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  1. It isn't said outright, but I suspect that file Natasha gave Cap at the end of Winter Soldier had info about the assassination/hit. Hence, her warning about "You might not want to pull on that thread."
  2. So, it only took me 30+ years, but I finally completed the set: I guess the ultimate question is: a) Should I have told my younger self to just fork over the extra $5.95 for the Land Team, in order to save me from paying a whole hell of a lot more in the future? (Yes, I bought the Air and Sea teams each for this price way, WAY back in the day!) OR b) Did waiting this long make me value completing it all the more?
  3. The Nintendo Switch

    I lovingly refer to BOTW as "Grand Theft Hyrule." Just really love the open sandbox feel of the game. So much to explore, so many different ways to beat the random bad guy hordes. And I love the fact that I can climb any stinking mountain just for the heck of it (or to find the most obscure of Korok nuts)!

    CLEARLY, there's only one solution to this dilemma: alternate helmets/heads included! 1) Smooth visor 2) Kibbled visor 3) Helmet-less head

    Is the visor-kibble actually found in the redesign images?
  6. I read somewhere that based on run-times it'd be over 38 hours long! In that even crazier listing I tossed out, I forgot to add the Marvel shorts, one-shots that they've had over the years too. That would add an extra 30 minutes or so.
  7. So, who's gonna be crazy enough to do a full Marvel Marathon (all the MCU films + the TV shows + the Netflix series, all done in mostly chronological order)? For quality purposes, let's just drop Inhumans and most of Iron Fist from this challenge.
  8. Just a beautiful ending. Considering I wasn't exactly sold on Rebels when it first aired (Sith Inquisitor with a spinning lightsaber?!), this show really stepped up its game. A truly worthy successor to The Clone Wars.
  9. Well, considering it's an extra-dimensional portal that allows a Force user access to any point in space and time and considering how overly-cautious the Jedi Order can be, I can see why knowledge of the temple was "conveniently" forgotten by the Order. It's not exactly something you want your average Jedi Padawan to be aware of. I've never been exactly fond of the whole Mortis arc from Clone Wars ("despise" is probably a more accurate word). So when I saw their portraits in this episode, I started getting seriously worried. But their use here was acceptable. Filoni was able to use them to close up a dangling plot thread from years ago (and at least cause that particular ending to make a little more sense). It gave a nice growth moment for Ezra (Seriously, who else could have given that message to Ezra about saving a master?). And it gave them an excuse to bust Palpy out. I can also see why someone referred to the episode as trippy; those animated paintings really juxtaposed with the CGI characters. But it did remind me of Anakin's vision/trial in the cave from Tartakovsky's Clone Wars Volume II. And that's never a bad thing!
  10. Loved all the reactions from the crew afterwards, as well. And I'm pretty sure Thrawn's none too pleased to be adding "Repair Fuel Depot - $12 Billion Galactic Credits" to his proposal to good ol' Palpy.
  11. General TV thread

    Anyone following Mr. Robot? I thought they were absolutely killing it with every single episode of Season 3, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the season finale. Still not completely sold on the direction and reveals in that last episode, and I really wasn't feeling the return of that certain character at the end.
  12. Loved Pong Krell from that arc, but I just wish. . . Regarding how Rogue One futzed up stuff from ANH, yes, that last scene was fan service (which was alright for me personally). And yes, as Dobber mentioned, it does impact some key lines Vader says at the beginning of ANH. But can we also agree this is mitigated by R1 placing one hell of a great retcon? Star Wars fans (before R1): "Why did a bloody EXHAUST port suck IN a photon torpedo?!!!!!" Lucasfilm after R1: "The Death Star designer secretly put that in as a fatal flaw." Star Wars fans afterwards: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohhhhh."