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  1. Whoops, just now saw this - thanks @rdrunner I'm fine either way - wallet dead now, or wallet dead later. So many upcoming preorders to pay for. -b.
  2. You could be correct, mine is only 1 of 18 gazillion opinions. IMHO Sith was the least horrible of the PT. For me the only redeeming parts were Order 66 and Obi Wan vs. Anakin. Otherwise Revenge of the Sith is about as throw away as the rest of the prequel trilogy. Short answer, no it does not make a good movie. But I'm cautiously optimistic for Episode VIII. Besides I just want to see Rey jump over the Tie Fighter - seriously that alone is worth the price of admission. One for the "kewl" factor and two for the amount of "true" Star Wars fan, fan-rage. -b.
  3. Uh...I liked both, but I certainly enjoyed Rogue One more than TLJ (in which there were only moments that I didn't like, not the entire story, characters, etc). -b.
  4. YES and also quoted because that's hilarious And agreed with @Sildani, Rouge One was damn good, and is one of those movies that I actually enjoy more with each subsequent viewing. -b.
  5. Not with this release, and not with any of the sellers that I've seen listed here. To be fair, I've also had at least one good experience with MyKombini as well, but I certainly put them on my no-go list since the 31A nonsense that they pulled. And along with everyone that's said as much, agreed about how helpful a great many of these posts have been, it's stuff like that makes me really appreciate this community. -b.
  6. Ordered from Loopaza before, their price after shipping is comparable to N-Y. I will say that they are the only place that delivered the only 31A out of the 3 that I ordered during that particular fiasco. MyKombini being the party that cancelled my other preorder and then relisted at a higher price (after I paid them in full). -b.
  7. Interesting pose... Has the release date for the Premium Elint been confirmed by Arcadia to be 04/30? -b.
  8. Thank you! Going to need all the luck I can get -b.
  9. Especially from N-Y Max is my favorite character, and if release day come and I still haven't gotten a copy, then I'll begrudgingly pay a markup, but not 1 day after preorders opened. -b.
  10. N-Y just relisted Max at 27,500 with payment due immediately -b. ^edit, what he said
  11. Don't read anything into it, I've been stalking the SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 85 on HLJ and the purchase limit flips from 20 to 1 arbitrarily as well. Was pretty salty that I got cart jacked at literally every place I had it in my cart, HS, AmiAmi, HLJ, and CDJ. I grabbed an hour of sleep between like 5 and 6 and ended up missing the Amazon (was that direct Amazon or a vendor?) orders as well. Classic case of can't win for losing. But a few hours later and some perspective I'm not as angry as I was this morning. After all, it is just a toy... -b.
  12. Thanks guys. All I can say is... Crap, hope that doesn't hurt your chances. And LOL at the "Marketplace" jerks on Amazon having their own little reverse bidding war. It's down to 32,970 JPY now -b.
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