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  1. So I enjoyed Tron: Legacy, never got into Uprising but I'd be down for more Tron, reboot or otherwise at this point. Especially if it's going to have more Daft Punk like the article says. -b.
  2. Say it louder for the folks in the back! -b.
  3. Good to know! I also remember the days that HLJ was around these parts. I'd love to bend their ear about their ridiculous checkout process. Hopefully N-Y see that they have supporters of their store, that they have folks that want to support their store, but won't or are tentative because of new or past issues. The ask would be that for items that are within their control, to make changes to keep earning business. -b.
  4. N-Y giveth, N-Y taketh away. Or maybe never giveth to begin with. -b.
  5. Thank you kindly. Yes, FOMO is a real thing. And you're absolutely correct about collecting or "wanting" a thing to a point where it's no longer healthy. I love the hunt for a toy, I really do, but if it's causing me more grief than anything else then I've started practicing the art of stepping away. Yeah, there's a fine line with practicing supply and demand, and I don't begrudge any shop or person from being able to turn a profit. But we can tell when it's flat out scalping and pricing things based on actual scarcity. And I don't know how anyone can really know how scarce the TV Roy 1S will be 5 days after the initial order window. Also agreed re: the deceptive practices, so MyKombini made double the price on my 31A's, how much did they lose by way of not having my repeat business? And how much more are they going to lose by me screaming at anyone who'll listen to not buy from them? It was a dirty move on their part, AND stupid. And a big shout to our community, this is literally the only place I spend any appreciable amount of time and it's been like that since 2000 lol. -b.
  6. Well hopefully it doesn't come to that and you get exactly what you've paid for. To be honest I've never seen (or just flat out don't remember) any issues with Arcadia items being sourced by any of the shops we use, including N-Y. For the 0D my concern was always how quickly they'd ship once they had them in stock. Exhibit 8,352 re: their inconsistent communication. It has to be at the top of the list of things to piss off your customers. Hopefully you get yours shipped out soon as well. -b.
  7. Panic buying is how these shops can justify jacking the price. I'm sure there's some study that looks at the psychological component that makes us want to buy things, even when gouged by the price, that are perceived as rare. I've absolutely done the whole "buy of shame" at places like N-Y when I didn't secure the preorder I want, but I'm practicing more patience in my old age. The 25S renewal re-release comes to mind, I didn't get a preorder or one at release, and I flat out refused to pay a marked up price. I never did end up with a copy (full disclosure, I DO however have an initial run renewal 25S). But as long as we keep dropping close to double the MSRP less than a week after the initial pre-order, then stores will keep listing them as such. -b.
  8. They really can be sh!t and extremely inconsistent with communication, but that's where mine is coming from. I asked for and received a prompt response about asking to upgrade from EMS to UPS, that came within a few hours, I paid and it took about 3 days for me to get a shipping notice. Now that said, I've got two other items that should be shipping via UPS and no word on those yet. So...yeah... -b.
  9. Like the matte finish as well, but I hope there are better paint applications on things like the gunpod or "mechanical" pieces. -b.
  10. That's fair. Nice! I was really hoping that Bandai would up the quantities produced, but so much for that. Pretty sure either of those on their own qualifies a person as being a badass, but combined, for sure. -b.
  11. ^ Nice! Impatiently waiting for mine to arrive. -b.
  12. Just while EMS is suspended. -b.
  13. Yes, they refunded me 2 nanoseconds before the items got relisted. Nin Nin is another proceed with caution store, but I've not been personally burned by them. It's funny because I firmly believe that N-Y has been living off of the goodwill they generated by fulfilling everyone's 31A pre-orders. But looking around the forums a lot of people are getting sick of their nonsense...again. Personally my experience with N-Y isn't horrible, they were quick to upgrade and ship my 0D after I paid for upgraded shipping to UPS. I'm waiting on the same for two SHF Iron Man figures, and then for EMS to resume shipping to the states for the remainder of my N-Y orders so that I can be done with them too. -b.
  14. MyKombini can kick rocks. I full paid for two VF-31A's back in the day, they cancelled both of them and then immediately relisted them at a higher price on the DAY of release. I haven't done business with them since, nor will I. -b.
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