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  1. Looking good! Not stoked at how much I had to drop to get one, but the pictures have at least reaffirmed my decision to spend the cash. -b.
  2. In this case I might actually prefer a regular (not blank like what's been shown) release than the Premium. That's interesting, I've handled all of my DX's more often than I normally handle my toys and I haven't noticed that happening. Bummer if it does happen. Honestly for me it's just about the look of what's been shown so far. I've always been a die-hard supporter of Yamato and Arcadia buying, most (not all) of their releases. Including Premium Roy 1S, Premium Elint, Premium Max and Milia, Premium 0S and 0D (that's already paid for via N-Y). And I'll probably get this one, I just hope that Arcadia improves the look. And if not, no skin off of my nose. I won't spam the thread with hatred, disdain or complaints, I just won't buy it lol. -b.
  3. Maybe it's in how I tried to articulate my opinion. The pictures make the 4A look cheap, like someone took a mechanical pencil and traced the lines. The pictures don't convey "Premium", they convey lazy Sunday afternoon with a toy and a pencil and/or Gundam marker. The Premium 1S isn't panel lined and it looks good. The DX 48 has markings out the wazoo (too many), no panel lines and it looks good. This? Looks cheap. -b.
  4. So I think I'm in the minority in that I don't think the Premium VF-4A looks that good. It looks like someone panel lined it and slapped on a few decals. It could be that my own personal sense of aesthetic thinks the design lends itself more to a "clean" non-panel-lined look, but so far I'm not "wowed". -b.
  5. Probably my favorite of the MetalBuild 00's. I have two with plans of picking up a third at some point in the near future. -b.
  6. Truly. I’m glad I’m mostly in “lurk” mode these days. And if MWF is now like this I’m glad I ignore ALL other “fandom” forums. And RIP to all. -b.
  7. With the exception of Skyfall which IMHO was quite good, I wholeheartedly agree that the recent MI movies have been infinitely more enjoyable than the most recent Bond movies. -b.
  8. That's how I felt about my subsequent viewings, I still maintain that this one movie could have easily been an entirely trilogy but that's been discussed already. Personally I'd love to see more of Rey, Poe and Finn - IF - they mature his character. But if I had to choose one of the Sequel Trilogy main characters again on-screen it'd definitely be Rey. I'll keep my fingers crossed. -b.
  9. Adding great feedback for @max928! Great communication, fast shipping and extremely good follow-up, I'd definitely recommend and would do business with again. Thanks! -b.
  10. Ok cool, something to look forward to if I should happen to lose faith before then lol. Thank you! -b.
  11. Might have to give this a go. Not sure why exactly but I gave up on S1, but I've heard only good things so I'll add this to the ever growing watchlist of programs. -b.
  12. Agreed, and MI: Fallout was fantastic, if McQuarrie is in the for the next two then so am I. -b.
  13. LOL! Basically Just got back from viewing number two. I enjoyed it much more this time because the “expectations” and anxiety of will this, or will this not suck were gone. I saw or read a review that said this installment could have easily been stretched to three movies and been a better trilogy than what we got. And I agree. The movie had soooo much to reconcile and accomplish that it felt bloated. But it was a fun ride. -b.
  14. You're probably not wrong about JJ and his style of movie making. The real shame in this is that the Sequel Trilogy could have, and should have, been so much better. I don't hate them like others seem to (and go out of their way to constantly remind us of that fact), but the single biggest failure is that there wasn't a narrative road-map. I mean all they had to do is look across the hallway at Marvel. Also wasted is the acting talent, which was also significantly better than the Prequels, and a lot of the OT. You'll get that, I'm going to my second viewing tonight. If I had to rank the Sequel Trilogy it would be RoS, TFA and finally TLJ. And I still rate them heads and tails above the Prequel Trilogy which outside of a few really nice light-saber duels I hated. Anyway, it's nice to see rational posts (in favor of, or against the movie) sprinkled here and there in this thread, I'm sure the regularly scheduled unhinged negativity will return soon enough. -b.
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