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  1. Hope that it works out. Ideally by way of you receiving what you've been paying for, but if not a hassle free refund. -b.
  2. For sure Discovery isn't the success that CBS wanted and I assume that the fans of Star Trek as a whole wanted. This, despite the constant bitching, complaining and shitting on all things Trek the high-minded internet brings, but talking about how poorly it did on a throw-away Thursday night going against the NFL and whatever else was on TV seems just a smidge disingenuous. No? It's just more "I told you Trek sucks because reasons" that killed this thread and saps the energy out of Star Trek, Star Wars and just about everything else these days. And it's PERFECTLY fine to critici
  3. Just backed it, really hope that this comes to fruition. It'd be nice if a Child / Baby Yoda and IG-88 were included but I really just want the Razor Crest. -b.
  4. Paid for my Beskar Armor Mando and The Child at Hobby Search and HLJ, just waiting on the invoice from AmiAmi. I truly hope that the tolerances are better on the Mandalorian than they were on the first release. Trying to fit the peg from the rifle onto his back was true PITA. -b.
  5. Never fully put a name to the designs I love from The Last Starfighter, Alien and Aliens. RIP -b.
  6. This discussion is fascinating, a good portion of items that I've had in my collection the longest, Yamato 1/60 v. 2 and Bandai Renewal DX Chogokin Frontier line have been on display for years - from Southeast Florida (as sunny as sunny can be) to Southeast Michigan. I didn't and still don't do any of the extreme anti-yellowing methods mentioned on this thread and so far I've only suffered (3) toy casualties to yellowing out of about 30 items that have been on display for at least 7-10 years. And all of the yellowing happened in Michigan that is undeniably less sunny that Florida. O
  7. Good to know! The current after-market prices are way to rich for my blood so I'm safe from that particular dilemma. That'll be @sqidd's headache. That does look pretty cool, but IMHO does not beat the aesthetics of the original. Maybe if it had markings or a little more splash of color to offset all of the black. -b.
  8. ^Me too , I remember you had to use that zip thingy to get it to run. I both hated it (because it wasn't accurate) but loved that toy. Pretty sure I used to try and shove my Joes and/or Star Wars figures into it. -b.
  9. Nobody's perfect Reading up on the comic I'm reminded about Garth Ennis, without really knowing him/reading interviews/etc. I could easily accuse him of some having some pretty horrible ideology. Instead I just go with the theory that he enjoys putting up a mirror to humanity and showing us how truly flawed and terrible we can/could be. I actually did laugh at that particular roof scene, a lot - I blame growing up with Looney Toons and how that type of 'physical' humor was the thing. I'm surprised Homelander didn't toss him into the air. Brightburn, Brightburn, Bright
  10. Community input for the win! Mostly the same for me, it was Robotech on TV before and after school as a kid, then as a teen/tween, Akira, Clash of the Bionoids (ha), Ninja Scroll, Macross Plus and then just reading up on Macross on these forums. Makes sense, for just a little bit of screen time the bike did get have it's time to shine in action, and as a plot device. Those pics... The Hot Show TRON Light Cycle would be displayed in my home minus the Sam Flynn rider it came with, but she's nowhere near as iconic as Kanedas's Bike.
  11. For sure, I get it as well to curb people from doing the free or discounted trial membership. BUT Those folks can simply wait until the series has been released and do that anyway. With this model all they're doing is annoying the impatient among the current subscriber base. It made sense for Disney + to do that for Mandalorian since that was at or just after the launch of a new service. For established services like Amazon Prime where your base is mostly locked in anyway, I feel like the effort to mitigate risk is wasted. But blah, it's not likely to change, if anything it's g
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