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  1. Considering the "user" that gave the review is TBD, and the game only just went live (at midnight?), I'm willing to bet it's still too early to tell. My fingers are crossed that it'll be awesome.
  2. Maybe... it's already been pushed back twice. I think it was originally supposed to be fall of 2017, then spring 2018, now fall 2018. However, it'll be here eventually, and it will be glorious!
  3. Re: RX-7 To me, the RX-7 was originally the embodiment of fun, sporty, simple, light, and inexpensive. It was the everyman sports car. Each redesign took something from that. They were all great in their own ways, but lost a bit of that carefree 1st gens spirit in the name of bigger, better, faster. That also meant more expensive. That said, I look at the Miata as the continuation of that same spirit. It is all of those things I found endearing about the SA/FB, and I would love to have one some day. I guess were it up to me, I would've named the FC and FD as the RX-8 and RX-9 respectively, and yes, each were fantastic in their own right. When I said to rotorize a Miata, it wasn't meant literally. Perhaps a factory made hatch powered by a rotary sharing components of the Miata. Hot hatches are still popular, hence the success of the BRZ/FRS. My belief is that Mazda could it better.
  4. Cheap, quick(ish), and OH SO MUCH FUN! I had a '79 in high school, an '84 gslSE, and an '82 that was cobbled together from the remains of the street-ported 13b from the SE. The FD was soooo lust-worthy, but just didn't seem like an RX-7 to me. Rotorize a Miata and add a hatchback.... THAT'S how you bring back the RX-7. How odd that I've driven something or other with (RX) in its name for over 20 years. (Original owner of '03 WRX as well, just hit 180k miles today actually!)
  5. There is something to be said of the sound of a rotary as it sails beyond 7k rpm. I recall using the redline buzzer as a guide to shift soon. My gsl-se was ported a bit, and could chirp the tires right into 3rd. It also got a whopping 20mpg... only on the highway. Good times The third gen rx7 seemed to not be the same (cheap and fun), but good lord did it look nice and perform well. Some day, I'd LOVE to own a Pettit Banzai... 3 rotors, insane horsepower, lightweight... Drooooool
  6. Having owned a 79, 82, and 84 gsl-se for a cumulative 14 years, I can attest to the great ball of fun otherwise known as the rx7. Frankly I'm surprised the miata was not given a rotary. It seemed the closest in soul to the original rx7: light, cheap, and fun to drive. Oh yeah, it also inspired my user name
  7. A little, but it was still able get by with GERLIMP.
  8. Re: head gasket, check for coolant in the oil, oil in the coolant, and bubbling with the radiator cap off while idling. None of these are definitive, but may point you in the right direction.
  9. If you can do it, tirerack.com is currently closing out the hankook ventus v12 (summer tires). It wasn't my first choice at all, but for half price, VERY worth it. I don't think their stock will hold out for long, so time is of the essence. My 205/55 16 came out to $290 shipped for all four. I can't even find generic tires for that price!
  10. Nope! No k&n for turbo cars! The oil vapor from the filter tends to foul the MAF sensor causing all kinds of issues. Plus, at least on my turbo wrx, dynos show a HP loss from going to k&n filters vs good old paper ones. Oh, and they do NOT clean the air as well as a paper filter. Purolator is all I use.
  11. Personally, I don't think it would be worth it as the gains will be miniscule, if any at all. If it had a big ol' v8, then different story! Unless that is a turbo, any significant gains will cost an arm and a leg. Stay stock for the most part, and put the nicest tires you can afford on it. Tires are THE biggest cost effective gain you can get.
  12. Regarding Toyota's cars, I'm still confused as to how that's been this catastrophic to so many people. Doesn't anyone hit the brakes? I recall seeing a test using a 500hp Mustang where they stood on the accelerator and the brakes at the same time, and the brakes easily overpowered the engine, bringing the car to a complete halt not far beyond where it would have stopped without holding the accelerator. I'm not trying to excuse Toyota or anything, as they should not be hiding stuff like this, but just sheer curiosity makes me wonder why nobody used their brakes. Come to think of it, my WRX has had an issue with the cruise control holding the throttle open, causing "unintended acceleration", which I promptly put a stop to by using my brakes. My car only has 227hp, yet it promptly came to a stop. My issue seems very isolated compared to Toyota, and the dealer was never able to replicate or fix the issue while in their shop.
  13. That half billion you saved may have just gotten a lot smaller now that Rockstar removed the modded hacker money. Your cars and other items you purchased should still be safe. To me, it's not the missions or procuring of "stuff" that I find so intriguing, but the open world sandbox style of play. My friends and I rarely do missions, rather, we go out and just mess around, having a grand time doing things that would get us into a LOT of trouble in real life. That, and the sheer vastness of the game leaves me always finding something new. Even though I don't often do missions, I have still made it to level 60 and maxed every stat just goofing around. If you've run out of ideas, take a look at the subreddit group "Grand Theft Auto Adventures." This crew gets together to really just play around. One of the most memorable things I recall: trying to see just how many heavy dump trucks it takes to stop a train. Evidently it is more than 15, although the ridiculous explsosions were well worth the failed attempt.
  14. would that be due to inheriting an entire force of VERY angry police while driving a lawn mower down a freeway? I'll give them this, when swapping to Trevor, the game has a way of making you really, no... REALLY want to make use of his "special abilities". Either that, or scratch your head wondering "just why exactly is he waking up in a dumpster wearing a dress?" For all it's faults, I do believe it's become my favorite game of all time.
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