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  1. Yeah Havok is going to benefit from some cuffs to cover those wrist ledges. Maybe Bishop’s will work. I like the look of him overall despite his incorrectly colored jacket but why give him forearms the size of Colossus’??? Dude really must dig forearm curls man... I see his small hands, hope he doesn’t smell like cabbage. lol
  2. I finally have an all Black Punisher. I hate painting figures and I just realized that the Cloak figure is same body as Punisher. Swapped their forearms and calves and added Eric Killmonger’s gear and Paladins holster and voila! My perfect Punisher.
  3. If you go in store most Walmart’s I’ve been to have the 80th ann line marked down to $15. Was able to score a Cap, Thor and Iron Man all for $15 each. The Vintage Wave are all $11 also.
  4. Thank you. Well yes and no. It belongs to a Jakks Pacific WWF playset. I bought it loose off EBay some time ago. If you want it to look like mine however it will require a bit of customization. I made the newspaper inside and the Daily Bugle stickers (used to say WWF news on front iirc) I did and I’m not certain i agree about the hat. The sprue mark on front sux and would tend to suggest that would be on back of hat but the GameStop I got him from had 8 and two of them had the hat the other way around and I actually think this way looks better. The back of hat has a lip that bends down and with that on the front I like it less than the sprue mark. I’m proud to say I’ve never worn a cowboy hat personally so that lip might belong in the front and this figure may well have it on backwards but on the figure in person I prefer the way this looks personally.
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