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  1. Love the whole instrumental accompaniment on this:
  2. Vader: "Who needs the Force, when you got these GUNS!"
  3. Those X-Men avatars actually look pretty good. But I've been rolling with Chopper since the beginning. Kinda gotten attached to the cantankerous droid.
  4. Since I haven’t purchased enough of these companies’ toys to pass a judgment on best, I’ll have to list only my favorites: Yamato: YF-21 (never bought the 1/60 Version 2 VF-1’s) Arcadia: Never purchased any. Bandai: SOC Golion. . . . Never specified it had to be Macross-related!
  5. I can only guess on the big ones: Back row (starting from the left): - 1/55 Chunky; - 1/48 Yammy; - 1/48 Bandai; - 1/55 Toynami. Middle Row: - 1/60 V2 Yammy/Arcadia; - ??? - ??? - 1/60 Version 1 Yammy. The rest?
  6. One additional wrinkle to consider: posing the different Valks going from Fighter to Gerwalk to Battroid (or from Gerwalk to Battroid). For example: -1/55 Chunky Monkey - Fighter mode -1/60 Yamato V1 - Mid-transformation pose (arms back Gerwalk?) -1/48 Yamato - Full Gerwalk mode -1/60 Yamato V2 - Mid-transformation to Battroid -1/60 Arcadia - Battroid -1/48 Bandai DX - Action posed out Battroid.
  7. An oldie pic: And The Old Republic:
  8. Whiny? Yes. But calling the guy who ran into a prison cell to rescue a princess he never met, a guy that stepped into an X-Wing to face a Death Star, a guy that still chased after an AT-AT even after he got shot down, a guy that still fought Vader and tried to rescue his friends despite warnings, a guy that walked into Jabba’s palace to shake down a crime boss, and a guy that stared down the Emperor after (foolishly) tossing away his lightsaber and calling him a “wuss”? I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  9. “It’s dead, Jim. I couldn’t resurrect it, even if I infused it with fluids from a Tribble that I injected with genetically superior blood from some British guy claiming to be Khan.”
  10. Anyone got a spare Genesis Device, something that can work on an Alpha Quadrant-sized area? Something that can reset the Alpha Quadrant back to right after the Dominion War and wipes out the Kelvin timeline? 100+ years should have improved the device, right?
  11. It didn't help that Berman tried to sell the Season 3 Xindi arc as the first time Trek would do continuous story arcs. Umm. . . DS9 had ALREADY done that MULTIPLE times years before.
  12. I've watched too much Clone Wars and Rebels. So, had to fill an obvious hole in my collection and get Rex:
  13. The show is actually available on Disney+.
  14. She was already a full-on adult around the time of Star Wars Rebels (just before the Rogue One timeframe). So assuming same growth rate as humans, late 20's/early 30's at that point? So, she's probably in her 40's by the time of Mando and Baby Yoda. Edit: Or just figure, she's probably 15 to 20 years old than Luke.
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