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  1. Me on literally every single purchase I make. It's impossible to resist. They keep making them, we'll keep buying them. -b.
  2. Hi All, Like the title says, looking to buy a 1/100 MoShow Gundam MS-00Q Metal Build Pro. https://showzstore.com/1-100-moshow-gundam-ms-00q-metal-build-pro_p0288.html https://tfsource.com/mo-show-ms-ooq/ If you have one that is MISB for sale or know where I can find one please let me know. Thanks! -b.
  3. Baby Yoda: 2 Mandalorian: 6 Probably just a little overkill on my part, but 2 of those Mandalorian figures will get opened, one for home and one for my office (assuming lock-down is over and/or there isn't a new one in September). I like my extras... -b.
  4. Gotcha. IG isn't scheduled for preorder today - https://tamashii.jp/ -b. *Edit, and all of my orders are either of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.
  5. My order took forever at AmiAmi too, but it went through. I started having deja vu from the round of Avengers:Endgame figures that all sold out while the wheel of anxiety was spinning and spinning. They are however still up at AmiAmi as I type this message. -b.
  6. Thanks @Mommar HLJ is either well hidden or they're taking their time. Got orders in at HS, AmiAmi and Amazon JP. -b. *Edit up at HLJ, limit 1 https://www.hlj.com/s-h-figuarts-the-child-star-wars-the-mandalorian-bans60493 https://www.hlj.com/s-h-figuarts-the-mandalorian-beskar-armor-star-wars-the-mandalorian-bans60492
  7. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-057921 https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-057922 Can't find them at HLJ and sold out at HS. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10689193 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10689197 -b.
  8. Sorry! I just now saw this. Yes, I'm sure my order was cancelled because they took in more orders than they could fulfill. Based on how many they're getting/allocated. I have no comment on whether or not this will be produced in extra-limited quantities, we'll find that out closer to release dates. I'm not alone! -b.
  9. Everything is on it's head at this point. I don't want to buy or rent movies via digital because I do enjoy the theater experience, but I will if it's a movie that I want to see a la Quiet Place II, Wonder Woman and maybe a couple of others. I bought Rise of Skywalker on digital as well, even though I prefer to have physical copies - but as you said it was the start of quarantine for my state and I was very much a captive audience. Definitely a matter of taste, I don't go to the movies as often as I used to but I still find a handful to get me to go. I 100% agree that Netflix and Amazon have upped the value of "TV" shows along with HBO. I don't watch much network television outside of local and nightly news. I couldn't even tell you what comes on NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. See, I grew up with a Mom that loved science fiction, action and horror. I was reminded by her when we went to see The Rise of Skywalker that I actually "watched" Star Wars (Ep. IV) in theaters. With my Dad holding 1 year old me throughout the showing. But as you've said @M'Kyuun - it's the spectacle that gets me into theaters first and foremost. Then "date movies" and those that have critical acclaim that interest me. -b.
  10. That trailer was terrible! If everyone that posts on this thread, were adults at the time you'd have ripped this thing apart. Anyone who says otherwise forgets that nostalgia is a very powerful drug. -b.
  11. So Toywiz cancelled my order because of a stock shortage/allocation from the manufacturer about an hour ago. Let the fun and games begin (or continue)! -b.
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