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  1. Everyone knows a Trek fan will re-route power from the Secondary EPS Manifold to bypass the subspace interference, and use a thermocoupler to enhance the signal, and then use the additional subspace bandwidth from the main deflector array to enhance the noise reduction function not readily available in a Level 4 diagnostic. Non-techno-babble explanation: a Trek fan will just borrow the password of a friend or family member.
  2. I'd be curious if they executed Order 66. But other than Echo and probably the squad leader, the characters themselves are kinda one-note. Has potential, but we'll see.
  3. If I was to prioritize the changes/improvements to any potential Tread: 1). Good-looking, solid, LOCKING connection between the Legioss and Tread. If I wanna pose the combo mid-Immelmann turn, I wanna know it will hold firm. 2). Transformation process that keeps an appropriately sized cockpit AND the correct looking chest/sternum for Armo-soldier. Would like to be able to have a same-size pilot in there too, but not a requirement (to have a removable pilot). 3). No gaps or minimal gaps in bomber mode, especially in the underside behind the cockpit. 4). Retractable missile racks on the TOPS of the shoulders. 5). Gatling gun. Don’t care if it’s canon or not. The gun would fit the Tread’s burly look. 6). Missiles to attach to RECESSED hard points on the wings. 7). Pivots in the front “toes,” to help with an A stance. And it goes without saying, keep ratchet joints all over this puppy!
  4. Welp, the good thing is that the Sentinel Legioss legs and feet don’t stick as far out behind the fighter (compared to the Toynami). Also, the connection point for the stand on the Sentinel is further back on the fighter than the connection point on the Toynami Alpha. If the Sentinel Legioss sits deeper into the Tread, that’s another factor in shrinking the required length of the boom. Also, it really all depends on the design choices and transformation processes Sentinel makes for the Tread’s center fuselage.
  5. I’ve seen one or two repaints on Hisstank.com. But I’m waiting for someone to cut off the turtle shell on her shoulder.
  6. Nah, still the 3.75” scale figures. So, it’s just the standard Jedi robes that come with most figures. There is a technique of wetting the robes to get them to sit more naturally. But this was just a case of me folding and primping it to get it to look “right.”
  7. Filling in and improving what Hasbro neglected. Customized Knights of the Old Republic figures:
  8. There’s not much they can change in the transformation process for the Tread’s arms, legs, and yellow array. Maybe tweak connection tabs and proportions. But the improvements and changes will be in the chest, cockpit, and connection to the Legioss. Sentinel could design it to make the Legioss connect “deeper” into the Tread. But we’ll see.
  9. Without the Sentinel in hand, all I can do is speculate. It just seems like the most logical locking spots: one under as the connecting boom and two above in the arms. The only other potential locking spot I could think of is having the Legioss arm boosters connect into the Tread chest circles. But a top-down locking connection just seems like the most secure and easiest way to go about it. Of course, there’s still the question of how to pull off the cockpit and chest.
  10. I thought it’s just two: the lighter blue with gold weapons (exclusive) and the darker blue with silver weapons/fish (mass release). Of course, if previous lines are any indication, there will eventually be about 3 billion versions of Cobra Commander. . . give or take.
  11. Unless you want a telescoping or segmented connecting boom, there’s not much that can be done, design-wise. On the Tread, there’s just not that much room for where that boom would have to come out of. Where Sentinel can improve the design is making a more solid, locking connection between the Tread and Legioss. A lot of us are speculating that those slots on the arms of the Legioss are additional connecting points. Both Toynami’s and CM’s connection just kinda “sits” there. Toynami’s “looks” like the most unified, but you wouldn’t be flipping the combined fighter upside-down.
  12. Make no mistake: I absolutely love and adore the Toynami Beta. But even I know it can be improved upon, especially with all the gaps in bomber mode (pictures “borrowed” from Anymoon):
  13. Yup, that CM's combined fighter mode looks like the Legioss and Tread were on separate shelves: Not flush with each other at all.
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