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  1. General TV thread

    Anyone following Mr. Robot? I thought they were absolutely killing it with every single episode of Season 3, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the season finale. Still not completely sold on the direction and reveals in that last episode, and I really wasn't feeling the return of that certain character at the end.
  2. Loved Pong Krell from that arc, but I just wish. . . Regarding how Rogue One futzed up stuff from ANH, yes, that last scene was fan service (which was alright for me personally). And yes, as Dobber mentioned, it does impact some key lines Vader says at the beginning of ANH. But can we also agree this is mitigated by R1 placing one hell of a great retcon? Star Wars fans (before R1): "Why did a bloody EXHAUST port suck IN a photon torpedo?!!!!!" Lucasfilm after R1: "The Death Star designer secretly put that in as a fatal flaw." Star Wars fans afterwards: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ohhhhh."
  3. I know we hashed it over in the Star Wars Rebels thread, but I thought it was a beautiful way to close his story. Was it anti-climactic? A bit. But unlike TLJ, the more you think about it, the more you realize how well that last appearance fits the already established stories and the characters we've already seen. That bastard Maul was still a Sith to the end, speaking of revenge.
  4. You guys really should watch the The Clone Wars episodes with Maul. It starts off a little hokey with the whole spider-legs thingy, but then he develops into a magnificent bastard worthy of the Sith title. The silent bad ass even has a few memorable, yet appropriate quips. I wasn't on board with the idea at first, but they did an absolute bang-up job fleshing out the story. Even the Maul eps in Rebels are solid as hell. Really, the animated shows elevated Maul a great deal in my eyes.
  5. Netflix Marvel Universe

    So, I finally finished up The Punisher last night. Damn good entry into the MCU and probably the first Marvel Netflix season since Daredevil Season 1 to be the consistently solid from start to finish. There were really no clunkers or head-scratching moments like in Iron Fist or the Defenders (and dare I say, Jessica Jones). Considering the Punisher's character, there's a lot of bloody violence (and surprisingly more sex than what we've seen in the other Marvel Netflix series), but there's also a lot of heart and good character moments spread throughout the season.
  6. I wouldn't mind this idea. Part of the problem I have with the Sequel Trilogy is that it's just a re-hash of Empire vs. Rebels. Even folks on these boards get mixed up and refer to the First Order as the Empire or the Resistance as the Rebels. Part of the problem with the ST is that they haven't built up the current universe/situation enough in the movies. Why doesn't the New Republic/Galactic Alliance/whatever the heck they're called just curb-stomp the FO? Did that Starkiller shot wipe out the New Republic and all of their feet? Talk all the smack you want about the prequels. But if that Starkiller strike had hit Coruscant instead (rather than some no-name planet system we never heard of before in the movies), that would have had a hell of a lot more impact. But alas, we're asked to just accept that it's over-powered Empire vs. rag-tag Rebels all over again.
  7. I agree with a lot of your sentiments. I went in expecting to absolutely hate Force Awakens, and I found it. . . okay? Definitely was enjoyable enough, but too much of A Newer Hope and way too many annoying JJ Abrams' tropes. With Last Jedi, I have some mixed emotions. There's some good moments and good ideas in here, but it's frustratingly lacking too. Other than Poe growing a little, I have no connection to any of the new main characters. I still don't buy the whole First Order/Resistence conflict either. Still feels like they're forcing an Empire/Rebels template just for the sake of plot. As for Luke
  8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    So, this season looked like it was going to be Agents of SHIELD. . . . . IN SPACE!!!!11!!!11!! But it turns out they also threw in a This will either be turn out really awesome or absolutely blow up in their faces. After somehow pulling off and tying together Ghost Rider, LMD's, for Season 4, I have hope Season 5 could turn out to be a fun ride.

    Thanks for the pics. It's about time we get a modern Legioss/Alpha that can actually keep its gun up in that position! Regarding the A-stance, I was hoping for more lateral movement at the hips, like this: (I actually have my Toynami Alpha in an even wider stance currently. But those wide stances are only due to cracked hip connectors in the Alpha's thigh area and paper clips keeping the legs from splaying away from the hip joints.)
  10. Netflix Marvel Universe

    Thank the Jesus! Considering all the different directions they can go with this (team up, advance Luke's solo story, advance Danny's solo story, sow the seeds for Daughters of the Dragon), hopefully we won't have any of those lull, meh sections we get with most Marvel Netflix series. If I'm being honest, I think Daredevil Season 1 was the only Netflix season that was solid throughout. Since some of the best parts of The Defenders was when Luke and Danny were interacting (or kicking ass), this is good news. Haven't started Punisher just yet (a few other things are in the Netflix que ahead of it), but I'll share my thoughts once I finish up the series. Or after I pass one of those "OH CRAP!!!!11!!!11!!!" moments.

    Thanks for all the pics and info, tekering! I may not pick this up, but it's still nice to see all the comparison pics and all the details we never get to see in the promo pics. What's your opinion on the hip joints? Any chance this figure can pull off any A-stances either in Armo-Diver or Soldier mode? Also, are those ratcheted shoulder joints strong enough to hold a one-armed, pointing-the-gun-out-with-arm-pretty-much-parallel-to-the-ground pose? If this can pull those two things off, we may have a new standard-bearer in the Legioss/Alpha toy category.

    So, is there any official word from Sentinel that they are going to make a Houquet and/or Yellow version? I'm very tempted to go in but would like more assurance that the line will get completed.