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  1. mslz22

    Max Factory 1/20(!) VF-1S/A Hikaru

    The other thing to consider is shipping cost. i doubt it will be very heavy but a big, big box. HLJ shipping I would guess is $100 or more.
  2. I'll be going for a "thru the ringer" look for this one.
  3. Not much to show build wise since the kit is so well engineered, but will get this started for showing the paint up. Prep was done in just a couple of hours. Still some to do but it builds quick.
  4. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    Back on this a bit, adding more details to the engine bells, also adding some extra veneer nozzles to the inside of the engines. I can add 2 pre paint, then paint, then add the LED for the engine lights, then add the last 2 (painted separately). Otherwise the LED won't fit. Also routed out all the channels for the eye and engine light wires. Not a fun part but necessary. Getting ready to do the final smoothing on the body.
  5. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    Heading into the final prep on the body before painting starts. Setting up the display base. The wood will get routed on the underside to hide electonics, then sanded nice and painted black. The zentran emblem wiill get green and yellow I suppose.
  6. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    Yours looks great, i would not have the patience to do all those gizmos
  7. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    The dome was sanded smooth and buffed a bit, then I sprayed it with Tamiya green clear, then I hit it with Krylon frosted glass spray. I also hit those 4 acrylic spheres with it also, otherwise they would look a little to "hot"
  8. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    Green clear then frosted the dome (better for diffusion) painted the inside of the tube silver.
  9. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    Note these images are flipped for some reason, the larger camera should be on the right and the 3 little ones on the left
  10. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    For the eye I wanted more detail than to just have the clean green lens illuminated. I am opting to detail it with 4 camera "eyes" behind the green dome. A long tube keeps the LED at a distance so that it's not just completely blowing out the clear acrylic spheres that make up the camera cluster. Once I get the dome tinted clear green this should look pretty cool.
  11. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    Adding some detail to the engine bells. I will be lighting the engines so I put a 1/4 tube stalk on to the bells. Then took them over to the mill and carefully etched in some deep lines at the base and some fine lines that will act as guides for painting the red stripe later on. Was also able to wet sand the parts quickly using the slow setting on the mill. Also added some nice raised panels at the edge of the bell.
  12. mslz22

    1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    wet sand that thin layer with 400, then prime with the heavy stuff. You can see it won't need much TLC at all to get really nice and smooth.