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  1. Yes, the Alphas have pretty awful flaws, but I found ways to get decent poses out of 'em:
  2. Never got the original version as a kid. But I do prefer the black tailfins on the re-release. And I do like the extra details in the updated cockpit. I understand the desire for two-seater, but it’s that whole “give and take” thing with the bird being slightly underscaled. If I was bonkers enough to get a second Sky Striker, they did have black and yellow stripe stickers. Wouldn’t require much to make a Sky Striker look like a “certain sempai’s” ride.
  3. Thanks for the pic. Wonder if the elbow articulation can pose similar to this: Been waffling back and forth whether to add Misa next to my TV SDF-1 display.
  4. Personal pet peeve: I really hate that the stickers were NOT mirror-imaged on the Sky Striker. Drove me batty, especially after getting spoiled with the Macross and Mospeada birds. Shameful Moggy plug, I did do a few custom touches to the Sky Striker back in the day: https://www.hisstank.com/forum/g-i-joe-customs-finished-projects/142652-minor-custom-touches-skystriker-ace.html
  5. Can her arm articulation do a saluting pose?
  6. Curious which version of the Sky Striker that is. The re-release they did a few years back was more grey but had black tailfins. Also, not sure how well the 25th Anniversary figs fit in the old two-seater configuration, unless the person you bought it off of made some modifications.
  7. Wonder if they’ll still do the “Hello. . . Nurse!!” bits? As for other characters, I wouldn’t mind Chicken Boo making a dumb cameo.
  8. ^^Needs 13k backers total. Already closing in on 11k as of today. The four blockheads are: * Blue bounty from first episode; * Rodian (like Greedo); * Male human bounty; and * Female human bounty.
  9. But to echo what @505thAirborne said, the fighter combo is shite. And the yellow array on the Tread sticks up incorrectly in bomber mode. None of the lineart ever showed the yellow array positioned the way CM’s has it.
  10. I always liked this song, but despised that most radio stations play it back-to-back with “Jaded.” I just prefer Brain Stew as a stand-alone song.
  11. Nice! Wonder if we’ll get similar pics of Moff Gideon or some of the other baddies.
  12. Don't forget that in Season 1 But let's see what they do for Season 3. They took a concept a lot of us initially thought would suck, and actually made it into something enjoyable and entertaining.
  13. Should that be STICK or STIG? It's a good thing the MW boards are not ruled by a merciless REY, because we'd all be FUKE'd, issued YELLOW card warnings, and would probably have to pay a huge MINT of a fine.
  14. That custom VF-1D! The weathering and panel-lining take it so many levels above the unmodified 1/60.
  15. Sometimes you make your own family:
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