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  1. Kanedas Bike

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    ^Absolutely love it -b.
  2. Kanedas Bike

    This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    HA! It does actually look that way. Arcadia bootlegging their own products to get toys out to the market. Wouldn't that be something... -b.
  3. Kanedas Bike

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    This is probably the truest, and funniest things I've read all day. I hope that Bandai knocks this out of the part, I want to see Bandai give Max variants some love, especially his DYRL 1S or TV 1A. -b.
  4. Kanedas Bike

    1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    ^Nice!!!!!! -b.
  5. Kanedas Bike

    Riobots by Sentinel

    Saw that Re:EDIT Iron Spider the other day when I was ordering/looking for SH Figuarts Episode III Obi Wan. Definitely noticed the price, but absolutely missed that it was 1/6 scale. I hate that Sentinel did that, at a cheaper price point I would have been tempted to add it to my collection of Re:EDIT Iron Man figures, all of which I love. -b.
  6. Not sure about Count Dooku, but ROTS Anakin is out, it was released on Saturday 09/29. -b.
  7. Kanedas Bike

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Shrugs. Opinions and all of that. Personally I'd give Bandai MORE props for the 19 since again it had to be "engineered" from line-art and animation vs. CGI models that were more than likely designed with these exact toys in mind. -b.
  8. Kanedas Bike

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Since this is the YF-19 thread, it wins in all things by default. But honestly, from a Bandai DX perspective the 31's have the edge simply because they were designed and built off of CGI models, so most of Bandai's work was already done. Whereas the 19 had to be designed from old line-art and/or animation. Aesthetically speaking, the 19 looks better to me in Battroid, but I give a slight edge to the 31's in Fighter, especially the 31A. IF, I had to choose just one to buy and have in my collection I'm going with the DX YF-19 based off of all the accessories that are included, and pure nostalgia and love of Macross Plus. -b.
  9. Kanedas Bike

    The Transformers Thread Next

    Ugh That MPM-7 looks so...cheap. I actually enjoy MPM-3, I liked the movie Bumblebee so I was happy to see a Masterpiece release. That's the only movie Bumblebee figure I have so I can't compare it to any others, but based on those pictures MPM-7 is a huge pass for me. When is the new Masterpiece Prime going up for pre-order? Sorry if I missed it posted already. -b.
  10. Kanedas Bike


    See, that whole next screen thing on HLJ, been there done that. Then "refresh your cart" or some such nonsense, cause it's sold out or the site has spazzed. -b.
  11. Kanedas Bike


    Noooooooooooppppppppeeeeeee HLJ spazzed HS I got cart-jacked N-Y, added to cart and then BAM, the site went down Ami-Ami only loaded after it was already sold out Didn't try CDJ, or Anime-Export but I was told they are long sold out too You? -b.
  12. Kanedas Bike


    by the time anyone gets back onto N-Y, it will be sold out there too -b.
  13. Kanedas Bike


    had an order button on HLJ, but it was sold out cart jacked at HS never got the page to load on Ami Ami -b.
  14. Kanedas Bike


    It's tonight/early tomorrow morning; https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10563812 -b.