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  1. crazysteve

    Macross Delta Episode 26 Theories And Wishes

    We find out there will be a 27th episode.
  2. I figured it was Mikumo. I could've sworn I heard a bit of 'Love Drifts Away' when the Minmay flashback started, so I got confused when I heard DYRL playing later. I've always felt like Protoculture was the fourth pillar of every Macross story, right besides music, war, and transforming robots.
  3. crazysteve

    ARII 1/100 variables packaging variation question

    I'm no expert on the subject but I'd say based on an inspection of the sprues and the parts themselves that this was not the case. On top are the parts for the base VF-1J Max and on bottom is the Super VF-1A. Of particular note are the trees in the upper right of each set. You can see how they segregated all the parts so that the shared parts were included on two sprues in all the kits, but the parts unique to the super/non super configurations were on their own separate sprue (upper right of each pic). It looks like they just designed the base model first, then came up with new modified parts that could just be used wherever there needed to be armor or anchor points for the FAST packs. The biggest tell is that if you compare the outer halves of the legs, the base valks have panel lines on them that carry over from the inner part of the leg onto the outer part of the leg. But the outer leg parts on the super versions don't have the continued panel line detail. It's all kind of screwy but I think it's a consequence of ARII not designing the super parts as simple add ons, but instead making them all new parts with molded on detail that swap in wherever they need to be.
  4. crazysteve

    ARII 1/100 variables packaging variation question

    Oh yes the MacrossWorld models page will always be my go to resource when it comes to getting a really good idea of what all came out. It was there that I first saw a picture of the silver and black box VF-1S variants. The MW Original Arii list gets a little spotty near the end, though, and the super variables were the tail enders of the original Arii numbered releases. So I've looked around and found a few Japanese lists that fill in a the holes and complete the release info but very few address packaging variants like the MW list does. I did find this one Japanese list that I believe mentions the black box variant while showing the sliver one: http://www.plastic-models.net/macross_original_list.html And I believe this to be the most comprehensive list of 80s Macross models but I don't read Japanese so I can't figure out if these specific variations are discussed within: http://www.terra.dti.ne.jp/~dossoull/data32.html I realize I am kind of late to the party with all this and the last people who cared about ARII kits probably got out of the game 20 years ago, but I figured it was worth asking. I think I'll just start writing that 'only the 1S variable had the two styles of boxes' and wait for a comment or correction to pop up from the internet and set me straight.
  5. I only started collecting the ARII variables late last year. Does anyone know if the ARII varaible 1/00 super VFs all came in both black box and silver box variants? So far I've seen all the supers with 'black box' packages except for the 1D, and I know the 1S comes in both versions. But I've not seen silver variants for anything besides the 1S and 1D. Then again, I've only been looking since around October. I was hoping someone with more extensive ARII knowledge could explain which variants exist among the 1/100 varaible supers.
  6. crazysteve

    My first Macross Rewatch with my child!

    My kid is nine and it has been a tradition to watch the Christmas episodes of various 80s cartoons in December. So the only episode he'd been exposed to was that one. Well we've started watching it from the beginning and we got up to episode 5 before Delta stole his attention away. So the original is on the backburner for now. While we watched SDFM he really took a liking to Roy. But the other day after Messer died something clicked in his head and he's all-HEY WHY ISN'T ROY IN THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE? There's a lot of dread in both of our heads.
  7. crazysteve

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    If Heinz's singing triggers the var, why doesn't the NUNS just issue earplugs to all those cannon fodder pilots? With so much sound based weaponry being used on both sides I imagine the simplest precaution would be some good noise cancelling headphones. A deaf pilot squadron in Macross would be the unbeatable team.
  8. I ran across this auction for a 1/100 Bandai variable super 1S and noticed the arms swivel at the elbows. http://page23.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o148152251 I figured maybe the modeler modded them because the few Bandai 1/100 variables I have (the '97 15th anniversary reissues) don't rotate at the elbows. But then I looked closer at the auction pictures and noticed the seller didn't do any seam work on the thighs or legs. So would a person who wouldn't bother to cover seams do extensive mods to elbow joints? Or did Bandai at some point do some joint work on the arms so that later reissues can bend at the elbows?
  9. crazysteve

    Wonderfest 2016 - Louisville, KY

    I'm looking for pictures of the event and found these two entries on Flickr: A VF-4 https://www.flickr.com/photos/chuckjeffers/26881750933/in/album-72157668957731981/ and a nice launch arm w/super 1S https://www.flickr.com/photos/chuckjeffers/27489406675/in/album-72157668957731981/
  10. I was rather surprised at how close the Knights got to the Elysion without triggering any sort of defensive attack from the ship beyond Delta platoon. No ground to air missiles, no destroids, no nothing. Maybe the Knights were too far away to justify countermeasures but I expected the Elysion to do something, anything more. I wonder if they noticed the twin snooping around the ruins. Back in SDFM days the bridge was aware of every little penetration of airspace for what seemed like miles from the ship. I figure protoculture ruins would be a high priority asset worth protecting or at least monitoring, unless ruins are so common and inactive that they're generally ignored by the natives.
  11. Yeah Bogue's attempts at targeting Walkure are the only excitement during battles for me. Keith seems to be too in love with Messer at this point to kill him and none of the other Knights have been shown to be much of a threat to anyone. For all their vaunted superhuman physical abilities and superior airframes they still haven't proven to be much of a match for Delta's plain ol' human scum pilots.
  12. I didn't know fold bacteria was something they figured out how to put in people. I also couldn't tell if he was joking about makeup with hellaciously high SPF!