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  1. As I've said in similar threads like this, gotta go with the bastard love-child of the VF-1 and Q-Rau: The YF-21. Makes sense that they'd want to make a fighter that combines the human and Zentradi/Meltradi heritages.
  2. ^^This. I'm also curious if the armor is removable and can be posed to sit on a stand.
  3. I think our buddies who have been waiting longer for the Sentinel Legioss would want that put up for pre-order first.
  4. A nice little hook and riff with some catchy lyrics:
  5. A few observations: 1) I actually looked at all the production versions of the 6-inch Black Series Lukes (over on the Rebelscum Photo Archives). And it seems like only the A New Hope versions of Luke look the most Mark Hamill-ish. All the other ones (for Empire and ROTJ) just look a bit "off." 2) I'd be curious to see how these new Luke headsculpts look without the paint apps. Hasbro has a reputation of coming up with some beautiful looking headsculpts that are marred by absolutely horrid and/or sloppy paint app choices (A few GI Joe figures and Star Wars figures come to mind). 3) It's frustrating to still see these issues, when one of the big selling points for Hasbro going to a 6-inch scale was that the larger scale would help them come up with more accurate headsculpts and likenesses.
  6. So, this is Luke as portrayed by Not-Mark Hamill, right? I guess the rule of thumb is: Stick with A New Hope versions of Luke, and avoid almost all other versions from the other movies.
  7. Or they could go back to the old 3 3/4" scale and milk the existing molds they already have (that added in the targeting computer).
  8. Wonder if HasLab would be crazy enough to do a full-on, in-scale Red Two X-Wing, complete with moving wings, integrated landing gear, and other cool features?
  9. I have no idea where I'd put it. But if they make a SOC Legendary Defender, I'd hope they make the Sincline combiner too. And while we're at it, it'd be awesome if they did the Fleet of Doom robeast combiner.
  10. What do you tell a Luke Skywalker with two black eyes? . . . . . . . . . NOTHING!! YOU ALREADY TOLD HIM TWICE!
  11. Not saying you can go crazy-go-nuts posing it, but you can still get some good poses out of the 1/48 GBP-1S:
  12. Even after upping the scale to six inch figures, Hasbro’s still hit and miss on nailing Mark Hamill’s likeness.
  13. Nice pics of the combos and Betas. But the stickers and WWII invasion stripes really do add some extra “oomph” to their look:
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