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  1. Yes, it’s a TV pilot in a lightly panel-lined DYRL bird:
  2. Yeah, 1/18 scale is good for displaying huge group shots and for those massive troop line-up displays. It’s still my go-to scale for most of my action figure collections. I think the main knock on the CMs Ride Armors though was that they were a little fiddly and fragile.
  3. Just finished up Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest on Apple TV. Lasso sounds like a dumb concept that shouldn’t work, but it wins you over with its good heart. Plus, proper Brits dropping a well-timed f-bomb always puts a smile on my face. Mythic Quest is your typical screwball workplace comedy but done with the backdrop of a MMORPG video game studio where everything is set to 11. If you need a few good laughs, check ‘em out.
  4. As much as I love these other droids, AP-5 is probably my true spirit droid:
  5. When Disney ships you a lemon: You “rebel” and make those lemons into lemonade, add some ice tea, mix in some vodka, and make that sumbitch into a John Daly (aka an Arnold Palmer with some alcohol): Made my own 3.75” scale AP-5 from Star Wars Rebels.
  6. Frontier was solid. I wouldn’t lump it with Delta or 7.
  7. I mean without the Valks, the SDF-1, and all the original designs, what would be the point of them even attempting a live action Robotech? I just hope this means preorder madness becomes a thing of the past. And can someone finally release an updated TV version of the Macross?!
  8. ^^ Does this mean Janeway is gonna smack her b*+ch up?
  9. Whatever shade of red they go with, it’s gotta blend and complement with the the colors of the Ride Armors they already released. And just to overstate the obvious: that hot pink with the Zeta ain’t it.
  10. That goes without saying. #HouquetRouge
  11. Black with gray or grayish-purple trim would be nice.
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