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  1. Re-release of Lego Space sets?!!
  2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I heard the Cavalry is going to come parasailing.
  3. Just wanted to add one thing (half-jokingly though): I can already see HISHE writing up a scene like this. Despite this gripe, I did enjoy the movie and all the solid character moments. I just don't think I can give it a final grade until I see how everything gets resolved in the sequel.
  4. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Agents of SHIELD, you bastards are truly evil and cruel with that "twist." How you solved it makes complete and logical sense, but you're truly evil for making us go through that! All those hallway and Lighthouse scenes really showed the limits of the budget for Season 5. But if this was the end of the series, I could live with this being how it all ended. In reality, the show has been renewed for a 13-episode sixth season. It will air in the summer of 2019. . . . most likely after a "certain movie" is released. Personally, I'd love to see some of the SHIELD folks (and the Netflix heroes too) make a cameo in Avengers 4, but I know this is a long-shot. C'mon Marvel, make it all connected again!

    Second attempt on the visor (this time with Ray). Got the translucent look down now. Hopefully, the third attempt will be using Tamiya clear green instead. Until Yellow and Houquet get released, this will be the Stick and Ray combo display section.
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody

    I usually see him as Elliot Alderson, rocking a hoodie and a one-tone monologue. Always a trip to see Rami Malek in other roles, but pretty sure he'll knock it out and disappear into the role.

    I finally got my Ray from NY yesterday, and the only differences I'm seeing with my copy and Stick is that the arm swivels right below the shoulders are pretty loose, the visor doesn't like staying up during play, and more parts tend to pop off the ball and socket joints (like the chest armor and the shoulder armor on the figure). Not sure if the last issue is due to me being more confident on how to handle these things or the parts just having a tendency to pop off. Minor quibbles though. I really hope Sentinel goes forward and "Yellow's" this line. The only major changes they'd have to do from the Mospeada type would be to: Switch out the pectoral armors for the missile compartments; Switch out the arm gauntlets for the bladed ones; Cast the visor in green instead of blue; and Switch out the cloth to a greyish blue. Right?

    For those of you that didn't pre-order Ray-Ray, Nippon-Yasan has them up for sale at a slight premium.

    I had to restart from scratch twice, so what I posted is my third attempt. At this point, I'm cool with how it looks, even if I would like it a shade or two lighter. Again, if Sentinel completes the line, I figure I'll have another three chances to get it just right. Now, if I could just find Rey (Ray? Rei?) for a reasonable price or still on preorder. . .

    So, here's my inept results from brush painting the visor. Original: Inside Paint Removed: Lame-o First Try: Post-Painting Analysis: For those curious (or not wanting to search through the entire thread), I first removed the silver painting from the inside with regular-old rubbing alcohol. Then I painted a layer of Tamiya Smoke paint and then a layer of Tamiya Clear Blue on the outside of the visor. 1) Considering I was trying for that translucent look, I laid the paint down way, WAY too thick. It's definitely reflective and has that candy-coated look. But you really can't see the face at all through the visor anymore. As you can see here, it's still translucent, But there's no way you're seeing Stick through it. 2) If you look close enough, you can see the smudges, tiny air bubbles, and other flaws in my painting. 3) Next time, I'll definitely go easy on the smoke layer, so it can be a little more see-through. . . . Knowing me, I'll probably get it down by the time Houquet is released (knocking on wood that we get her). 4) Unlike other paints I've worked with, I seemed to get better success "dabbing" or tapping the Tamiya clears onto the visor, rather than trying to brush it on. I'll definitely try this again (assuming I can find Rey at a reasonable price). This pic will be incomplete, until Rey-Rey is added to the mix:

    Just remember that Yellow has a green visor, so you'll need to purchase some Tamiya Clear Green just for him. . . . Trying to do the visor mod using a paint brush, but having a tough time getting it right. Have tons of experience painting custom action figures with acrylics, but those experiences and techniques ain't transferring over to the Tamiya clears.

    "My name is Stick Bernard. You killed my fiance. Prepare to die!!" This was the first Ride Armor I ever purchased. Will all the moving parts and joints on this, it's definitely fiddly. While all the ball-and-socket joints can be a pain to deal with (and they do tend to pop off), I'm glad that they chose these types of joints for the arm and hip armor pieces. Makes me less worried that I might permanently break something (and helps free up the posing options when you pop them off!). Also you definitely need a pushpin to pull out the back and knee pegs. There's just no way I would have been able to fish them out with my nail or a toothpick. Also, thanks ArchieNov for your persistence about Step 16. If you don't separate that tab from the bottom up, I can see how scary trying to force it would be. Lastly, am I correct in assuming that the guy who repainted the visor painted from the INSIDE part of the visor, not the outer side, right?
  13. It isn't said outright, but I suspect that file Natasha gave Cap at the end of Winter Soldier had info about the assassination/hit. Hence, her warning about "You might not want to pull on that thread."
  14. So, it only took me 30+ years, but I finally completed the set: I guess the ultimate question is: a) Should I have told my younger self to just fork over the extra $5.95 for the Land Team, in order to save me from paying a whole hell of a lot more in the future? (Yes, I bought the Air and Sea teams each for this price way, WAY back in the day!) OR b) Did waiting this long make me value completing it all the more?
  15. The Nintendo Switch

    I lovingly refer to BOTW as "Grand Theft Hyrule." Just really love the open sandbox feel of the game. So much to explore, so many different ways to beat the random bad guy hordes. And I love the fact that I can climb any stinking mountain just for the heck of it (or to find the most obscure of Korok nuts)!