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  1. For those that have watched John Wick 3: 2 Dogs = 1 Wolf Or would you prefer: Duke: " You ain't got no problem, soldier. I'm on the mutha-effa'. Go back in there, chill them Cobras out, and wait for the Wolf who should be coming directly."
  2. Disney: We took a character in Luke Skywalker and made him do things that are completely opposite of and contrary to what he's demonstrated multiple times in the past. CBS: Hold my beer.
  3. Yup, I've had them doing that for YEARS; figure M&M are the only two who could pull something like that off.
  4. Purchased and set up another Detolf: Ready for those summer purchases now! And to paraphrase John Wick 3, "I'd say the odds are about even" :
  5. Nope. Too old to play Terry, and can’t picture him talking smack to wannabe Jokers.
  6. I thought (once the preorders actually went live online) that Yellow was scheduled to be an August release. Golion/Voltron re-release in late July/early August, then Yellow about a month later. The initial, non-color prototype pics probably first said around June. But when I put in my preorder, they were already saying August, no?
  7. Audaciously, over-the-top entertaining. Still think the first one is the best. If the first one was a video game on easy mode with all the cheats on, this one is on normal mode with the infinite life hack on. The action scenes are bonkers fun (nice to see that crazy dude from The Raid movies in a Hollywood blockbuster). But this flick is definitely “turn-off-your-brain-and-just-enjoy-it” territory. Seriously,
  8. Yup, and Rebels did a bang-up job of bringing in Thrawn and the core essence of his character. Canon or not, there's a ton of good characters, themes, ideas, and plots to mine from the Old Republic video games and comics. I know some of the plots could be viewed as re-hashes. But c'mon, who doesn't love a witty, blood-thirsty protocol/assassin droid or a cantankerous old grey Force wielder who occasionally throws out awesome nuggets of wisdom?
  9. At this point, I'm half-expecting AoS to pull off the "multiverse" explanation. Really hate that all these business decisions cut off the Marvel TV and Netflix series from their MCU counterparts. I'll always look back fondly at how beautifully AoS and the Winter Soldier weaved and interconnected with one another. Really kicked SHIELD to another level and gave a real sense that the TV series and MCU were truly interconnected.
  10. So, if they’re only good at adapting other people’s works (and not creating their own story), wouldn’t that be a good thing for an Old Republic trilogy? Both Revan’s and Carrick’s stories are pretty fleshed out already, so . . .
  11. ^^Not a model. Just a customized 3.75"-scale action figure. Got the customizing itch again while I'm waiting for some summer release items. I posted more pics and a parts write-up on the Rebelscum Forums: Linky It's tough being an Old Republic fan, when Hasbro hasn't supported it as much as other Star Wars sub-lines.
  12. Does it qualify as a toy purchase, if I made it my own damn self?
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