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  1. I know Joes originally started as a 12-inch line, but I’m one of those collectors who wouldn’t follow them into a new 6-inch line for the following reasons: 1) Don’t want to restart recollecting figures at a new scale, nor deal with the billions of Snake Eyes, Duke, Cobra Commander, and Destro figures that will get released and re-released by Hasbro. Also, you can fit two to three times more 3-3/4 inch figures in the same display space as you would the 6-inch scale figures. 2) At the 6-inch scale, they will more than likely never ever release any vehicles for that line. Lot of those Joe vehicles are inconic, and they’d be cutting themselves off from some potential revenue opportunities.
  2. The Joe lines have been pretty much non-existent at retail stores for about 3 to 5 years now. About the only new product being pushed out has been the monthly Fan Club Figures. Roy Focker's right: They're in the early stages of making a Snake Eyes movie, so there is the possibility of them producing toys/figures in support of the film's release. But they need to stick to the "war vet with horrible luck" origin and not drift too far off from that basic story. Balance Snake's commando and ninja sides.
  3. Anyone watch this twisted little Choose Your Own Adventure tome? Didn't work with Apple TV, but was able to watch it on a smartphone. The story/(ies) are a fun little mind-frak to go through. But I should have remembered I was watching Black Mirror:
  4. Mog


    Sentinel had a similar picture on their Twitter feed. But this OP-inspired pic is only half done: Just waiting now for a fullly colored prototype of Yellow.
  5. Mog

    All things Voltron

    Personally, I think Seasons 5-7 were the absolute, stand-out best of the entire series. Unfortunately, Season 8 didn't completely stick the landing. I found the mecha fight scenes kinda meh, repetitive, and suffering from Michael Bay's "let's film this way too close and make you completely loss about the flow of the battle" style. I get why the focus was on the six paladins, but it felt a bit much once I would have liked to have gotten more on Axca's motivations and the deal with her and Keith. It probably would have helped if they used a different animation style/technique to differentiate the "normal" scenes, from the scenes in Honerva's mind (Probably make the scenes seem like they're filmed underwater?), and from the flashback scenes (black and white instead?). It would have been a subtle way to make the story easier to follow. I found at the end a bit sudden. HOWEVER, Season 8 did do a bang-up job on the character side of things. The Allura-Lance relationship was nicely paid off. It was easy to relate to Honerva's motivations (even though she was going about it in a completely crazy way). I like that Keith and Lance have grown from a rivalry to brothers who are okay busting each other's chops. I liked the moments with the Most of the character endings made sense. Although I wasn't completely sold on the ending resolution at first, the more I thought about it, the more I'm cool with it. And lastly, you know I squeed at all the Vehicle Voltron teases.
  6. Mog

    Men in Black: International

    I find it ironic that Asgardians, Thor and Valkyrie, are tracking down aliens on Earth.
  7. Best way to get kids interested in Star Wars? IV, V, II, III, VI.
  8. Mog

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    This sucks. I suspect Season 2 of Punisher will be solid (with Castle and Russo gunnin' after each other). But part of Season 1's charm was the banter between Micro and Castle, and I can only think of seriously messed up ways to bring Micro back into the fold (which I'd rather they not do). Not sure I'm feeling the need for another season of Jessica. Sure, we got the Hellcat angle to develop. But I read the synopses for Season 2 and never found any motivation to finish up that season. Honestly, I don't think either of them can ever top this past season of DD. So with the Netflix series closing shop and Agents of SHIELD on hiatus until after Avengers IV, is there really any excuse why these heroes (or their villains) can't show up on the big screen now?!
  9. Mog

    Wreck It Ralph

    The ending "fight" scenes may be a little intense for the kiddo. But the last scene after the credits is definitely for the grown-ups (more so than for the kids).
  10. Mog

    Wreck It Ralph

    Just got back from watching the film with the family. Was really worried that they showed all the good jokes in the trailers, but that's definitely not the case. Lots of meta-jokes for the grown ups in the audience, . . . . and you'll never look at Zangief the same way ever again. Lastly, am I the only dad that got kicked in the feels and wanted to say to their daughter: P.S.--Stay to the very end for Frozen 2!!!!!!
  11. Mog


    Taking another look at the above pic (assuming it's an accurate portrayal of the eventual toy), I'm guessing there's gonna be a bunch of new parts to mold. About the only things that they can possibly carry over from the Mospeada types are the following: Crotch armor; Hip guards; Wheels and related assemblies; Windshield/upper back armor; Thigh armors; Lower arms and hands; and Upper arm guards. Practically everything else will be new or modified parts. If they decide to make Houquet more petite than the boys, then at the very least, those last three parts above have to be modded too. In other words, I'd be very surprised if we see a Bartley prototype before the end of the year. For me personally, I do hope they mod the Houquet figure to have a more feminine V shape going from the hips to the feet.
  12. Thoughts after watching Season 2? It's not as action packed as the shortened first season. Although it develops the newly introduced characters alright, there's just a ton of backstory to get through in the front end of the season. Also, the banter between the main three protagonists can be a bit much at times (if this were an anime series proper, I feel like they would have gone full-bore and chibi-fied the characters during these scenes). And although I understand the ending, some could view it as being a little bit emo. But when those action scenes hit, this series absolutely shines! Loved the team work that was on display during these moments. And they did a good job of fleshing out the characters of Dracula and Isaac quite well, making you ALMOST sympathize with them. Although it has some flaws and meh parts, I'd still give Season 2 a recommendation.