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  1. Pretty sure I read or saw someone else make the same assertion about watching Star Trek and thinking that JJ really wanted to direct Star Wars instead. On that note, even after reading all about it, I still don't get the hate that The Force Awakens gets, but I digress. Can't lie, I laughed/cringed/sighed/silently raged when Spock yelled that nonsense, Star Trek: Into Darkness was just an outright cluster. And I hated how hard the writers went with the antagonistic relationship Spock and Kirk had going back to Star Trek, it made believing that they'd become friends really hard to believe. All the way up to and through Star Trek Beyond. I'll reserve judgement on this new Trek until the final trailer and/or I see the movie - IF - it gets made. -b.
  2. Just to be clear, I agree that I don't want a Tarantino Trek movie. Also, I grew up with Trek, I'd like to see it do well and appease hardcore and casual fans alike, but there were many times that I found Trek "boring". And if legacy-Trek were viable as a property there wouldn't have been a crack for JJ Trek to slip into and 'Star Trek' wouldn't have been as lauded as a much needed new vision when it first came out. With that, I agree, in that Trek need(s) to be refreshed, again, the challenge is figuring out how to do that well. -b.
  3. Agreed re: Tarantino, but I think JJ’s vision was more Action Adventure than anything else. And with that the “spirit” of Trek wasn’t well represented. Agree about the attempt to deliver on the original series, agree to disagree about if Beyond was good or not. -b.
  4. There's a part of me that wants to strongly disagree simply because Beyond was such a better movie than Nemesis and also there aren't many similarities from a plot point. At least none that I can remember or that stand-out. I still maintain that Beyond was fun and highly underrated. And yeah, the directing credits for the guy that they have tapped for this new Trek are uuuugggggllllyyy. -b.
  5. Feel you man. I've been stalking Amazon Japan, but their search engine is the worst and I haven't found a single new figure listed yet. *edit N-Y is now using the Waiting Area system they've been getting hammered so much. -b.
  6. All of them are sold out at HLJ, had all of them (Avengers) in my cart but ended up losing them all as each one went into Order Stop status. I swear between some stores insane checkout processes and Bandai's insistence of only making 100 quantity of each figure it's a miracle any of them ever make it into the wild. -b.
  7. FYI - All of the Avengers stuff insta-sold out at Hobby Search and AmiAmi, Iron Man 85, Rescue, Iron Spider, Cap. The Mandalorian was easy to get at both. -b.
  8. Hard to narrow that down to just 1 choice, so I'm gonna cheat; 1a. Bandai DX Chogokin VF-19 Advance 1b. Bandai DX Chogokin VF-31S 1c. Arcadia Premium 1/60 VF-1S Roy with Strike Parts 1d. Yamato 1/60 v2. VF-1S Max custom To add another wrinkle, if we're talking about only in Animation, then the VF-25F with Tornado Parts in Macross Frontier - The False Songstress. Tried to find a clip of the battle it was in, but my Google-Fu is apparently weak today. Both of Bandia's DX Chogokin efforts left me underwhelmed. -b.
  9. Extremely fair, especially the bit about having to pay for yet another streaming service that has no other content to justify any cost. If this was an Amazon Prime exclusive, or Netflix, something that had more content to entice the subscription cost, sure. But CBS All Access? Please. -b.
  10. ^Nice! Not really a huge fan of the Strike Freedom but it sure is photogenic. Nice shots as always @Kuma Style -b.
  11. This truly and legitimately makes me feel bad for Gene Roddenberry's legacy and all of the time I spent growing up watching the original Star Trek as a kid. To have the fundamental ideals of a Utopian future and everything that it represented argued over because of inclusivity and diversity just makes me; It's like they don't understand the core principles of Trek at all. -b.
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