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  1. Getting real tired of PO night... The Amazon.jp link never worked for me, meaning when I tried adding it to my shopping cart the site kept saying it was empty. AmiAmi severs crashed and even when it reopened for a second...gone The HLJ link that was posted initially was odd, I had to modify the link in browser to get it to the right page, then after refreshing a couple of times did it actually show up. Appreciate everyone posting the links that they have, the websites ALWAYS get stupid during this time so I'm not surprised. Hopefully US sellers like BBTS carry this one like others have assumed. -b.
  2. Sure...I mean, if you really want to. lol The fact is Avatar literally inspired an entire generation of 3D movies at the theaters, not to mention at home technology from High Definition 3D televisions, Blu Ray players and the like. This doesn't make the movie any better or worse from a story perspective, but to say that Avatar's 3D was "garbage" is pure fallacy. A movie that was so successful because of it's groundbreaking visual effects, 3D included, that here we are, 10 years later talking about how Avengers: Endgame is coming back to theaters to try and catch/surpass the Avatar's box office records. Records that were created, not because of story, but because of the visuals created for 3D. So yeah... Anyway, I keep checking AMC, Atom and Fandango for tickets/showtimes for the Endgame re:release and nothing. -b.
  3. Sweet! Thank you, kind of a bummer that the Mark VII isn't exactly in scale, but it sill looks pretty sweet. Ha! That analogy fits with most of what I've read. And what was that about an XL Runabout? lol -b.
  4. Thanks, and probably. Bandai does not miss an opportunity to double-triple-quadruple dip. Was actually considering selling my Full Metal Panic Arbalest MB, but not now, that booster looks sweet! Say it louder for those in the back. I need to buy like 3 more Detolf shelves. Sigh -b.
  5. Wake me up when they make the Skygrasper thingy from this link; http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2015/04/pg-160-strike-gundam-aile-strike-pack-w.html That's what I keep hoping for with the MB Strike. -b.
  6. So for those of you that own the XL versions or the Battlestar Galatica Vipers (any of them) are these worth the asking price? Everything I see gives the impression of very mixed reviews so I never pull the trigger on buying anything Eaglemoss. -b.
  7. LOL! Avatar is a guilty pleasure for me, but if I never see it again, or if the sequels never see the light of day I won't shed any tears. The thing about box office records is that they just don't tend to last that long. We're in an age of "Blockbusters" so the title of highest grossing just doesn't carry much weight to me. The more I think about it, the more excited I am to see Endgame again, the time heist plot was so-so, but the beginning and ending of the movie are awesome. -b.
  8. You're probably right, I was too young to be cognizant of ratings or anything like that. I just know how much I HATED Scrappy and the celeb cameos. If I can I'll give this an episode or two just for sh!ts and giggles, but otherwise I'm good with my nostalgia for the original. Never watched any of the "newer" Scooby shows, sounds like I didn't miss anything. -b.
  9. All good sir. I will also agree that everyone has their own "triggers" (no pun or insult intended that goes along with the word "trigger" these days) and I should be better at acknowledging that. At any rate, I'll be there for the extra "stuff" -b.
  10. Hey, I'm "old" too! For a point of reference I've been on MW since 1999 And you're not wrong, "regular" theaters would sometimes do second runs and then you had the $1 movies. I'm just coming from the stance that not everything is inherently evil, so more footage a month or two later, alright cool. If you're inclined go see it, otherwise don't. It just doesn't have to be a super master evil plan to rob everyone of $7 to $20 per ticket. -b.
  11. that's normal for them, in my own personal experience they require 50% deposit -b.
  12. Not gonna lie, that Spider-Man Stealth Suit looks kinda nice. I wish his hands were fully gloved (seems silly for his fingers to be visible) but otherwise I think it's a cool throw away costume. -b.
  13. If you're asking about the Strike parts, yes most places require either full payment or deposit (MyKombini). N-Y Anime-Export Big-in-Japan Other places are listed throughout the thread, but HLJ (did once a couple of years back), AmiAmi and CD Japan don't normally carry Tamashii Web Exclusives. -b.
  14. Cynicism yay! Anyway, as previously alluded to, I'm pretty sure the folks that saw this in theaters multiple times (2 myself) aren't going to be up in arms. I'll go see it again for the 'extra' 2 minutes or whatever it turns out to be because I like to enjoy things, and I enjoyed Endgame. -b.
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