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  1. Despite what the Joker looks like, this film will be great! Anytime you have doubts just go watch Batman Begins, Memento, Insomnia, or the Prestige. I doubt this guy can screw up a movie right now. My 2 cents.
  2. I really want to see this now. I was impressed with Rocky Balboa, looks like this one may be good too....
  3. The crappy part about this is that whoever will be making replicas in place of MR will most likely rerelease everything that has been done till now. We may have years with nothing new actually being offered. I hope I'm wrong but this happens a lot.
  4. They are just releasing it now as part of thier CS (Collector's Society) exclusive release. So it'll be out there but may be hard to find......
  5. Did you notice ILM & Skywalker just signed on for this movie? That's a good sign IMO.
  6. Are you guys kidding? Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow & you're complaining? Gee, this might actually have a plot & some good acting, that sucks!
  7. The thing to remember is it is still Bond, they couldn't take all of the over-the-top stuff away. IMO, they just lessened the amount which made for a much better movie. You still have your one-liners, fast cars, great chase-scenes just like the other Bonds. But you get much more realism & grittiness with this one, for once the villian is somewhat believable & not some overblown cliche. I really enjoyed it, some will not because it is a movie that is different from what you'd expect from a Bond movie. For me, it was the first Bond movie that really captured my attention & held it for the entire movie.
  8. Great movie! Admitedly, it's different than the bond movies we're used to but in a good way IMO. A lot of the cheese is gone, the gadgetry is gone but the realism, acting, stunts are a lot better. Daniel Crag is great. I'd strongly suggest seeing this, one of the best movies I've seen all year. My 2 cents.
  9. Yeah, it was pretty good. Mindless, laughable fun that it is. If you go in expecting that, you'll enjoy it.
  10. Hey, I liked it too. Certainly not perfect but it's a great film (IMO).
  11. When he's fighting iceman, you can clearly see he has a lighter of some sort attached to the underside of his writst.
  12. You said it pretty well. Funny that a lot of people are saying that "this sucked" or "was terrible" when the movie is averaging a B+ on average (which is where I would put it, not great but good) from fan reviews (Yahoo).
  13. SPOILER! I don't think much damage was done at all as far as killing characters. We find out Xavier is alive albeit in another body. Most likey from Magneto's last scene, we find out the cure is only temporary. We never see Cyclops die, we're only told he did, they never found him. He could very well come back in a future movie and they could explain his disappearance on being in a "telekinetic coma" or something like that. The only real death as far as I'm concerned was Jean Grey. And I thought it was done well. I really enjoyed the ending with Wolverine taking her out. It was emotionally moving IMO. After all, these are comic book movies. People die and come back all the time.
  14. Saw it, liked it, probably would agree that it's weaker than the first two but wouldn't call it a disappointment by any means. BTW, the scene after the credits was awesome! That clinched my enjoyment of the movie which is odd considering most movie goers will NOT even see that scene.
  15. Then why are you in this thread? 400082[/snapback] My thoughts exactly, couldn't have put it better.
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