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  1. That looks like the screencap I got as well. I was pretty confident the cel matches the frame, but the thing that bothered me was the orientation of the cel. It seems all wrong. I don't know what to make of the LD claim. I thought perhaps it was a limited cel like those from AWS, but if it was there would be paperwork.
  2. Too rich for my blood. Very nice though.
  3. @Fortress_Maximus They do a parody of Macross in episode #18. I have a couple cels from it.
  4. Long shot here, but does anyone have episodes of Rampoo the Flying Warped Boy? It was never released on DVD and the internet in general has very little of it (one full episode and some partial clips is all I could find). I am particularly interested in episode #18. Thanks.
  5. The new style is ok but I wouldn't pay that price for it. If it was the classic style though I would seriously consider it.
  6. Megazone 23 re-release coming up soon.
  7. Does anyone know if Mikimoto will create new art in his old style if requested to? Or does he only draw in his new style? The creator of the Kickstarter did not know.
  8. Curious that they both appear to have the same background. I can only guess that they might have been done as early tests of color variations and after then well known blue version won out the black uniform was no longer needed.
  9. Well I can't say that makes much sense to me. I saw no evidence in this thread that anyone was operating multiple accounts. Love the battloid crashing through the building by the way. I had tried to win some of those when they were offered.
  10. No idea what happened. Maybe something was said and the post(s) deleted by the admins? Either way MacrossManiac has seemed to have left the site.
  11. If you want to have your douga, genga, and backgrounds preserved, and you are willing to pay the cost, I say go for it. Paper document preservation is a well known and legitimate process used by libraries, museums, etc. I know probably the number collector in the world of original Dungeons & Dragons RPG items and he conserves all his high end purchases.
  12. I personally wouldn't buy a cel encased in resin either. At that point it would be so altered from its original condition that I wouldn't consider it a cel anymore. It'd be more of a decorative paperweight. All collector value would be destroyed, even if it was preserved till doomsday.
  13. As I understand it cels deteriorate by a process called hydrolysis, which is the effect of water molecules breaking down other molecules. The question is if you can remove 100% of the water from a cel will this process halt? Is it even possible to fully desiccate a cel, and without otherwise destroying it? Will encasing it in resin faciliate this? Unless the answer to all these questions is yes, encasing a cel in resin would be a wasted effort. My guess is if this was an effective preservation technique it would already be well known and widely in use.
  14. Ah, yes. I had forgotten about that scene. Thanks.
  15. Which episode? Broken Heart is the one where Minmei and Lynn Kyle are taken prisoner but there is no part in it where she falls. And the clothes she is wearing does not match. I though maybe from Phantasm when Rick is delirious but the shot is not in there either.
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