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  1. What is this "Excelsus" plane? it looks to have slightly different proportions compared to the VF-4.
  2. I was thinking of the one on pg. 79 of the Vf04 master file. I suppose I may just scratch build it!
  3. Anyone heard of a release of the gunpod for the lightning? I was dissappointed not to see it included in the original release for $60 odd dollars.
  4. Looking good Mike. Did you make any other progress on it?
  5. that is a very interesting scheme...I wonder if it's from one of the Master File books?
  6. ya, this is amazing! I haven't explored this avenue yet, but I've been waiting for the TV SDF-1!
  7. Found it! boy that was well - hidden without macross in the title!
  8. I can't seem to find the listing for the Master file? Could you post the link please?
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