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  1. Mog


    I'm actually fine with the design shown. It's a nice mix of the updated look with the original animated look. Considering we only got CM's rendition of Houquet for general release, I'm fine with Sentinel sticking a little closer to the original anime design. From what I can tell in the drawing, the heels, arm armor pieces, chest armors, and helmet visor will be different from the "standard" Mospeada armor. Also from the drawing, it looks like Houquet's own chest armor will have those flared red shoulder pads that I really like. We still have to see how all the pieces look in Bike mode, and I'd like for Houquet to have a more feminine V shape running from her hips to her feet. But it's a very promising design that they showed off in that drawing.
  2. Mog

    Batman The Animated Series

    They need to add the rest of the DC Animated Universe series all the way through Justice League Unlimited. And maybe toss in Mask of the Phantasm and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker for good measure. So much sustained goodness for all those years!
  3. Mog

    All things Voltron

    Because HG doesn't have the stones to shell out the big bucks for some stylishly-animated fights, the competence to write well-written multi-dimensional characters, the patience to play the long game in paying off story threads, or the subtle touch to put in meta-references that only old-school fans would appreciate (seriously, that RPG spoof episode was chock full of 'em). But getting back to this last season, am I the only one thinking
  4. Mog

    Music Thread 2.0

    A crunchy, heavy guitar riff mixed in with an absolutely over-the-top operatic sound.
  5. Mog

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    So does Bandai's 1/48 VF-1 announcement make it more likely or less likely that Arcadia will do a proper TV-Style SDF-1? It's still the one key Macross holy grail that hasn't been done in modern times.
  6. Mog


    Thank you, Sentinel!! So pumped to be seeing confirmation that the Yellow and Houquet are gonna get made! I just hope Sentinel goes with that image and has Houquet's shoulderpads/armor painted red (not white like on the CMS figure). Just don't like the vest-like look it gives when those shoulderpads are painted white or left off completely. As for their Legioss, it has to jump through the following hoops before I take another plunge: Strong rachet joints in the main joints, especially the shoulders and hips; Fighter mode that locks in tight; and Good looking combo mode with a Tread, bonus points if there's multiple solid connecting points between the two. Believe me, I know how fragile and frustrating the Toynami Alphas are. And I know there's room to improve on the Toynami Beta's design/look. But when you get an Alpha that works, that fighter combo mode looks so damn good! But back on topic, WE'RE (hopefully) COMPLETING THE RIDE ARMOR TEAM IN A LARGE SCALE!!!!!!!!!
  7. Once Hasbro ditched the 3 3/4” scale for the 6 inch scale and left us with 5 POA figures, I knew it was time to leave. As much as it sucked at the time, I feel like I made the right decision to jump out. If you could actually find them (seriously, Hasbro’s horrid distribution and case assortments killed the toy lines), the Vintage Collection figures (from the early 2010’s) were pretty damn solid.
  8. One thing that always bugged me (and wasn’t addressed in Rebels) was what the hell happened to Rex during Order 66. Using this as bait for Disney’s streaming service is annoying. But if we can get that story in animated format and get a better closing to Clone Wars, I’m all for it.
  9. Even though I’ve read about what happens in that Ahsoka story, it’ll be fun to finally see those moments animated.
  10. Mog

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    So, I just finished binging Luke Cage Season 2 over the weekend. Wasn't planning to finish off the season, but there was a really good stretch of 6 or 7 episodes that were really damn good. Having watched the last episode though, I find myself conflicted about this past season of Luke Cage. Much like Season 3 of Mr. Robot, I found this season of Luke Cage to be really, REALLY good. But I'm not sure how I feel about how they ended their respective seasons. Bushmaster was a really compelling and well-developed villain (much more like Cottonmouth and less cartoony like Diamondback). They built up the story and characters from the first season. And the themes and storylines they created just connected well with me (the anger from various characters, the parent-child relationships). But I'm not sure how I feel about that ending.
  11. Mog


    * As I've said in earlier posts, start with the Tamiya Smoke, then go with the Tamiya Clear Blue. Make sure you're painting against a white background, as it'll help you judge just how dark the smoke is being applied. If you're going to make a mistake, err on the side of applying not enough smoke. If you still want to see the face behind the visor, you'll definitely want to go light with painting the Tamiya Smoke. * Most folks here would recommend using an airbrush, rather than a standard paint brush. If you must use a paint brush, I cannot stress enough how difficult the Tamiya clears are to brush paint with. I've painted tons of custom figures over the years, and I still found the Tamiyas difficult as hell to work with. * Regarding the visor clips, I'm assuming you mean the white bits on top of the visor, correct? I tried my best to paint around and avoid them. They're just too small to tape over. After the Tamiya paints dried, I just went over those bits and touched them up with some white paint.
  12. Mog


    ^^Please let it be Yellow. Please let it be Yellow. Please let it be Yellow. I know: probably a snowball’s chance in hell of anything being revealed. But nothing wrong in hoping.
  13. Mog


    ^^The HUD lines are etched on the inside. I suspect if you paint on the inside, those lines will still show up. I also suspect that unless you wipe the silver paint off completely, you may still have some silver paint buried deep within the visor lines, making the whole exercise of painting it from the inside moot.
  14. Mog


    Yes, you apply a LIGHT layer of Tamiya Smoke (X-19) to the OUTSIDE of the visor, let it dry, then add the clear blue. Dont go too heavy on the smoke, or the visor will get so tinted that you won’t be able to see anything through it. Also, if you’ve ever brush painted toys before, realize that the Tamiya clears are a royal PAIN to apply with a brush. If you must use a brush, use a tapping/dabbing method to apply the clears. The usual painting methods will just result in a horrible, streaky mess. Good luck!