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  1. I’ll admit to hating Rebels at first (“They cancelled Clone Wars for this crap?!”). But the show grew, became a worthy successor/follow up to Clone Wars, and made its mark in so many different ways. It’s been over a year since it ended, but there’s still scenes and eps I’ll cue up to watch again and get hit in the feels or get giddy over. Such a rich and worthy addition to the Star Wars tapestry.
  2. They should just promote Dave Filoni to lead story guy (ala Kevin Fiege). He doesn’t have to write all the stories, but is there to double-check that it all fits together into one cohesive universe. Dave would get final say. Not saying the guy doesn’t have his clunkers (some Clone Wars and Rebels eps were chores to watch). But he’s generally made more solid hits than misses over the years. And when he hits it out of the park, it’s freakin’ good. No question the guy knows and loves his Star Wars lore and how to create a beautiful story (or more) in that sandbox.
  3. The only thing I can think of that would be of any interest for Obi's post-ROTS life would be a story with A'Sharad Hett (run a parallel story where you show the guy's origin, maybe some adventures with Obi, and their eventual confrontation on Tatooine). No way in hell Obi abandons his post or does anything to attract any unnecessary attention to himself. Also Rebels already had the perfect endcap for Obi's time in the desert, and there's really no way to do this any better:
  4. Hasbro will get to them just as soon as they release their figures of Pong Krell, Fives in ARC getup, Bounty Hunter Ventress, Mandos in Maul-style armor, Obi in Mando Armor, Dual-Wielding Palpy, late seasons Ezra Bridger, Thrawn, blind and bearded Kanan, clean cut Kanan, Dark Saber wielding Sabine, Governor Pryce, the Ghost, Clan Wren Mandos, Mando Transport ships, pre-R1 Saw Guerrera, the three-winged TIE, Kallus in Rebel gear, the speeder bikes the Rebels use, Old Hermit Maul, Tatooine Obi, the Imperial transport ship from THAT Rebels episode, the Lothal Wolves, Hondo’s Ughnaught sidekick, Ahsoka the White, Jacen Syndulla, and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting.
  5. It’s too bad that TLJ also failed so miserably at making any of the NEW main three endearing or compelling. Their dumb actions and choices, especially Poe and Finn, resulted in getting people captured and/or killed. Yeah, the original three also failed and lost. But it wasn’t due to outright stupidity. Regarding cynical Luke, I didn’t mind him getting salty and crusty in his old age. But I do hate that he just took his ball and ran away. As if turning his hardened dad back to the Light Side after so many years or hearing that Han was killed, the Resistance needs help, and that Leia needs backup wouldn’t spur him to get back in the fight immediately.
  6. I’ve said this before, but as soon as I heard First Order for Galaxy’s Edge, I was out. Don’t really care for the Sequel Trilogy and neither do my kids. Add Disneyland’s ridiculously overpriced tickets, and yeah, it becomes an easy pass. I like Hondo Onaka (sp?) and the Falcon. But the limitations and practicalities of being a multi-person ride kinda ruin the idea of running the Falcon. I’d love to pilot the Falcon, but in a big-ass open sandbox environment, complete with the freedom the fly any which way I choose. It ain’t enough to press a button that shoots the Falcon’s guns, I wanna be in that rotating gunner seat, spinning around, looking for, and gunning down strafing TIE’s. The ride will probably pale in comparison to those fantasies. It’s just part of the practicalities of being a high-volume theme park ride.
  7. Cool. Hopefully, it’ll be a post-Labor Day surprise for this Yank’! Wonder if they’ll sneak the Bartley on the box art?
  8. "Hey, I'm the smaller but more poseable, more accessorized, and far heavier new guy":
  9. So, I FINALLY got my copy of Voltron (technically the Golion version. . . even though it also has the display logo for Voltron too). I knew going in that it would be smaller than my old Vehicle Voltron: BUT, HOLY COW!! This SOC sucker's got some massive heft to it! It's way heavier than even the old VV above! Such an awesome toy to play with. Whether it's the lions themselves or the combined form, the posing options are off the charts. Two-handed sword poses? No problems. Sitting lions? Easy. Add in the numerous accessories, and I can see why this is the DEFINITIVE Lion Voltron to get. It's actually the Detolf shelf itself that's limiting my posing options (along with me wanting to save space for the upcoming Vehicle Voltie), not the figure itself: I would have liked to have used all the mouth blades as an off-hand weapon or been able to grip the shield/spinning laser blade in the lion's mouth/hand. And one of the feet on my red lion keeps popping off. But these are just minor nits on my part. It's easy to see why this toy got all the accolades and praise it got! Super happy with this purchase!
  10. Apparently, NY was delayed in getting their stock, so mine just barely shipped this week. I sneaked on another message board and saw that some people already got theirs shipped and delivered from other Japanese vendors.
  11. I’ll always have a soft spot for Macross (SDF, +, Zero, and Frontier) and Mospeada for obvious reasons, but the one anime that still sticks out for me is Black Lagoon. Over the top violence, mixed in with silly humor, with a few references to historical facts (both well-known and obscure), and a dark/disturbing undertone that spills out every now and then. It’s an insane world, filled with memorable characters and too many scenes that will make you shake your head at the brokenness of the world or will make you laugh your butt off at what you’re watching. I stand with Rock in the twilight, middle finger in the air, trying not to get swallowed up by the darkness.
  12. Occam’s razor. The original anime never had the hand guards/side mirrors. For the male ride armors, those parts make up the shoulder armor. If they don’t become part of the shoulder armor in the Bartley, then why even add them in the first place? Instead of having Houquet sporting massive wide shoulder pads, I suspect this is Sentinel’s way of balancing out the look of the shoulders in the combined mode.
  13. Technically, in both the anime and the Toynami version, the Beta's/Tread's connecting boom usually sits further forward, on the red piece above. If they do go with the option to connect with a Tread, I hope Sentinel has a way to make the Legioss winglets and wings proper sit a little more flush with one another than what we're seeing above. I don't mind the wings canting downward in solo mode. But it looks better when the wings are straight horizontally for the combined fighter.
  14. The Legioss just looks so different, depending on the angle of the shots taken. The angles from the fighter underside make it look almost stubby: I'll give 'em credit for collapsing the legs and feet, but I'd love to see the fighter underside unobstructed and no camera angle tricks. One last comment on Houquet: I wonder if Sentinel will design the big hunking gun to sit slightly above the handlebars and chest armor/headlights (as CM's and Beagle's version did it). If they use the same peg-hole as Stick's gun used, then they'll probably have the gun handle rotate somehow for the necessary length.
  15. My guess is the side mirrors/handlebar guards rotate up and become part of her shoulder armor. Probably lays on top of the existing shoulder armor she's already wearing. enphily, regarding Houquet, we have to remember that it's still an early prototype. Yellow went through some significant changes going from prototype to production version. So, let's just wait and see.
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