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  1. I think you mean Clarissa, Julie’s sister. Julie’s the rebellious sister that got involved with the protomolecule in Seasons 1 and 2. Regarding the belters, I get how some of the very minor characters and political figures can be annoying. But the development and character moments for Ashford and Drummer made me fans of those two.
  2. Welp, Amos is an ass-kicker who just says whatever is on his mind and doesn’t fear anyone, paying zero heed (or fraks) to their rank or status. I kinda knew going in that watching one ep a week would have a different feel: they got so many characters, and all those characters are spread all over the whole system for this season. Plus, the show tends to end most eps with some sort of cliffhanger or big surprising reveal. Makes the show very conducive to binging, but not so much for a slower weekly experience. If you’re looking for something to fill in that wait, the after-episo
  3. Who you callin’ “chunky”?
  4. Can we just agree that Boba was a complete dumbass in ROTJ? Boba sees a guy flailing around with a laser-sword, and his first inclination is to fight the dude AT CLOSE RANGE. Does no one ever listen to HK-47’s sage advice about defeating a Jedi?! Boba’s got a jetpack. Why not engage from a distance? Toss grenades and other long-range weapons at your opponent? Or aim same said weapons at your opponent’s blind and Wookiee friends? Or blast at the wires holding Lando up? Do things to take advantage of a Jedi’s selfless nature. And before even considering all that, why did
  5. Well in Clone Wars, Boba did go after Mace but wound up in jail because of it. Plus, he showed signs of guilt about deceiving the younger clones and some of the clone officers in the process. If Boba does have a hit list for getting tossed in the Sarlacc pit, it’s probably (in order of preference): * Han; * A gunner on Jabba’s sail barge (assuming he survived Luke’s saber-waving barrage on the barge’s deck AND the sail barge blowing up); and * MAYBE Luke. But again, Luke isn’t directly responsible for Boba’s little flight and landing into the pit. It’d be like me
  6. Thanks for the update! Looks like I’ll get to join in the Legioss fun (hopefully) before the end of the month. Paint’s ready to get rid of the hot pink color on Houquet too.
  7. What would Boba have to worry about though? Luke did destroy Boba’s rifle, but he did tie up Luke and almost shot him in the back in ROTJ. It’s just that a dumbass sail barge gunner and Han’s lucky swipe interrupted their fight. If anything, I think Boba’s smart enough not to pick a fight and just tell Luke, “You owe me a rifle, Jedi.” Especially if he saw the crumpled piles of Darktroopers all across the ship.
  8. A-A-Ron is probably thanking his lucky stars the teacher has a new focus for his ire.
  9. To think it started with dumb phrases like Sky-Guy and Artooie and had Rex shouting almost every single line in the first “movie” to having this much depth and character development by the end. The show really did grow into something much better and richer.
  10. Jedi’s? Sith? Nah, roll with the Imperial Knights:
  11. Looks like Sentinel wants to get some mileage and reuse for that female mold they’re developing for Houquet. Still haven’t seen any payment request from Amazon.jp on the Zeta Legioss yet. Hopefully, Sentinel is still on schedule for that.
  12. Don't forget you also have my Yamato 1/48 TV VF-1A Max that "yellowed" from bright blue to teal. That box had no clear window in the packaging, so no light could have gotten through. BUT the boxed up TV Max was left up in my attic exposed to tons of massive temperature changes. So, that was probably the biggest factor for the yellowing/tealing.
  13. I did get a smirk-laugh when Boba said he couldn't volunteer for the Imperial base infiltration, because "They might recognize my face." Dry humor which was appropriate for the scene, is somewhat plausible for the character to say, and a fun little inside joke for Star Wars fans to get.
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