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  1. I was about to ask where his trusty machete was, but I see that it’s just angled almost dead-on to the camera.
  2. Kylo Ben: “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. That's the only way to become what you were meant to be. . . umm, Mando.”
  3. Haven’t really checked yet. If it did, it’s either really small, or I really didn’t notice it. I too got a scratch on my Stick from that part, but it’s kinda hard to spot it, unless you’re really searching for it.
  4. Nah, the algebra teacher in Wonder Years was a different actor. . . . “And you don’t have to grade it; it’s an A”
  5. There is a little “cheat” to pulling it off: There’s a ball joint at the top of the shock absorbers; I wind up just popping off that joint from the bike part that connects under the armpit/side torso. Frees up the posing angles some.
  6. Just barely got my copy of Yellow this past Monday. First impressions? Still wish the bike and armor were a shade or two lighter. Lot of the joints are pretty tight on mine, compared to my Stick and Rey. I did wind up popping off some of the ball joints during the transformation process, one shoulder armor/pauldron liked to come off while I was futzing with poses, and the flaps on my wheel boosters like to come off when I'm angling out the booster. But all the pieces can be popped back into place (with a little lots of patience). Also, the transformation for the arm gauntlets was a little tricky to follow in the instruction booklet. But overall I'm pleased to finally have the bladed bastard. A few words of advice: 1) Be careful pushing in the windshield assembly for armor mode. It looks like you can push it in more, but the clear plastic windshield will start to push upward and could pop off or break. 2) As with the first two Ride Armors, when separating the crotch armor from the rest of the bike, open these joints from the bottom up. It takes a bit of effort to get the parts to separate, but it's a little easier and less stressful than trying to separate these parts from the top down. Tried to do the super-hero landing/kneeling pose, but just couldn't pull it off in full armored mode. However, Yellow can impersonate a certain surly Canadian just fine: Bring on Houquet, and complete the team!
  7. "Canadian Berserker" Pose (with an imminent side of Itano Circus) . . .
  8. Dammit. Rest In Peace, Constable.
  9. Well, it's not like there was a huge Imperial presence in Tatooine at that time. They only started showing up in droves once they figured out some battle station plans were ejected onto the planet. Plus, Vader's mommy died on that planet; probably not a place he likes to frequent.
  10. The only feasible story they could try to do is a parallel story of A'Sharad Hett and Obi-Wan. Use a bunch of eps. to fill in some backstory and their shared history. Intermix it with some current issue/story with the Tusken Raiders, possibly starting issues with Uncle Owen. Bring everything together at the conclusion.
  11. Welp, they're already filming Season 2 of Mando, Season 7 of Clone Wars animated will be dropping in February, and, supposedly they'll start filming Obi-Wan next year. The first two will be moving forward, regardless of TROS' results. And I suspect hubris and/or stubbornness will force Disney to move forward with Obi-Wan, since they already made a big announcement about it. At this point, for me, it all depends on who's running the show/film. Filoni and Favreau get the benefit of the doubt. Most those associated with the sequel trilogy, I'm scrutinizing heavily with heaps of salt.
  12. Hulk, Cap, and Thor were all “okay” movies, but they were clearly building up to Avengers. Other than the Sequel trilogy, the Disney Wars movies are all off-shoots/side-stories. I’m curious to see how they pull off the Obi-Wan series. But if he ever gets off Tatooine between Sith and New Hope, I’m screaming BS. Because there’s no way in hell, he abandons his primary mission.
  13. We need John Wick with a pencil and with a book.
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