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  1. Netflix Marvel Universe

    Thank the Jesus! Considering all the different directions they can go with this (team up, advance Luke's solo story, advance Danny's solo story, sow the seeds for Daughters of the Dragon), hopefully we won't have any of those lull, meh sections we get with most Marvel Netflix series. If I'm being honest, I think Daredevil Season 1 was the only Netflix season that was solid throughout. Since some of the best parts of The Defenders was when Luke and Danny were interacting (or kicking ass), this is good news. Haven't started Punisher just yet (a few other things are in the Netflix que ahead of it), but I'll share my thoughts once I finish up the series. Or after I pass one of those "OH CRAP!!!!11!!!11!!!" moments.

    Thanks for all the pics and info, tekering! I may not pick this up, but it's still nice to see all the comparison pics and all the details we never get to see in the promo pics. What's your opinion on the hip joints? Any chance this figure can pull off any A-stances either in Armo-Diver or Soldier mode? Also, are those ratcheted shoulder joints strong enough to hold a one-armed, pointing-the-gun-out-with-arm-pretty-much-parallel-to-the-ground pose? If this can pull those two things off, we may have a new standard-bearer in the Legioss/Alpha toy category.

    So, is there any official word from Sentinel that they are going to make a Houquet and/or Yellow version? I'm very tempted to go in but would like more assurance that the line will get completed.
  4. Welp, if they go with JJ, it's time for the fast-paced plot that won't make a lick of sense once you walk out the theater, characters whose only motivation is that "the plot demanded they take that course of action," massive derivative slatherings of nostalgia, and stuff that looks like Star Wars but doesn't match the creativity of the originals. Should I expect a 3-legged AT-ST now, or a final battle on forest planet NOT named Endor's moon?
  5. Star Trek: Discovery

    If I remember correctly, Ezri had to take command of the Defiant, and her memories of captaining as Jadzia (during the Dominion War) came back to the forefront. In this particular case, at least there was some basis from the TV series for the career path switch.
  6. With all this talk about nostalgia and old designs versus new designs, I find myself looking back at the design work in Ron Moore's BSG and thinking, "Damn! They did a really good job homaging the old designs and updating the 'newer' in-universe versions." Just look at how cool both versions of the Viper are. Or even the differences between the Bucket and the Beast. With the Star Wars designs for the sequel trilogy, it just seems like they're stuck on the same designs with very miniscule tweaks.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    If you liked Garak from DS9, I'd recommend A Stitch in Time. It was written by the actor that portrayed the character, fills in a lot of Garak's backstory, and goes a little into how Cardassia was post-Dominion War. I also read the first two books of the DS9 Relaunch. They weren't too shabby. Considering she was the first Bajoran character we ever met, I understood why they wanted to put Ro Laren on the station. I also didn't mind the new characters they introduced: a 100-year old Starfleet commander (tons of experience, elderly equivalent), an Andorian (a race we hadn't really seen since TOS), and a Jem'Hadar that Odo sends back to experience more than just fighting and war (and that brings up unresolved issues for Nog). I also liked the idea of Ezri considering the command track. Now, I can't really speak to anything that happens after these books or the direction they took these characters afterwards. But there was enough "meat" there to pique my interest.
  8. STAR WARS Merchandise Episode - 2

    Make that an X-Wing, instead of the Landspeeder. And maybe, MAYBE you can justify the price.
  9. Netflix Marvel Universe

    So, I finished up The Defenders the weekend it came out. After taking some time to think about it, here's my impressions for the overall series: the first 6 episodes are pretty good and fun. But despite being only 8 episodes long, the last two episodes kinda fall off the rails, leaving a really, REALLY bad impression at the end. One thing that kinda stunk was that the fights in the last two episodes were pretty meh with nothing too memorable about them. After re-watching the Nobu-Daredevil fight from Season 1, I think I know the reason for this "meh-ness": the heroes aren't in any serious risk during these fights. The fights in the last two episodes (with one notable exception) also just seem to be very "by the numbers," or the characters are just going through the motions. Other fight-related gripes: Other complaints: Lastly, the actual episodes may have not used Nirvana's "Come as You Are." But if you listen careful enough during the start of Episode 7, you can hear the guitar riff from "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," a song that Nirvana did a cover of.
  10. All things Voltron

    Anyone catch the shortened Season 3 on Netflix yet? Looks like they're going the with Lotor. Lotta questions and backstory that they built up in this season too.
  11. Netflix Marvel Universe

    Just went through the first five eps of the Defenders. Didn't like the opening credits at first (felt like Avengers-lite), but it's been growing on me. Gotta love that: And Episode 3: Also, having Sigourney Weaver as
  12. Netflix Marvel Universe

    As much as I love the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, it still looks a little weird with Matty in full costume, while the other three are in plain clothes. Still looking forward to this, even if the threat of more Hand (the most meh chunk of DD Season 2) is imminent.
  13. The story so far has got some depth. I'm glad they took the time to explain ol' Vlad's motivation for letting loose the dogs of war (and not just lean on the trope that DRACULA EVIL!!!!111). Also,

    Hey jenius, can you have them confirm whether either of those Legiosses or Alphas have ratchet joints, especially in the shoulder and hip areas?
  15. Anyone catch this on Netflix yet? It's loosely based on the Castlevania III NES video game. The characters got some nice depth and backstory to each of them, and the series upped the gore factor by about 1000 percent (Considering Dracula raises an army from the bowels of hell, those demons do some pretty graphic killings). The only con is that this first "season" is ridiculously short (clocking in at only 4 episodes long). But it's a really good series that I'm intrigued to see more of.