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  1. If any of you knows a retired air traffic controller (needs to be retired already and they’ll tell you why) talk to him or her regarding this subject. Probably have some interesting stories to tell. My uncle is a retired Air Force ATC. No direct sightings with his own eyes and no solid information. But he did say that they would get unidentified contacts periodically that would be pulling maneuvers and speeds that not only no current known military aircraft was capable but that no human pilot could survive. He served in the 70’s-80’s and retired mid 90’s. Take from that what you will.
  2. I’d maybe give them a pass for the exclusion of opened hands on Iceman if the “ice slide” looked more like, well... and ice slide. What we’re getting looks more like a base for him to stand on due to its diminutive size. Don’t get me wrong I’m all over these like a fat kid on a cupcake but taking into account that these retro releases have no BAF part the accessories and or extra heads/parts are supposed to make up for that. I’m not seein’ it with this wave. Likely due to the fact that Hasbro knows were all giddy for most of these figures and or just anything X-Men right now and we’ll just buy them anyway. They’re probably right.
  3. I knew she’d be white. That way we will all buy the eventual rerelease in black. You know it’s coming. And that Wolverine will be retooled into an AOA Wolverine. I just can’t believe Iceman comes with fists and non-opened hands. How can he simulate using his powers? He doesn’t shoot ice out of his closed fists?????
  4. Regardless of scale I want them to concentrate on products heretofore not produced or not within the last say 30 years. If they’ve got a “Robotech” license then let’s see some 1/12 Invid or a 1/12 fan racer /liner, TV Q-Rau or a hover tank. There’s so much that could be made where there’s not only demand but you don’t have to worry about competition.
  5. I know. I meant it was cute. Adorable actually. I’m used to my Wife looking at my toys and only making one sound. “SIGH”
  6. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DPH27xLRM20 In this video it has two ppl transforming simultaneously to battloid. The dude keeps the legs attached for perfect transformation and the woman detaches them whilst transforming. I’m assuming it is to illustrate the functionality of convenience during transformation to be able to put entire lower assembly aside during upper torso transformation if you so desire. Making it less fiddly/frustrating during transformation. The funny thing is they both complete transformation roughly at the same time. I think she says Sugoi (cuuute) approx 35 times lol. I personally think the design choice is brilliant. So long as the connection does not end up an Achilles heel. Sometimes less is more. Edit: whoops sorry. Just noticed someone posted this a page or two back. Haven’t been staying on top of this thread.
  7. True... news spreads fast, but nothing spreads faster than bad news lol.
  8. I got psyched for a sec but yeah that’s the Beagle/Masterpiece Proto that I believe is currently in the hands of a collector somewhere. Such a shame we never got it but thank you Sentinel for this renewed Mospeada line. I still say the Riobot Mospeadas are one of the bestest purchases I made this year. 2018 was a great year for Macross/ Robotech releases and future release announcements.
  9. AFAIK there has been no announcement of release date for either nor a prototype shown for Houquet, only one for Yellow.
  10. Noice on the Millia erm.. Miriya lol. The recently released Toynami figure is really not great. But I’ll enjoy looking at her displayed next to my 1/60 Arcadia Millia VF a lot more now knowing she’s only a stand-in for the KC one coming. I’m digging these 1/12 figures. Really down to see some Mospeada figures in this line. I’m surprised we’ve seen a SC figure before a Mospeada reveal. With the Riobot Mospeadas selling like hot cakes I’d figure these to be a no brainer to churn out and have actually in scale with them.
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