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  1. Was that him in the trailer? That droid did look pretty sweet firing off those blasters. -b.
  2. LOL, ouch! Didn't even watch Delta after the beating it took on the boards, but I cannot reconcile if I find the Armor sexy, or gratuitous. -b.
  3. Awesome if true! And I hope that it is. None of the major outlets have picked up the story from what I could find so I'm still holding my breath. -b.
  4. Cap is looking good, but there's not much incentive to buy that edition over the regular one. Shame on you Hot Toys I mean, lightning effects, a Tesseract and Loki's Scepter vs. what you get in the regular version. -b.
  5. And if they do, so what? Just don't support the movie with your dollars. Re-watch any of other TWENTY-FOUR other 007 flicks. Honestly, this whole trend of "don't touch "my" *insert* character is old. And of course the counter argument of "how would you like it if X ethnic minority, different sex, different sexual orientation, etc. character was changed" is old too. Let other people from other walks of life have representation, there's literally nothing wrong with that. There will always, always be tons of representation of the typical male protagonist. Exactly. You totally should, I loved that movie and Charlize Theron kicked ass in it. The soundtrack was a nice touch too. -b.
  6. Injecting a little optimism into the mix ; https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/8/22/20827020/spider-man-mcu-sony-disney-tom-holland -b.
  7. ^Highly recommend getting both if you can, they're both amazing figures with enough subtle differences to justify the purchases. -b.
  8. Watched a Looper YouTube video on this earlier today, I'm glad that this sequel has supposedly killed a reboot of the Matrix. It's one of those properties that IMHO really should be just left alone. I'll reserve judgement on like/do not like until at least a trailer but I don't carry high confidence based on Reloaded and Revolutions. Especially with the Wachowski's who I guess depending on who you ask haven't done anything "good" in awhile. I've heard positive things about Sense8, but haven't watched myself and know next to nothing about the series. -b.
  9. Sucks to hear that about Entertainment Earth, I remembered one MB Gundam release having the same issue, but if it was two (Strike and Seven Swords) and now the MB Eva 01 it may be time to either avoid them or use them only as a last resort for high-demand items. I've never personally had any issues with them *knocks on wood* and they delivered my MB Eva 01 about a week or so ago. -b.
  10. Have you folks figured how many bathrooms there are per Starship? You know, because with eating comes... -b.
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