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  1. Always nice to see your collection @Kicker773, but I truly have a soft spot for any/all 1S Minmay Guard variants. -b.
  2. Indeed! Add some microwave popcorn or Kool Aid to that stash and I'd go to war. -b.
  3. - FANTASTIC! And not to be outdone... The extra SPAM is needed for Fast Pack fuel. "Good" -b.
  4. Good luck with that willpower! I'm in for another preorder night, it has been too long since the last Macross-focused "event". -b.
  5. Ozma looking good @Saburo! I think Gojira approves, or is ready to pounce, maybe both lol -b.
  6. Nice job @Saburo - that wallpaper is pretty sweet! -b.
  7. Yeah, it was fun ride and all of that, but having seen it I would not pay $24.99 just for a rental. To buy it, even sight unseen, sure, but rent, nooooooppppe. -b.
  8. It's free (no additional cost beyond the regular subscription (which is free if you already sub to HBO via your cable provider)) on HBO Max if that's what you're asking. I agree the monster fight scenes were outright fantastic, but damn there were some gigantic TITAN sized plot holes in this one. And there's literally a super duper GI Joe and Cobra level secret lair in every city on every continent in these films lol. King of the Monsters>Kong>Godzilla vs. Kong>Godzilla -b.
  9. Yup; https://www.biginjap.com/en/ I searched last week at some of the other usual suspects but they weren't up yet. Still in stock here, I haven't checked at any other places since very early Friday morning. -b.
  10. Very cool. Love reading about the history and stories of Macross and it's creators. -b.
  11. Definitely me. I had low expectations because of how mixed the DCEU has been overall, and I say this not as faint praise but Synder's JL was an improvement in every way. Not only did I not hate this version, I've actually watched it twice because I enjoyed it that much. You answered your own question sir, without the disaster that was Whedon's version of JL and for the pandemic this movie would not have been made, and certainly would not have been released to theaters. This is also the case with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, I haven't watched the Ultimate Edition/Ve
  12. Face sculpts on Falcon and Bucky are odd for sure, but I preordered both nonetheless. I also finally cracked open Infinity War Falcon and it's really nice figure, I'm glad I finally opened it up. I'm both very equally surprised and disappointed to not see Vision figures, Wanda I can see since she had both an Infinity War and Endgame release. -b.
  13. Thanks for posting that Shawn, the video looks better than some of the promo pics. Would have loved to seen a side-by-side of two 4As (Premium and Regular) but this is still a nice comparison. Good to know, I've been hesitant to ship mine from HLJ because I don't want to be disappointed. -b.
  14. Didn't even try. When I read that this would be like (or worse) than a Bandai PO night I proactively gave up. -b.
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