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  1. SuperDimensionalDave

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm sure it's noticeable to naked eye but contrast won't be so stark. Looks fine to me so long as they can figure out which leg armor goes to the right leg and which goes to the left and manage to pack one of each properly into the box unlike they did with the Hikkie VF-1A. Isn't that just like toy making 101?
  2. SuperDimensionalDave


    They probably fell apart in their respective boxes.
  3. SuperDimensionalDave

    Mezco One:12 LIne

    I'll wait for the bootleg. in fact I hope China gets this bootlegged and to market before SDCC and these scalper d!€k bags can choke on their haul. I normally don't support bootlegs but I'll pay $45 for a bootleg of this before I'll pay some scumbag $300 to have bought it online at $80 for me.
  4. SuperDimensionalDave

    Mezco One:12 LIne

    Yeah I'm more than a little PO'd I missed out on the Special Ops Punisher but I can easily see why I did. If you look at his product page the mentally impotent genius' at Mezco decided it was a Jim-dandy of an Idea to "limit" this to 6 per person. I'm sure he didn't sell out immediately due to scalper scum. No way...
  5. SuperDimensionalDave

    YetiStand Alpha.

    Ruprecht the Monkey Boy!!!! OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA OKLAHOMA!
  6. SuperDimensionalDave

    1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    So would Justin Beiber wielding nothing more than a pair of salad tongs.
  7. SuperDimensionalDave

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Finally found a Goblin at retail!
  8. SuperDimensionalDave

    Hi-Metal R

    Glad we could help each other out. MW=Winning! Lol
  9. SuperDimensionalDave

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Hikaru's VF-1S got a new girlfriend
  10. SuperDimensionalDave

    Hi-Metal R

    Wow that's good to know. I'll cross them off my list. On this particular item given that the likelihood of getting a lemon seems higher than normal I'd stick to EBay on this one. That way you've at least got PayPal on your side. If you get dupe armor you can ask seller to get the replacement part or get your full money back. And if the seller wants the item back they need to send you a pre paid postage sticker. I was going through that with mine but I found a board member to trade parts with so I closed the case.
  11. SuperDimensionalDave


    I found a decent scan of those limited Megahouse VA stickers. Maybe someone with better PS skills than I can make something usable out of these and share with site.
  12. SuperDimensionalDave

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Maybe I'm in the minority' here but I considered using cotton gloves back when Bandai started packing them in their premium Chogokin releases and I thought oh that's smart. But then I decided that life is short and we don't know how long we're going to be here and get to enjoy our things. I enjoy handling my collectibles. With all of my senses. Clean hands yes, gloves no. I like the actual tactile sensation I get from feeling the cold hard glossy paint on my SOC as I pick it up. Gloves just take away from that. It's like wearing a condom to have sex with your Wife when she's on birth control. That said I always wash my hands before either of those things. Lol
  13. SuperDimensionalDave

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    I will. I didn't get a chance to handle it yet but I opened it quickly to check everything was there earlier and It's big and heavy. A lot of diecast. I'd say assembled it'll probably be 8in I'm guessing. I'll report back after I get some quality time with it this weekend.
  14. SuperDimensionalDave

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    Happy day. Received my KidsLogic diecast SD Combattler today and the CorePlay unofficial Dark Phoenix that I finally found online.