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  1. Don't really come here anymore, email me if you have my mail address, if you don't ....well sorry.

  2. robokochan

    Going to Japan in 2 weeks!!!

    It would be helpful, but not exactly needed. The only requirement to work in Japan is to have at least a 4 year degree in something or have a spousal visa or something. What you need and what they look at: 1. 4 Year Degree - Anything will do, but something related to teaching or English is a plus. 2. Visa Type - You need sponsorship, a company / workplace can provide it, or you can get married. 3. Experience - The more you have, the higher you are paid. If you don't have any, volunteer somewhere (Community Center or Special Needs School). 4. Patience, patience and more patience. Although they can't come out and say that they care about this, but looks do matter. If a school doesn't like the way you look, they won't even bother to respond to your resume no matter how qualified you are or the experience you have. In private school it is not about ability but advertising. Right now I work as a free-lance teacher for the ministry of education. Schools request me to come in when the JET teacher has totally screwed things up, or when JET teachers refuse to teach at a school. Starting next year the M.O.E. will be phasing out the JET program. And they will be opening up bids for private schools to take over to some extent, but mostly it will be handled by Japanese teachers who have a teaching license for English. So if you want to work inside a public school, your best chance would be to appy to a company called "W5" (pronouced "Dubba-five"). Rob
  3. Try boiling it in water. It doesn't burn and very little if any cracks. Takes a bit longer but worth it in the end. Rob
  4. robokochan

    Going to Tokyo on Feb23 to 27

    If you come down to Osaka, shoot me a PM and I will be happy to meet up with you and show you around. Rob
  5. robokochan


    Why did I click on the link.....? Why did I click on the link........?
  6. robokochan

    Dollhouse (new series by Joss Whedon)

    Firefly was awesome. But the Dollhouse was seriously lacking....
  7. robokochan

    Kick-Ass The Movie

    Looks promising...
  8. robokochan

    Stargate Universe

    I personally loved it. I can't wait to see more. While I love the Stargate series... this will be a very refreshing change.
  9. robokochan

    Family Mart Macross Frontier Movie Promo

    Actually a Lawson version would look quite nice ....
  10. robokochan

    Family Mart Macross Frontier Movie Promo

    No there won't be other Covienence store valks. Family Mart got the contract...
  11. Hello All, Thought that a few of you guys may be interested in this. It is the free "Road-Show" flyer for the Macross Frontier Movie. Enjoy. If it was already posted....apologies... Rob
  12. robokochan

    Moscato's Models

  13. robokochan

    Sailor Moon "Live-Action" Series..

    Wow. I had forgotten all about this...... Sum up the story. He grew out of it. Now I have a daughter...and all she wants is boy things..... I just have all the luck.....
  14. robokochan

    Destroid Spartan

    Wow I didn't know I was rude about it...... Many times it had been requested and you always said no or didn't answer....