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  1. Yeah, the Alphas are Russian-roulette to find a good one. And even when you find a good one, there’s that fear that they’ll fail after a few transformations.
  2. I’m still a fan of the Ron Moore BSG backstory. They just developed a lot of good stories out of the “Humans built the Cylons” idea. But I still tip my cap to the old series for coming up with awesome designs. It has some flaws, but the Toynami Beta is pretty freakin’ awesome. Ratchet-joints in key spots and a nice heft to it. There are some gaps here and there, but the bomber mode still looks good, and the fighter combo with the Alpha is hard to beat (assuming you luck out and get a good looking Alpha). Not sure what they’re going for now, but I never regretted getting the Beta.
  3. Toy Rant Time: I’d love to have more toys and vehicles from The Mandalorian and later seasons Rebels. Heck, who wouldn’t want to zoom around the Ghost or the Razor’s Crest? But the problem is that vehicles are now cost-prohibitive with everyone moving to 6-inch scale figures. Even if they were to go back to 3.75-inch scale, lots of these big-ticket vehicles are still a bit of a hard sell. If they make ‘em too small, we’ll gripe that they’re too out of scale (even for 3.75” figures). I get that manufacturers moved to the larger scale, because it was getting too expensive to make super-articulated figures at the smaller scale and sell them around $10. But even at these larger scales, the figures are still a crapshoot to get the face-sculpts right, and accessories are kinda hit and miss. The other sucky thing is that the larger scale kinda discourages folks from army building. But yeah: they’re aren’t too many memorable vehicles or designs from the sequel trilogy.
  4. It’s clearly a Micronian fertility statue, used to increase its possessor’s potency to Itano Circus-like levels.
  5. I actually had to look it up and saw that Galaxy Quest was released AFTER First Contact. Always thought it was the other way around.
  6. I understand it’s not final, but I’ve seen a case where design flaws were never corrected or addressed from prototype all the way to final production version (CM’s Legioss-Tread combo). I’ve been passionately complaining about certain issues, because I know Bandai could easily fix it. And it would make the final product that much better, especially if the idea is to place an emphasis on battroid mode. As one of the few idiots that disassembled a Yamato YF-21 to customize it, I’m curious to see how Bandai’s version differs and what changes they’ll do to pull off/improve the transformation. But if a change doesn’t make sense or makes me think, “Why’d they make that choice?”, I feel I gotta call it out.
  7. Nope, I’m “ride or die” for the 3.75” Joes. Love that most of the recent ones can still fit in the old vehicles. Besides I don’t need another 3,000 versions of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Duke, CC, and Destro. But now in 6” scale! And Bandai’s -21 battroid won’t win my approval until those damn bellyplates get elongated and given the correct shape.
  8. 1). It would be nice if we got an actual sequel anime series set in the original E7 universe. Doesn’t have to be the same characters or “child of” characters. But something akin to how Macross + and Frontier are all set in the same continuity as SDF Macross. 2). Even if we accept that the Renton and Eureka of AO are not “our” Renton and Eureka, my arguments against Ao still stand. The new characters (and their traits and allegiances) got changed around solely because of plot. Storylines got dropped. One character gets ignored for almost half the time, then suddenly becomes the “bad guy” for no clear reason. I’ve heard stories of the original writer leaving during Ao’s production. And it shows in how the series unfolds. Just got seriously and thoroughly disappointed and frustrated with how the Ao series turned out.
  9. Sorry, but no other toy is topping the Yammy's perfect transformation, skinny bitch side profile for fighter mode. As previously posted by @Reïvaj . . .
  10. Well, the -21 inherited its high leg placement from its mommy, the Q-Rau. I doubt it was done to stabilize the Gerwalk mode. Really getting the impression that Gerwalk was an afterthought with Bandai.
  11. The back third of the bellyplates gets somehow folded into battroid backpack assembly. There’s pics where we can see it peeking out in battroid mode. I’ve been “bellyaching” about that design choice for months, as it’s an inelegant choice that adds unnecessary kibble to the Gerwalk mode. If those parts flipped over and snapped into the backpack to reveal ventral thrusters for Gerwalk, I might be okay with the choice. But the proportions for which bellyplate section becomes hip guards and which goes with the backpack are way off.
  12. Ao started promising enough. But then the story went to hell, characters changed allegiances randomly, plot mysteries were cast aside or turned out to be nothing. And worst of all, they totally screwed up Renton’s character and made no mention AT ALL about Renton and Eureka’s adopted kiddos. Yep, it was definitely that bad.
  13. That whole back third of the fighter mode and bellyplates seems to be where most of the design choices don’t make much logical sense, right now. I’m guessing the extra space is most likely for the legs and feet (probably since the feet point away from each other?). But without seeing Gerwalk mode, I can’t say whether or not this design choice is an improvement or not. Just very different.
  14. I just hope they got the original Eureka Seven writers for this, because “Eureka Seven: Ao” was an utter, horrible clusterfrak.
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