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  1. Odin

    ACE 3

    I dont know if anyone has already mentioned this but i just found it. It is called Another Century's Episode 3. You get to play as the yf-19 and the 21. Also you can play as a vf-1 and Queadluun-Rau. It came out a few months ago for japanese ps2.
  2. \ dang, how much are those going for? i have one laying around
  3. They'll sit in my closet for another 5 years
  4. To those of you who thought you didn't get one from HLJ, I just now got my shipping confirmation today( the 11th) I guess they updated the website before filling the orders.
  5. I also ordered on the first day and did not get one.
  6. dear lord, i beg you for a speedy delivery of the yf-19 in the near future. thank you.
  7. since i have been looking forward to this for like 10 years, i will bet that that person will be me
  8. good lord yf-19, you big beautiful beast. i love you.
  9. I originally preordered 3, but as time goes on and common sense has time to ponder the purchase, I have gradually went down to one. If only they didn't announce them so early.
  10. I will pay someone for pics of the production model all painted
  11. Just bumping in hopes to keep people's interest and bring out those hidden gimmicks
  12. Wow I got all excited when i saw a new page in this section... and then i find this..
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