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  1. Mog


    Any word from Sentinel yet on when Yellow and Blowsuperior will be released?
  2. Mog

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    I wonder if they can still re-configure the shows to become Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes for Hire? As I mentioned in some of the spoiler posts above, I was intrigued enough to see how they'd move forward with Fist's Season 3. Bummer.
  3. Mog

    The Venture Brothers

    I take it back: Brock destroyed some of Copy Cat’s heist crew a few episodes back.
  4. Mog

    The Venture Brothers

    Are you talking about the season finale or the last ep with the blizzard maker and the assassination attempt? Because if it’s the latter, ask Brock to say “spaghetti.” Honestly, we haven’t really had a full-on “Brock MDK’s a poor fool” moment this entire season.
  5. Mog

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    Yeah, pretty much. Season 1 had a lot of Hand nonsense, corporate boardroom shenanigans, and too much chi talk. In Season 2, Episode 1, they do a quick summary of the key events from Season 1 and Defenders that catches you up before starting into Season 2 proper. The main things you may NOT get from the summary are that: Colleen Wing used to be a Hand disciple, but changed sides. Ward started off hating Danny, while Joy seemed more open to him. But by the end of Season 1, they both switched (Ward being open to Danny and Joy plotting revenge against Danny). Misty Knight met Danny and Colleen during Defenders. Misty lost her arm, protecting Colleen during Defenders. Danny's company gave Misty a new arm during Luke Cage Season 2. Honestly, I maybe only watched the first and last episode of Season 1 in their entirety and just skimmed a few other eps. You're probably better off just going straight into Season 2.
  6. Mog

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    Couldn't let Matt Murdock get all the comic book suit fun. Let the beatdowns ensue! Oct.19th So, Born Again adaptation? Typhoid Mary making an obvious appearance? Bullseye? Considering how Cage and Fist both ended their last seasons, I'm curious if DD will surprise us with its Season 3 ending.
  7. I can accept Luke becoming a salty curmudgeon in his old age. I can almost get behind Luke being reluctant to train another Jedi. And I can almost understand Luke having a temporary moment of weakness and seriously consider killing his nephew. BUT I don't, won't, and can't support a Luke who doesn't run off to save his friends and family at the first sign of trouble. It doesn't jive with the Luke we saw in A New Hope, in Empire Strikes Back, nor in Return of the Jedi. That guy never hesitated to save others. And no matter how dire the situation, he can always fall back to "I once saved my father, who was the most evil bastard in all of the galaxy. This ain't squat!"
  8. Mog

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    So, I barrelled through Iron Fist Season 2 last weekend (10 episodes). Starts off a little slow at the beginning, but DEFINITELY MUCH better than the first season. We still have to deal with the Meachum siblings, but they toned down the corporate scheming a bunch. After some initial misgivings, the Meachum sibs turned out be much more consistent and interesting characters the second time around. For those of you who have watched Season 2: Other random thoughts:
  9. Mog

    The Venture Brothers

    So, HELPeR, Mark II’s voice sounded oddly familiar. Turns out it’s Coran from Netflix Voltron. But yeah, this has been a fun season so far. Wonder what the next big reveal will be.
  10. I don’t think they ever released Fives in his ARC deco. And 5 POA doesn’t cut it for me, unless it’s a senator or standing at attention clone/trooper. They’re called action figures for a reason. But yeah, Hasbro made it pretty clear that they didn’t want to continue the 3 3/4” line that Kenner started oh so many years ago.
  11. I find it kinda ironic that Hasbro has gone back to caring about the collectors again. I understand that it was getting expensive for them to keep the 3 3/4" line going (too expensive to make all the parts necessary for super-articulated figures and shrinking profit margins). But the double-whammy of forcing collectors to go to the 6-inch scale and my meh-ness towards TFA finally made me to leave the Hasbro collecting game completely. Even before all this happened though, there were so many signs that Hasbro kept screwing up a good thing: We saw tons of cool figures during Comic-Con and Toy Fair, but good luck ever finding them in an actual brick-and-mortar store. Their case assortments were atrocious (Did they really need to repack a not-so-good Darth Vader and a Sandtrooper again?). They over-produced the Phantom Menace wave, but never produced enough of the other Vintage collection waves. They used to do a bunch of online Q&A's with various collector websites. But once people kept pointing out the issues with distribution and case assortments, Hasbro just gave canned answers and stopped doing the Q&A's all-together. They never took full advantage of releasing figures that appeared in later season Clone Wars or Rebels (never released Pong Krell, Fives, Maul-deco'ed Mandalorians, articulated Bo Katan, Season 3 and later Ezra Bridger, Rebels-Era Rex, etc.). So, basically Hasbro has a massive uphill climb to bring an old collector like me back into the fold. In all honesty, Hasbro has no one to blame but themselves for this whole situation.
  12. Mog

    Star Wars Resistance

    Really hope the kid ditches Poe, finds himself in the Outer Rims or Unknown Regions, pushed back in time about 10-20 years, and winds up on a little “trip” with Sabine Wren and Ahsoka the White.
  13. Mog

    All things Voltron

    Most of the articles I’ve read state that Season 8 is the last season (per the series creators’ choice). Doesn’t preclude them from novel tie-ins or coming up with spin-off series. But that’s their game plan.
  14. Mog

    All things Voltron

    Okay, just powered through all the recently released eps (Season 7). Yeah, the creators put some serious homages to But even with all these, we've got to be building towards