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  1. Kanedas Bike

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    Ok, so between @Kuma Style's review and @captain america's feedback I bit the bullet and decided to order the ThreeA The Last Knight Bumblebee. I've been eyeing ThreeA products for awhile but the price point and other collecting priorities l never made a purchase. It's nice to know that this is a solid release. Ended up ordering from BBTS since I couldn't find it available anywhere else (besides eBay). Have to say, I'm pretty excited to get this into my collection! -b.
  2. Kanedas Bike

    Possibility of Arcadia VF-1 V3?

    That's equal parts cool (by way of a bunch of "dudes" coming together to make toys) and depressing (by way of Arcadia JUST being a bunch of "dudes" coming together to make toys). It means that at any time, economics aside, they could decide that it's just not worth the time or effort or that they've lost the passion for it. I remember when Yamato first came on the scene HLJ listed all of their items as "garage kits" - it seems Arcadia is very much a garage kit maker, with a fanbase that has the same type of expectations of them as we would of Bandai or a larger toy company. I loved Yamato and want to keep supporting Arcadia but 90% of my toy budget now goes to Bandai -between the DX line, Metal Build and SH Figuarts they're pretty much all I collect these days. Sigh -b.
  3. Love the poster with everything flipped from the perspective of John looking inside (or someone looking out at him). Cannot wait -b.
  4. Kanedas Bike

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Have had mine for a couple of days (arrived on Monday) and my thoughts are pretty much the exact same as @treatment's. Will I get future releases? Yes, absolutely Will this replace my 1/60's? Nope - but to be fair, I don't think this was ever intended to. Thinking of this as a SOC is the perfect way to go IMHO My hope is that future releases tighten the nose cone, get rid of the wing flaps, and tighten up the leg-flaps (they're not anywhere near as bad as the YF-19, but definitely need improvement). -b.
  5. Kanedas Bike

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Same for AmiAmi, although I could of sworn that I requested DHL to begin with. Either way I'm glad to have received and paid the invoice. I can wait if there's a delay since my HLJ order should arrive on Monday. @davidwhangchoiI ordered (3) total. 1 from HLJ and 2 from AmiAmi -b.
  6. Kanedas Bike

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    HLJ shipped my order via DHL, expected delivery is on Monday. No payment request from AmiAmi yet, guessing (hoping) some time today. Thanks for all the pics, this thing looks like a true beauty! -b.
  7. Kanedas Bike

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Noooooooooooooooooo That was the order I wanted to ship. Hopefully they send out payment notices ASAP/before they close, but in case not I'm going to request shipping from HLJ now. Thank you for the heads-up treatment! -b. *FYI - my cheapest shipping option from HLJ for (1) was $ 42.94 via FedEx, USPS/EMS was like $ 44 something. I paid about $9 more for DHL since it's faster and works better for my "schedule" next week
  8. Kanedas Bike

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Would love for Takara to release a MPM version of Bumblebee and others in their pure Cybertonian vehicle and bot modes. Not likely, but one can hope. -b.
  9. Kanedas Bike

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Same, I have an order with AmiAmi as well, but recently (IIRC at least the last few months or longer) DHL has been the best way to have items shipped from them. It's worked out less expensive than EMS and DHL is insanely fast from Japan to the States. I've only read about good things from Amazon.jp so I think for the next "hot" item I will give them a try. HLJ shows my order in Processing so I'm hopeful to get the Private Warehouse purchase confirmation very soon. -b.
  10. Kanedas Bike

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Agreed and thanks for posting those pics sh9000! This really did feel like a love letter of sorts to all of the old-school Transformer fans. I LOVED the throw backs to the 86 animated move and as much homage was paid to it. Personally I did not mind at all that there were a lot of aesthetic queues to the Bay movies. IMO they absolutely struck the perfect mix of G1 and Bay from a design standpoint. But it was the story/heart that this movie had, even with the pure camp and sometimes cringe of Cena, that made this the first really good Transformers live-action movie (I guess the first one wasn't terrible, but it's faint praise). -b.
  11. Kanedas Bike

    Hi-Metal R

    Let me try to help you out, no one cares that you own X number of Valkyries or how many or how well-paying your job(s) are. The community is letting you know that how you are going about posting in an extremely arrogant way, that isn't welcomed. Many of us have been around the forums long enough to see and celebrate members that have large collections. We think it's awesome! Personally, at a time when this hobby was a priority for me I also had multiples. But I never bragged about it, or stated in such a way as to make myself seem better than my peers because I was not/am not and neither are you. It would have been easier to just add another down-vote but that would have been too passive aggressive so I'll state what I think about your recent posts clearly; I suspect you're just a troll and/or have some real-life issues that makes you want to feel superior about toy collecting, and that my post will fall on deaf ears but I wanted to state it very plainly, I don't care if you have a million Valks or not, I just don't like that you are acting like a pr!ck. Now let that sink in while you make snide, out-of-touch with reality comments about people having families or what their financial status may or may not be. And for the record, my kid is grown and I am very comfortable in my salary. Cheers, -b. PS - on-topic, I didn't want the HMR VF-4 because IMO the Yamato version is so awesome, I am genuinely curious and hopeful that the Bandai iteration is nice as well
  12. Kanedas Bike

    Captain Marvel, in theaters Mar. 8, 2019

    Looks great! Can't wait to see the Skrulls on screen and how that turns the MCU on it's head as we know it. -b.
  13. Kanedas Bike


    https://hlj.com/metal-build-great-mazinger-bans55478 -b.
  14. Kanedas Bike


    Surprisingly was able to get one at AmiAmi. Haven't found the product page for HLJ (I TRULY hate their new site). -b.