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  1. I've had one for years and spray cans can quickly overwhelm it if you get carried away. The filter is just plain old filter foam available from most plastics stores (well in Aus anyway). It is washable and the unit comes apart fairly easily. It does get a lot of build up through the maze and on the fan cage but once again easily cleaned. Here's what it looks like inside You do need to keep it clean as you can see by the pic that the pissy little fan has to suck to fumes through all that foam and once the foam gets a bit clogged it becomes near on useless. I've found that I can do around 4 to 5 full MG Gundam kits before the performance starts to drop off. I use some LED strips stuck around the inside for lighting.
  2. That looks awful It's more like an Eva than an Ingram.
  3. That's great but I would have thought they could come up something a bit more modern for the command car than a 1950's Ferret Scout Car
  4. Just where do you think you're going to put that young lady
  5. Not sure about the Lego aspect but it certainly doesn't do anything for me.
  6. I use one of these. One end fits Tamiya, the other Gunze and underneath is a slot for the lids that have the raised ridge in the centre of the lid. The blue thing is a grippy rubber sleeve that fits just about any jar.
  7. Funny you should say that. I started this the other day and it's a shocker I've never done a Wave kit before and I thought they were supposed to be good
  8. Here's a couple I've got. Yes they are Robotech but ya gotta take what can
  9. We've got some of those already in the Models section of Macrossworld classic.
  10. They are parts swap conversions. Pretty straight forward, just watch out for recasts, some of them can be awful.
  11. Pretty sure this pic covers all of them (there are a few double ups in the pile) except for the latest Bandai On-line exclusive GM Type C & Ball Type C combo kit.
  12. I'll add some more to the topic. I'm doing a repair and re-arming diorama featuring a mega Zaku. It's going to be in the desert so I knocked up a few HGUC Zakus in different colour schemes to see which one looks the best. First up is the scheme from the MS Igloo episode that features the Hildolfr. The EX Hildolfr kit comes with extra decals and colour guide to do one of the Feddie captured Zakus. The colours were mixed exactly as described but the brown doesn't look anything like the pictures Next is the colour scheme from the Bandai Pro Shop Katsumi Kawaguchi Produce Version. This was a Char version and I've added some shotguns from a really early Kampfer kit. Finally, seeing as the Zeon forces have an underlying German tone I thought I'd do an AfrikaKorp scheme. It's late theatre Glebbraun/Sandgrau. The Zaku is from the Ground War set so it has some different hands which I used along with a heathawk from the new Bandai weapon set.
  13. Thanks for the comments. Can't enter it into Bakuc as it has resin parts and even though the hovertruck is B-Club (read Bandai) because its resin its a no go as well.
  14. thegunny

    Kit's Power

    Why hasn't this topic been deleted or at least locked when it it is promoting items that are obviously ripped off from other people.
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