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  1. Thanks, will start taking orders for this after the kids school vacation. About a week and a half. Heavy missile carrier version will be coming a couple weeks later, combo price will be offered for more than one.
  2. Thanks, without getting too deep, there is a couple of things going on with the overall design and the compromises and artistic license I took when doing the build. I'm happy to list them when i get a minute. But in regard to the toe, there are 2 things going on. First is that it's a copy of the toe in the line art instead of the box animations. I have cherry picked from the line art and animation to get the pattern. See pic below. The other and bigger issue as to why it has none of the "gasket" parts is that the kit is pose able. It has ball joints at the hips and at the feet, so while it still need to be built static, you have the option of picking a pose. Because of that the toe needs to be cast as a separate part and adjusted to the pose you pick. it's also limited a bit in it's size in how it needs to tuck under the toe cover. A modeler could add the gasket parts with some apoxy sculpt very easily if they wanted that effect.
  3. test build in progress
  4. I made an offer but did not hear back from him, I guess someone else made him a better offer. Either way i will still be offering this, John's are fantastic, which is why i would have purchased the patterns given the chance, but these are different enough to justify a release. Like I have stated these are a bit bigger and very different in parts breakdown. I am doing some painting on it today and it's really nice to have minimal tape work. These will not be able to have an interior or pilot with the rotocast head, so John's are the way to go if you want that.
  5. In the 120 range i hope. It does not have the interior like the Capt's but it still has a lot of parts since so much of it is broken down for ease of painting. The rotocasting can be a PITA sometimes on something like this too so i have to account for loss on that part. I thought about splitting up the head, but it's sooooo nice to not have to do joining and seam work on the head, well the mold seam but that is around the edges and not as bad as the seam work like that on the IMAI kit, split down the middle.
  6. Oh man, can't believe how fast time goes by. Snow day with the kids so I took this first casting out to work on. I would like to make these available in mid april. Just need to to warm up enough for rotocasting the head.
  7. Yep they are HUGE. this is still in the works with a full remold and hopefully weapon pack for May/June ish time frame. Also getting ready to re release the 1/48 Regult with some improvements/new molds. thanks mike
  8. I have the 2 zentran figures molds and his 1/72nd Glaug pod. Both have good sets of molds right now.
  9. I have the patterns and have made new molds for the soldier and for Kajim standing figures. PM me if your interested in one.
  10. Hey Guys, yes the Launch arm is still available. I am casting like a crazy person right now so i can take some time off from casting this winter (and hopefully finish the super armor on the 1/24 valk). PM me if you want a launch arm, i plan on casting until like Thanksgiving time. mike
  11. Its the Capt's, I purchased the pattern from him a few years ago. If anyone needs one of those i have a couple cast up. mike
  12. No total scratchbuild.