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  1. Amazing work! I'd love to get my hands on a kit as well.
  2. Well done on the corrosion! That is an amazing job. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Anyone have a extra kit laying around?
  4. Love the panel lines! Great workmanship.
  5. Azrhino, Actually my recast was terrible. I sanded and filled quite a bit. I even had to bend a few parts in hot water to get a workable shape. My best advice, use the dremel and be very careful! You will make better progress than handsanding. I got copy from Ebay awhile back. It was the only catseye I could find. The landing gear was casted in resin but is missing a set of wheels and a front strut. The wing, fuselage, and radome were warped. Decals were sourced from Hasegawa extras. Believe me, it took alot of effort to appear that way in the pic. Good luck with yours!
  6. Grayson, I have a friend who is a dentist and has a vacuum form machine he uses for patients. I was at his office using the Squadron brand thermoform sheets. It sucks down fine, but the molds are terrible. If you can let me borrow them, I could make a couple extra sets for you and pay for shipping both ways. Or you can have Valkyrie make the extra sets for everyone. That is fine too. Thanks!
  7. I have the resin plugs(canopy cast) but they are warped and I did try to rework them to some extent but the canopies I formed from them do not come close to fitting. I was considering making a new set of canopies from plaster and trying again with the vacuum-form machine. How about clear resin or epoxy? Does anyone have ideas on how to form a canopy from other materials?
  8. Thanks for the kind comments! That was my first resin model. The fit was poor, parts were warped, and voids were everywhere! It took me about a month of build time. Sand, fill, sand, prime, fill, sand, etc... After that kit, I look forward to my 1/72 Hasegawa's!
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