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  1. I don’t know about that but thanks for the vote Ah more Miworld! Nice shot if it’s yours. I knew I couldn’t be the only one that found a good repurpose for these. I’m working on a 1:12 arcade right now. I missed out on that Xmen cabinet order window but I’ve got a few others already I’m customizing.
  2. You gave exhibit b a good chuckle lol. I agree too, the idea of changing gender and ethnicity just for the sake of changing it from white to (insert ethnicity here) is ridiculous. For example if you want to make a comedy of same gender individuals having a wedding themed adventure where hilarity ensues do you A. remake The Hangover but with all women calling it Hangover or do you B. Make a similar movie called Bridesmaids with all women in it? If you want to make an animated movie about an African American mermaid so those of African american identity can feel included then awesome, do so. Make a new movie about an AA mermaid. The choice to remake a classic and give it same name but take the main character from white to AA is not about inclusion it’s about taking an established white character and making her AA for the sake of appearing more liberal and hip cool and “with it” It’s not necessary to reverse whitewash just to make non whites feel included is what I’m saying. Prove me wrong Brother by all means.
  3. If any of you knows a retired air traffic controller (needs to be retired already and they’ll tell you why) talk to him or her regarding this subject. Probably have some interesting stories to tell. My uncle is a retired Air Force ATC. No direct sightings with his own eyes and no solid information. But he did say that they would get unidentified contacts periodically that would be pulling maneuvers and speeds that not only no current known military aircraft was capable but that no human pilot could survive. He served in the 70’s-80’s and retired mid 90’s. Take from that what you will.
  4. I’d maybe give them a pass for the exclusion of opened hands on Iceman if the “ice slide” looked more like, well... and ice slide. What we’re getting looks more like a base for him to stand on due to its diminutive size. Don’t get me wrong I’m all over these like a fat kid on a cupcake but taking into account that these retro releases have no BAF part the accessories and or extra heads/parts are supposed to make up for that. I’m not seein’ it with this wave. Likely due to the fact that Hasbro knows were all giddy for most of these figures and or just anything X-Men right now and we’ll just buy them anyway. They’re probably right.
  5. I knew she’d be white. That way we will all buy the eventual rerelease in black. You know it’s coming. And that Wolverine will be retooled into an AOA Wolverine. I just can’t believe Iceman comes with fists and non-opened hands. How can he simulate using his powers? He doesn’t shoot ice out of his closed fists?????
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