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  1. OK, so let me see if I've got this right...there probably will be a 25G reissue, but they've yet to make G renewal superpacks and as of yet have no plans to...?
  2. Ditto,Saitou, I'd love to know how to hoodwink them Bandais. And thankee!
  3. I appreciate the 2 cents, Dimis, but fourteen-year-old braggarts are what they are, ne?
  4. Sputter all you like, greedy is greedy. Sure, it's your choice to do so, but from the other side of your mouth you seem to try to state being a supportive member here, but words are wind. If you'd take your crotch away from my behind for a minute, you'd see that. I don't blame you for the game, but I do hold you accountable for your dirty choices, "playa".
  5. So you're a "real" fan, you say "bandai's screwin me, I can't get one!" You want help, get it from the community, then order 2, screaming "in yo face!" In terms of shortage, you = part of the problem. Taking the bread right outta my mouth, man.
  6. Yar, (beautiful sculpts aside) even if just for the competition against Bandai!
  7. LOL Saitou- I thought you'd said CAR-jacked...! I'm all like "Dude, are you OK?? We're worried about a friggin TOY, an you've been robbed!" I'm glad you're only as hurt as the rest of us unlucky ones w/o a preorder.
  8. I *had* one in my cart at NY, but someone ganked it right outta there while I was checking out. Grr!
  9. I may have to pounce on this one, although I am intensely curious if and when they might re-release the 25G. I can still tentatively find super or armorpacks, but only for the S and F. So..how bad would Alto's superpack (not to be confused with "superPAC") look on Mikhail's rig?
  10. That's one wicked-looking VF-OS in the background there, Usagiz! >D Oh, and we're glad you didn't break your Lightning III.
  11. This bird is so gorgeous, and now it is mine! I've waited for this day for about 7 years, only dreaming Yamato would ever make this. I could have hugged my mailcarrie-lady! Good thing I didn't, she looked like she coulda kicked my teeth in. I must have got lucky... or N-Y got wise and started routing through JFK instead. My condolences to you folks out there still waiting for theirs. By now though you've guessed that it's worth the wait.
  12. So...! Beautiful...! I just got myself a 17S on sale, but I shall throw down for this. Yea, even at retail, should my preorder triggerfinger be up to the task!
  13. Chalk that up as a "dammit, we payed Ms. Kanno and the israeli phil GOBS of money to do this shite, we're gonna squeeze it as best as we can!" along with an "anime costs money!!" et cetera!
  14. I finally put together the scratch so I bought mine from HLJ 2 days ago. I actually prefer the movie version and am happy to have a capital ship to display. ARMD platforms all the way, baby!
  15. Arrowyn

    Buying a YF-19

    So do any of you think Yamato will crank out another run of the FP+Yf bundle? It seems the only non-ebay options at this point include getting each piece seperately which just doesn't appeal to me.
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