to the FlexiDisplay. We are about 6 weeks from launch and one of the features we are looking to implement is a 'customer photo' submission link where fans can send us pics. Once approved by us, photos will be uploaded to a gallery for all to see. Instead of just ripping photos from this thread, I would like permission first. If anyone would like their favorite flexidisplay photo from MW credited please shoot me an e-mail to carlos@laftoys.com with your member name along with a link or attachment of the photo. Thanks guys!
  8. I wish I could be there this year guys! Good luck to all you Poker players.
  9. Los

    Are there any cheaper alternatives for stands?

    Sorry for the error guys! I can't believe this happened. If you damaged your stand in any way please let me know at carlos@laftoys.com. We will be contacting all customers individually to let them know that replacement screws are on the way.
  10. Some quick shots I made during lunch... Overall, I like Jango better than Boba. Because his outfit is less intricate, it is easier to pose him. Plus his shiny armor really pops off his blue jump suite. FYI Boba's legs are easier to pose than Jango, due to Jango's hip holsters. However Jango's rocket pack is connected only to his back and not under his neck allowing more movement in his arms. Trying to get my Boba's arms up causes the clothing and the neck piece of the rocket pack to bunch up.
  11. Los

    Transformer Super Thread 6

    A MP OP vs Megs pack won't cost $400. Don't go by inflated current prices, go by when the toy was originally released. In the US, the December restock of Megs is going for $95-99. MP-04 Prime went for around $150 when stores were first taking pre-orders.
  12. Los

    Transformers on DVD

    Just got done watching the HD-DVD...amazing detail! It is definitely easier to tell the robots apart at home rather than on the big screen. This was the 4th time for me to see it (2X at the movies, 1X at the IMAX), and for the first time I could see Ratchet's spinning saw blade on Devastator and the bullets from Starscream's gun on Ratchet & Ironhide.
  13. Los

    25th Anniversary Toys

    Got the pricing info right when I was walking out the door...go get them! http://www.laftoys.com/products_new.php
  14. Los

    Kaiyodo Revoltech VF-1J

    Now that is a killer pose...